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When choosing a chandelier in the room, you must take into account all the details of interior roomWhen choosing a chandelier in the room, you need to come with all the responsibility should take into account all the interior details komnatyK selection of chandeliers in the hall. Hall - the most intense and occupancy of the room in the apartment. Here you can chat with friends, with family, spend a lot of time. From the correctness of your choice depends atmosphere of comfort, warmth and comfort to your living room. And how long chandelier will delight you with its light and design.

Chandeliers for the hall: a photo, and recommendations on the choice of large products

Not properly fitting style chandelier can ruin even the most perfectly matched interior.

The light should be organized so that the room was lit entirelyThe light should be organized so that the room was lit entirely

What is worth considering in order to properly choose beautiful lamps and chandeliers:

  1. Since the fixture is at a central location in the room, it is essential to her style in harmony with the general way of the hall. It can be performed in exactly the same style, or just perfectly suited to it.
  2. Chandelier should illuminate the room bright light, especially if the central light from the chandelier in the room only. 
  3. Heed to the choice, consult with a specialist in the store not to miss important moments of choice. He will tell you the differences between the different models of chandeliers, and what is right for you.

Thus, when choosing a light fixture, you should pay attention not to copy a pleasing taste, and suitable parameters. Whatever there was disharmony situation and do not have to equip the living room-style chandeliers purchased.

Mounting types of chandeliers to the hall, and styles of products

Depending on the type of fastening chandeliers are different. Ceiling chandeliers - this type of chandelier is used for the low ceiling. And these models are in harmony with the small room. They are characterized by little physical parameters. 

Ceiling lamps are mounted on special hooks and chains. Room with ceilings higher than standard lamps no harm. This model is considered a classic. It is more appropriate for premises with a large area.
Choose what suits you best mount is not very difficult.

Ceiling lamps are mounted by conventional screws or screwsCeiling lamps are mounted by conventional screws or screws

Ceiling more practical model, and a more refined suspension. If the type of attachment you have decided, then you must decide what style of your chandelier and what material will be carried out is made.

The most popular styles:

  1. Classical. The chandelier is made of this style is not muted bright colors. A distinctive feature is the absence of sharp edges.
  2. For minimalism - is characterized by the use of spot lighting. Single chandeliers simple form without the bright accessories and components.
  3. Chandelier that combines minimalist design with unusual notes, made in a modern style. The material for such a chandelier is not just glass, and wood, plastic, paper, etc.
  4. Hi-tech - differs sharp geometric details. Show your personality by choosing bright colors model.
  5. If you like to combine incongruous, you perfect the eclectic style. disorder sensation occurs not infrequently from this style, easy to fix harmoniously matched chandelier.
  6. The most important style of unity with nature is a country style. This style chandeliers made of fabric low-key colors, frosted glass, the case is made of wood, there are floral elements in the decor.
  7. If you are a light sensual nature and your living room is made in the French style, choose a small white light fixture so that it is slightly pointed style. Do not choose too pompous model. As a rule, well-suited model, made of crystal glass with wrought iron details, without grandiose surroundings.

The most unusual style - a fusion. Such dazzling chandeliers. They can be large in size, made in the form of bizarre.

Features a selection of chandeliers and lamps in the room: two fashionable items

If necessary, the lighting of a long space, choose a chandelier, made on line. The length of such a chandelier is varied as needed. Often used for lighting bar counters and dining area.

A wider range of chandeliers made in a circle. The light from these lamps diverges from the center. These models resemble bunches of grapes. Well-organized zoning rounded zones.

Too massive chandelier will overload the interior and reduce the space visually, and much small chandelier in a large room will look silly.

chandeliers size must integrate harmoniously with the size of the living roomchandeliers size must integrate harmoniously with the size of the living room

Thus, consider the dimensions of the room, and what area you want to cover your device. The high ceilings of the old-type well with a hanging chandeliers. Low ceilings decorate flat lamps or chandeliers with small shades. Narrow room light the chandelier well elongated. Pick the color that is in the design of the room is on the second place. This combination will allow to enter the interior of the chandelier the most harmonious.

Warm colors in the design will allow you to emphasize the brevity and simplicity of the interior. The most important aspect is the selection of chandeliers selecting the desired power. First you need to see whether the chandelier light only, or you intend to use additional lighting methods. And then you need to choose the number of cones, lampshades, light bulbs that can be hanged. It is recommended to use lamps rate of 20 watts per 1 sq. m.

Get a modern model with the ability to connect to the dimer. He will not only allow you to adjust brightness of lighting, thus making it possible to create an atmosphere of space, but also allows energy savings. You should not exceed the total available for the lamp power threshold. Its excess will lead to failure. When selecting bulbs also need to be concerned about the wiring. Calculate how much power is allowed to use when posting your status.

Technical features are worth paying attention to:

  1. Economic advisable to choose models of chandeliers with reducing power consumption.
  2. Multi-mode.
  3. The material of which the cartridges. The cartridges can be ceramic, thermoplastic or karbolitovymi.

Make no mistake in choosing the cartridge since the power of the lamps should be suitable to the patrons.

What it is in a chandelier in the room: pictures in the interior and what you need to know everyone

Typically, a chandelier, as shown by the image, consists of a housing, reflectors, lenses and lamp shades, lamps. To join the body all the essential elements. Below is a cartridge, which is screwed into the lamp and the lens. The base to which converge all the horns, covers the wiring.

Make the right choice of chandeliers to suit to the ceiling surface, and has a good range of lightMake the right choice of chandeliers to suit to the ceiling surface, and has a good range of light

The reflectors are not a necessary element. They represent mirrors, which reflect light and diverges across the space.
Also optional elements are lenses and lamp shades. They need to light evenly expenses. Many chandeliers are equipped with remote control.

What are the lamps:

  1. Incandescent. Do not combine these lamps with flammable finishing details chandeliers as incandescent lamps become very hot, and this may cause a fire. This type lamps is not economical. Light warm, but they are not durable in operation.
  2. Halogen lamps. Characterized by a long service life.
  3. Fluorescent lamps They shine a cold light, economical.
  4. LED lamp - the most expensive option, but the light is a good range. They use the most economical of all kinds.

Choosing a chandelier in the hall (video)

As can be seen from the article, chandelier options - a huge amount. Decide on the style and the required intensity of light in which the apartment needs. After this will only make a purchase.

Examples chandeliers room (photo interiors)

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