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Beautiful and practical wardrobe is indispensable furniture in the hallwayBeautiful and practical wardrobe is indispensable furniture prihozheyOdnim of the most important inventions to facilitate and organize human life is without doubt the wardrobe. Indeed, thanks to him, we can keep things in one place, so that when they do not hesitated and did not acquire an unpleasant odor. To storage space for your wardrobe it was not only convenient, but also aesthetically pleasing look, it is necessary that its design is combined with the interior of your home style. How to choose the right wardrobe for residential or dressing room, and even how to do it with your hands, you'll learn today.

What requirements must comply with closet-wardrobe

Choosing a wardrobe for your home, check out the requirements that it must perform, because the office for storage of papers and furniture, where you will put your favorite clothes - they are two completely different things.

When choosing a case for the corridor, be sure to evaluate not only its appearance but also the qualityWhen choosing a case for the corridor, be sure to evaluate not only its appearance but also the quality

The list of prerequisites that must be met wardrobe:

  • Choose furniture that has ventilation holes to ventilate the garment.
  • Wardrobe should have a large number of shelves, which can be folded clothes that do not crumple, the place where they will hang your dresses, coats, coats, shirts and other clothing, not for folding compartments for hats, belts, bags and shoes and drawers drawers for storing underwear and socks.
  • It is better if the dressing room department will provide a place to store jewelry. Not all types of cabinets, have in their equipment departments for jewelry, but they are easy to do yourself.
  • Ideal wardrobes must be full-length mirror on the door.

If you pick up furniture that performs all of the above requirements, it will be useful regardless of whether you have a modern flat or Khrushchev, small and narrow your locker or an entire closet system includes separate floor hangers, mirrors and dressers.

Wardrobe for clothes: choose a design

Storer fabric of clothes and footwear of other materials must be not only comfortable and spacious, but also fit perfectly into the interior of the room in which you are going to put it. fit one option for the living room or bedroom with a discreet design and one for a child's room with colorful walls and furnishings. Modern catalogs are full of various kinds of cabinets for a variety of interiors.

Let's see which option is best fit in your room:

  • In the bedroom, couples are small, put two two-section a wardrobe with hinged doors.
  • If you are the proud owner of a large wardrobe, but do not have the possibility to allocate a separate room for storage of clothes, then your salvation will be the corner cabinet.
  • If you decide to put a wardrobe in the corridor, choose radius options, do not take up much space.
  • Those who believe that the main thing in interior design - it is a large amount of free space, no doubt will appreciate the built-in wall cabinets.

Wardrobe hallway should be selected so that it perfectly complements your home decorWardrobe hallway should be selected so that it perfectly complements your home decor

If you are supporter of classical, English or Provencal style, then to your room for a small white retro locker decorated elegant floral print and aged furniture.

This retro furniture is better to put some distance from the wall to emphasize the lightness of the interior. In the room with English and olive interior an interesting addition to the wardrobe design is a screen.

There are many types of cabinets, which one is right for you depends on the size of the room, the amount of clothes in the wardrobe and interior style. Determine the choice of furniture, you can rely on your taste, or use ready-made designer project.

Metal wardrobe cabinets

Metal wardrobe cabinets, or as they are called differently - lockers, until recently used exclusively for the locker rooms at work or in the gym, so as soon as they looked too strict and not aesthetically pleasing.

This furniture was chosen for personal use for athletes and workers because of the following series of qualities:

  • wear resistance;
  • compactness;
  • Strength;
  • The possibility of establishing a locking mechanism.

Today are quite popular metal wardrobe cabinets, which are able to complement the original interiorToday are quite popular metal wardrobe cabinets, which are able to complement the original interior

All the above features make this furniture, an excellent option for the design of industrial buildings, but the design imperfection, has made it impossible to use them in a residential apartment.

Now that the modern manufacturers offer a huge number of options for stylish and informal cabinet made of metal, more people decorate their homes-in wardrobes made of this material.

Of particular popularity of metal closets or cabinets open acquired among the "Loft" style devotees.

At the moment, these are heavy and the overall structure of metal are even more attention than lightweight plastic cabinets.

Wardrobe in the dressing room

If you decide to allocate to his wardrobe a whole room, in order to make it as easy you must complete several requirements. After all, the correct choice of the system of cabinets and shelves, depends on how it will function room.

Wardrobe in the dressing room should be functional and practicalWardrobe in the dressing room should be functional and practical

Here are a few tips on organization of space in the dressing room:

  • If you are organizing a room for storing clothes in a small room, it is necessary to save space, leave one wall free from shelves and cabinets.
  • In an ideal wardrobe should be full-length mirror, and at least 1.5 free space for fitting garments.
  • For underwear and socks is better to use baskets or pull-out drawers.
  • If you want to fit the clothes the whole family in one room, buy a few cabinets or zoned space.
  • Since this room is used exclusively for the storage and fitting clothes, it fits perfectly into the cabinet open. Instead, the cabinet, you can use a collapsible shelving system drawers and hangers.
  • Be sure to leave not less than 0.5 m from the upper space to the ceiling flange, otherwise the clothes will not be ventilated.
  • Casual clothing should be stored on shelves, to get to where you can not use the chair.
  • Most of the dressing system must be adapted to hangers as clothing that hangs and does not lie folded better preserved

Wardrobe system: organize your own hands

When planning the interior for the dressing room of your dreams, you can buy ready-made furniture or to make an open closet with his hands.

Not necessarily devote to a full dressing room, you can use for this purpose, such as a closet.

A small dressing room, you can equip yourself, using the pantryA small dressing room, you can equip yourself, using the pantry

The steps of creating a wardrobe:

  • Make room measurements (measure the height and the length of two perpendicular walls).
  • Calculate the cabinet depth, as well as a number of shelves and hangers you need (must be a space for: footwear, outerwear, casual wear, seasonal clothing, underwear and socks, hats, scarves and belts, dresses, shirts and other clothing that is easy to crumple).
  • Make a drawing of future construction.
  • Attach the rails to the shelves and rods for hangers.
  • Then assemble and fix the frame.
  • Now install metal, plastic or wooden rod for hangers and shelves made of metal, wood, or drywall.
  • On the floor or lower shelves put baskets or drawers for underwear.
  • Hang a mirror and organizers for jewelry.

How to install the wardrobe (video)

As you can see to arrange a room for storage of clothes under the force of each, enough to make a little patience and imagination. Follow our advice and you will succeed.

Go for it!

Details: closet-dressing room (photo examples)


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