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Putty plasterboard ceiling is performed for the alignment and removal of small surface defectsPutty plasterboard ceiling is performed for the alignment and correct small defects poverhnostiKachestvennaya plaster ceiling gypsum board plays an important role in otelochnoy work as a whole. Run putty can be yourself. To do this, you need to have the necessary set of tools. Thanks to the quality of work, any defects, cracks and irregularities are removed. The main purpose in applying putty to drywall is embedding joints between gypsum boards as well as masking caps screws which protrude from the surface of the plates. Putty plasterboard has its own characteristics.

Finish plasterboard ceilings for painting express method

Spackling before painting - an important stage of finishing. Not always for this it is time consuming. Therefore, for those in a hurry and can not pay enough attention, there is a method of rapid putty. It will be acceptable in the case, if the ceiling is painted with several layers of matte paint in the future.

Stages quick putty:

  • Prime the surface with deep-penetrating primer. It will strengthen the surface and provide a more reliable adhesion of paint and putty.
  • With the help of a narrow putty knife to fill the joints and places with recesses putty plaster. Align the surface with a broader spatula.
  • Angles glue serpyanku.
  • Once the plaster dries, wipe the joints using a paint grid on the holder.

Driving direction application of putty on the surface of plasterboardDriving direction application of putty on the surface of plasterboard

After the work is necessary to remember that fast putty will not give a perfectly flat surface.

Express method enables fast, the surface filler for the shortest possible time. It is able to remove only the most noticeable surface defects.

Thus, the surface of the plasterboard ceiling can be painted, but it is necessary to take into account that small flaws can be seen, so you need to choose a matte paint texture.

How putty plasterboard before painting quality

Putty plasterboard need for painting on the surface of a perfectly flat, with no protrusions or dents. At work it is important to observe the technology of drywall putty, otherwise all efforts could be in vain.

Technology of finishing works:

  • Preparation and priming the surface. Wait for it to dry completely.
  • On the joints and corners stick fiberglass mesh, which has the name serpyanku. gluing process does not take long, because the grid has a self-adhesive surface. It is important to see to it that the seam was strictly in the middle of the grid.
  • Breeding putty needed in small quantities, as it tends to dry out quickly. When water is added to a dried solution occurs irreparable qualitative change of the material structure. Putty to be diluted by 30 minutes of work.
  • Using two spatulas: narrow and wide. With the help of a narrow spatula to put putty on the seam between the plates. Wide spatula putty to stretch across the length of the seam. It is important to trim the seam filling. It is necessary to ensure that, when embedding joints nor lead to irregularities.
  • Using the cross-way proshpaklevat screws. When applying the putty comes along and across better coating caps screws.
  • In two stages to produce filler angles. Proshpaklevat one side of the angle, then waiting for its drying, proshpaklevat second half.
  • Outside corners, door and window slopes, fasten the aluminum construction angle on the putty or use the staple gun.
  • The corrugated profile of the hole with a spatula to press the filler so as to fill all the holes.
  • With a wide spatula to level the surface of the applied solution.
  • Using sandpaper to smooth irregularities formed surface.
  • Putties diluted to a consistency of sour cream. By means of a broad spatula is necessary to put the plaster on the entire surface of the wall. This layer must be applied more finely and accurately.

Caulking ceiling must be uniform, without clumps and impuritiesCaulking ceiling must be uniform, without clumps and impurities

All work must be performed in strict sequence, waiting for each coat dry before applying a new one.

When calculating the amount of materials needed is important to consider the nature of the surface to be processed. With a large number of defects of putty take considerably longer.

For the calculation of the amount of putty you need to calculate the area of ​​the entire surface. To do this, you need to know the size of each sheet of material.

The putty plasterboard before painting best

Plasterboard for painting shpaklyuyut using construction tools, as materials used construction putty, presented in a large assortment of the construction market.

When choosing a filler is important to pay attention to the label on which the manufacturer indicates a method of breeding and applying putty, as well as its interaction with different types of materials.

Before you begin, you need to prepare a standard set of tools for the sealing of the ceilingBefore you begin, you need to prepare a standard set of tools for the sealing of the ceiling

When applying putty is important to use the right tools, you will be affected by this, as the material will be on the surface.

A set of essential tools

  • puncher;
  • Brush;
  • Knife Painting;
  • Narrow and wide spatula;
  • Sandpaper.

After selecting the tools and putty material it is important to pay attention to the time that has passed since the installation of drywall. For the best quality putty with the installation surface must be at least 10 days to the ceiling took the climatic conditions of the room.

Proper preparation of putty for walls and ceilings (video)

Wallpaper for painting on the ceiling of plasterboard: types and gluing machines

To choose wallpaper for painting on the ceiling of plasterboard is not difficult. In the domestic market there are several types of wallpaper, which differ in the manufacture of materials.

Types of wallpaper for painting:

  • Wallpaper with paper backing;
  • Non-woven wallpaper base;
  • Wallpaper on the basis of fiberglass.

When choosing wallpaper for painting, it should be remembered that for such a design are not suitable for all decorative paintings, but only those that have a specific qualityWhen choosing wallpaper for painting, it should be remembered that for such a design are not suitable for all decorative paintings, but only those that have a specific quality

When choosing wallpaper is important to read the instructions on their use and application to various surfaces.

At the decision pokleit wallpaper on drywall is important to consider some of the nuances. Wallpaper can be glued as directed on the surface of the plasterboard ceiling, and the pre proshpaklevat surface.

However, when wallpapering directly on the drywall should be noted that if you want to make repairs and replace the old location, will have to change and plasterboard as wallpaper on drywall fastened very carefully, and attempts to remove them will lead to the deterioration of plasterboard.

How putty drywall near the ceiling painting (video)

Putty gypsum boards for painting should be carefully and meticulously, as the application of paint will facilitate exposure of all defects and surface irregularities. There are several methods of putty: a quick and basic. To create a high-quality finish is necessary to perform a full plaster in several layers, which perfectly align the surface. To finish you need to choose the highest quality materials and tools - on their quality depends on the quality of the work performed.

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