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Corner cabinets significantly save space in the bedroomCorner cabinets significantly save space in the bedroom closets spalnePrimenyayutsya corner to save space and create a comfortable atmosphere in all respects. By their structure, they represent a roomy structure equipped with sliding doors mechanism. They have become popular due to the possibility without difficulty to fit them into the interior of the room, decorated in modern, classic or country style.

Corner cabinets Bedrooms: advantages

Spacious lockers for families with small children and pets. Being made of durable materials, they are not susceptible to claw our smaller brethren. In addition, when they are created using only environmentally friendly materials. Thanks to this modular design will not cause harm to people with high sensitivity. The main thing - to purchase a technical overview of the cabinet. It is undesirable to make a choice in favor of a model, which contains a large number of artificial materials.

Corner cabinets very capacious due to the large depthCorner cabinets very capacious due to the large depth

Among other advantages, angular models emit:

  1. A wide assortment list - regardless of the aesthetic preferences of the owner, it is easy to choose the desired color and texture. For example, the furniture of the Belarusian and Russian producers enjoyed thanks to the quality of said high demand in the market;
  2. Inner space - despite the small appearance in corner models have elevated depth. They are easy to keep children and adults of different things on the shelves;
  3. Small parameters - the design will allow to keep the greatest possible number of things without taking up a considerable amount of space. Such an option is ideal for small apartments. It is not necessary to give up this idea the owners of large apartments. The spacious room angulation save space.

Choosing corner cabinets in a small bedroom

It is a mistake to believe that the use of the limited space allowed you liked the first corner cabinet. In small room must choose a model that takes into account the degree of illumination, the geometry and the predominant color. Rectangular, trapezoidal, pyatistenka - dlish small part of the available options for cabinet performance. If you pick it up without taking into account characteristics of the premises, the loss of a few centimeters of visual escape.

When choosing a model for the room should take into account the general furnishings. For small bedrooms, where there is already a certain amount of furniture, you may need transposition. It is not always possible to rearrange the first time a large amount of furniture.

Corner cabinet with a mirrored facade is visually enhances the space small bedroomCorner cabinet with a mirrored facade is visually enhances the space small bedroom

Among other design recommendations for the choice of furniture for small bedroom release:

  • The guide rails used to move the slats, takes a certain amount of internal space. It is therefore better not to buy ready-made option, buy a wardrobe to order;
  • It is advisable to use two angular closet. In this case, visually increase the space in the room;
  • It is advisable to choose a model with a mirror facade;
  • A very original solution would be a wardrobe with a concave-radius structures.

A large bedroom with corner cabinet

Nothing is as scary as a large amount of free space. Traditional cabinet furniture allows you to efficiently fill the available square footage. In this case there is no sensation of congestion. The secret lies in properly into account the degree of illumination of the room. When it comes to a spacious room, it is necessary to use options with mirrored panels.

For a large bedroom a good choice would be round the corner cupboardFor a large bedroom a good choice would be round the corner cupboard

The following guidelines will help you not to be mistaken with a choice of models for large room:

  • For rooms with a futuristic design fit models with concave-convex design;
  • In large rooms looks good round option. On the one hand, it contains the necessary amount of things, and on the other - becomes one of the visual center of the room;
  • If we talk about colors, the angular model in bedroom selected monochromatic black or black and white;
  • It is more reasonable to use the wardrobe as part of the modular wall;
  • In a well-lit room, you can not use the white version. Due to light refraction, he literally lost.

Corner cupboard in the bedroom: size and color

Form a comfortable atmosphere to help the cabinet model, chosen in view of the physical parameters and colors. For a large room, where the furniture is placed at an angle relative to the incident light, selected black-and-white version. Fans of classic design trends prefer chocolate hue. Olive, pink, burgundy color - innovative solutions for experiments fans.

