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Trey ceilings would be a great option for a spacious living roomTrey ceilings would be a great option for a spacious living room gostinoyDlya design is advisable to use two-level ceilings only if the room is spacious. panels of polyvinyl chloride or gypsum boards can be used for the construction of multi-layered structure. Materials are attached to a special crate. It is possible to produce metal frame. It is preferable to use aluminum products, since they are not prone to corrosion.

Multilevel ceilings in the living room: the advantages and disadvantages

Multi-level ceiling has many advantages, however, is not without drawbacks. An inherent advantage of such a structure - universality. To illuminate these structures you can use any light sources. In addition, multilevel ceilings help hide any defects on the base surface.

room space can be increased by using a multi-level ceilingroom space can be increased by using a multi-level ceiling

With the help of multi-level ceilings, you can make a visual enlargement of the room. Also with the help of these structures, you can split the room into several functional areas.

Disadvantages of multi-level ceilings:

  1. High price. Multilevel ceilings will cost you dearly, as you will need to purchase a large number of panels, fasteners and profiles.
  2. The design takes up little space. When using a multi-level ceiling height of the room is reduced by 25-35 centimeters.
  3. The complexity of the installation. Ceiling build in 2 levels is very difficult to own because this design requires accurate markings and strict observance of the installation instructions.

Trey ceilings of gypsum boards with their own hands

Plasterboard panels are widely used for finishing ceilings, since they are relatively inexpensive and have high strength characteristics. Remember that for the construction of a two-level ceiling appropriate to use plasterboard panels with a low specific weight.

Gypsum panels are an excellent material for a two-level ceilingGypsum panels are an excellent material for a two-level ceiling

Before starting the installation, you need to partition the entire base surface and make holes for the profiles. If there are cracks in the ceiling, be sure zashpaklyuyte them.

Installation technology of two-level ceiling of plasterboard:

  • Attach to the wall UD-profile. Remember that for the attachment of such products is better to use hollow wall plugs with a diameter of 6-7 mm.
  • Screw for suspensions surface. The distance between adjacent elements should not exceed 57-60 centimeters.
  • Place the CD-profiles. They need to be inserted in the hole, located in the UD-profile.
  • Once the crate is made of the first level, it obsheyte gypsum boards. For fixing panels use screws.
  • Next, apply to the ceiling frame by partitioning the second level.
  • Crop side wall profiles.
  • Screw the wall UD-profile. If you plan to make decorative ceiling between the wall and the UD-profile to insert CD-profile.
  • After a second lathing level done obsheyte its gypsum boards. To fix the panels should be used screws. Do not forget to sheathe the vertical parts of the structure.
  • Seal the joints between adjacent panels using putty.
  • Next, move on to finishing. It is best to use acrylic paints.
  • Install lighting.

Make a two-level ceiling of plastic

Plastic panels are a good alternative to drywall. This material is somewhat cheaper, but may be deformed due to the temperature drop.

For the construction of a two-tier structure is best applied seamless panel. If you do not have such a possibility, it is recommended to use PVC panel with dimensions 260h270 cm.

Plastic panels are an excellent alternative to drywallPlastic panels are an excellent alternative to drywall

How to install a two-level ceiling of plastic panels:

  1. Initially, a base surface should be cleaned of dirt and plaster. Be sure to remove the cracks by using acrylic sealant.
  2. Then treat the base surface antiseptic solution. This is in order to minimize the risk of mold. It is best to apply primer antiseptic. Alternatively, any other suitable material, which includes chlorine.
  3. Install the UD-profile. Then attach them strap and CD-profiles. second level lath is mounted in a similar manner. Remember that for the production of the second carcass layer should be applied dedicated profile with vertical and horizontal inserts.
  4. Perform the wiring. Do not forget to insulate the wires. For these purposes it is better to use plastic corrugated pipe.
  5. Obsheyte frame with plastic panels. For their attachment using screws made of stainless steel. Interconnected panels are attached by means of a system of "tongue and groove".
  6. For plating the vertical drop, located between layers, use a thin plastic strip.
  7. The junction between the vertical stripes of fixed using the plastic bracket and baguette.
  8. Then it is necessary to install the plinth and lighting.

How to make a two-tiered ceiling with LED backlight

If the ceiling height exceeds 2.7 meters, it is possible to produce a two-tier structure with an unusual lighting. Lighting installed in a special box. For the manufacture of such a construction it is recommended to apply drywall.

Unusual lighting will give a room originalityUnusual lighting will give a room originality

two-level ceiling mount technology with illumination:

  • Attach the guide rail to the wall and ceiling.
  • Of the ceiling profiles do the strut-hangers.
  • Next you need to insert these into the guide rack ceiling profile. As a result, you should have a ceiling box, in which there are protruding profiles.
  • The protruding ends of the battens insert another guide profile.
  • Route the wiring, and then isolate it by the corrugated pipe.
  • Obsheyte frame plasterboard. Remember that the joints drywall sheets in the box should be placed strictly on the racks.
  • Next you need to attach the rim to the end of the box. For strengthening the upper edge using U-shaped profile configuration.
  • Zashpaklyuyte dye or plasterboard.
  • Install the light fixture in the niche.

The recommended tape LED as lighting device. To it must be selected with the corresponding power supply unit. To determine the optimum power you need to measure the length of LED strip, and multiply that number by the power meter of the product.

Installation of the two-level ceiling in the living room (video)


Build a two-tier structure under the force of each person. The main thing - to strictly observe the instructions on installation and mark the surface properly. For the construction of multi-level ceilings recommended for plasterboard. This material is durable and has high strength. If you have a limited budget, it is better to use PVC panels.

The design of the two-level ceilings in the living room (photo examples)


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