Corner cupboard chocolate hue suitable for classic style bedroomsCorner cupboard chocolate hue suitable for classic style bedrooms

In terms of size, it is not necessary to put the wardrobe of a similar size to the large room. Visual dissonance is not the best way affect the degree of comfort. It is better to choose, as mentioned earlier, round and tall version.

Diametrically opposed recommendations relate to cases in which the regeneration need small-sized room:

  • Bet on light and pastel colors such as beige, cream and milk;
  • The presence of double mirrored wings contribute to the expansion of space;
  • In terms of dimensions, preference is given to a dual angle models. If children in the family is not, then it sets 1 large closet.

"Golden mean" in terms of rational parameters for large and small spaces are the following sizes: 240h130h60 see.

Built-bedroom corner: content and exterior trim

Before buying you need to carefully study the appearance and content of the internal furniture. The more attention is paid to the content part. From a functional point of view, space is divided into several zones. Top is a large shelf, where there are rarely used in everyday items. Most actively used the middle zone, so its content must meet the living needs. Footwear stored in the lower cabinet section.

Hospitality model of international and Russian manufacturers are equipped with baskets for secure storage of small items. Separately, you can order a wardrobe, where there is a mounting for the iron. The internal component, you must go to the outside.

Some models are equipped with baskets corner cabinetsSome models are equipped with baskets corner cabinets

Where possible following execution options:

  • Radius;
  • mirror;
  • Concave;
  • Convex;
  • With the application of the photographic image.

Regardless of whether selected low-cost options or bonus, they provide the opportunity to decorate the appearance.

Furniture for a bedroom with a corner cabinet, a photo: select ideas

The specialized publications presented photos and more expensive options available. You can choose any, most importantly, do not lose vigilance. The first thing to pay attention to the furniture in the room. If done under the skin, you do not need to experiment with color and texture. Classic would be the addition. In cases where the arrangement of children's needs, there are preferred pastel tones.

In second place is the recommendation related to taking into account the functional load of the room. In the living splendor accentuate the wardrobe with large double mirrored doors. In the bedroom it is desirable to choose a more discreet design.

The bedroom would be appropriate wardrobe to look discreet designThe bedroom would be appropriate wardrobe to look discreet design

Other recommendations are as follows:

  • Low-end models, such as Vasilisa, can be modified to more customers in mind. It is worth it's not very expensive, while allowing to make furniture more comfortable;
  • Presented in thematic editions of the model do not always have the qualities that they are actively credited with sellers. It is better to abandon the blind purchase the catalog, if you can not first study the wardrobe;
  • Computer modeling technology allows you to see in advance how a particular model will look in the interior. A similar service is offered by the Belarusian Pinskdrev and a number of Russian companies.

Assembling the corner cupboard - bedroom transformed

Despite the wide range of ready-made options in the trading network, found in all respects appropriate wardrobe can be difficult. In this case, do everything necessary with your hands. Significant technical skills are not required. The main thing - before the assembly to examine the technical documentation. It is supplied together with the cabinet. After that, you must find the model scheme and put it together. The assembly starts with ustilaniya on site assembly of cardboard.

Corner cupboard allows efficient use of the space bedroomCorner cupboard allows efficient use of the space bedroom

Further actions are as follows:

  • Check the completeness of all components;
  • Each module is mounted by means of inter sectional screeds which are fixed immediately after installation;
  • If we are talking about angular wardrobe Tetris, it is necessary to closely monitor the coincidence of the holes;
  • Nike model requires good time to choose a side to move the flaps;
  • Installation of doors is preceded by the installation mounting brackets and pads;
  • Ready models to corner cabinets are mounted at three points.

Corner cupboard in the bedroom in the interior (video)

Corner cabinets models - an indispensable tool for those who are accustomed to a rational use of space. For spacious rooms with high ceilings, a circular model, and for small - closets with double sliding mirrored panels. If presented in the trading network ready versions are not impressed, then there is always the possibility to make their own wardrobe. 

Examples corner cabinets in the bedroom (photo interior)


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