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Harpoon mounting system is the most reliable and easyHarpoon mounting system is the most reliable and prostoyMnogie people prefer to make installation of suspended ceilings themselves. Before you begin, you need to find a way to secure the web. The best way of fixing - harpoon system. It is the most reliable, but at the same time simple. Harpoon - a plate, which is equipped with several projections. This element is a flexible and easy to various manipulations.

Harpoon Mounting tension ceiling: step by step guide

Installation Technology harpoon stretch ceiling is simple. Before such a system is installed, you need to make room measurements and prepare the necessary materials. It is desirable to perform measurements using a laser level.

With harpoon stretch ceiling installation technology will be able to understand eachWith harpoon stretch ceiling installation technology will be able to understand each

Algorithm harpoon mounted ceiling:

  1. Place the frame on the ceiling.
  2. Attach the supporting plate for the platform lighting.
  3. Cut the material for the web.
  4. Weld to the canvas harpoon insertion.
  5. Attach to the walls of the aluminum profile. To do this, you need to do in the surface of the slot and fix the profile with dowels.
  6. Fill harpoon profile. To do this, use a spatula assembly.
  7. Align the fabric. To do this, use a heat gun.
  8. Insert the profile of decorative insert.

In order to eliminate the gap technology uses a flexible batten made of plastic. Attach this item must be to the inner tooth baguette.

Production and advantages of harpoon for suspended ceilings

Manufacture harpoon design for tension fabric alone is impossible. Production harpoon for stretch ceiling is carried out with the help of special equipment.

Harpoon technology can fabricate multilevel structureHarpoon technology can fabricate multilevel structure

Harpoon system is made of:

  • Profile. There are profiles of visible and invisible types.
  • A film of polyvinyl chloride. It can be glossy or matte texture. Sometimes film has a velvety texture.
  • Harpoon.

Suspended ceilings Harpoon mounting technology has the following advantages:

  1. The design allows to hide defects, communications and wiring. In addition, the harpoon technology allows you to set the lighting unit.
  2. During the installation do not need trimming blade.
  3. Due to the structural features of the harpoon, the suspended ceiling has a high strength.
  4. The technology enables to produce multi-level structure.
  5. Cloth, set by using this method, it is easy to dismantle.

Harpoon stretch ceiling installation method has significant disadvantages. The disadvantages of this design include its high cost and the inability to mount a profile on a close distance to the slab.

Install ceilings: harpoon system or shtapikovaya

For many people, the question is which system is better: harpoon or shtapikovaya? Experts say that each system has its own characteristics. When choosing a method of attachment is necessary to build on individual preferences and budget.

When choosing a method of attachment is necessary to build on individual preferences and budgetWhen choosing a method of attachment is necessary to build on individual preferences and budget

A significant advantage of the system shtapikovoy is no need to make accurate measurements. Because of this, no need to wait until your system will make to order. You can make a fitting cloth before assembly work.

Also, the benefits of shtapikovoy system include:

  • Low cost web. Such a system costs several times less than the harpoon.
  • Quick measurement. Before installing shtapikovoy system need only measure the length and width of the room.
  • Ability to control the degree of tension of the web.
  • Absence of sagging canvas and technical gaps.
  • Possibility of installation of stretch fabric paintings.

The disadvantages shtapikovoy system could be considered the complexity of the design and installation of the inability to hide communication. If you are using shtapikovuyu system to hide the pipe can only be by means of a specialized lining, made of plastic.

If you want to mount the suspended ceiling in a small room of a rectangular configuration, then give preference shtapikovoy system. Installation will cost you much cheaper. If you want to install a stretched canvas in a room with an unusual configuration, it is advisable to use a harpoon technology.

Stretch ceiling without harpoon with their hands

Bezgarpunny method of mounting is rarely used. A significant advantage of this method - simplicity of installation. Set stretched canvas using bezgarpunnogo method may even a beginner.

Set stretched canvas using bezgarpunnogo method can even noviceSet stretched canvas using bezgarpunnogo method can even novice

Installing ceiling bezgarpunnym method is performed in the following sequence:

  1. First it is necessary to establish a profile made of plastic and aluminum.
  2. Then, using a spatula need to stick the edge of the web in the region of the mounting bracket.
  3. excess fabric should be cut.
  4. If desired, decorate the edge webs by means of decorative ribbons.

It is worth noting that for bezgarpunnogo installation method you want to use cloth, the size of which should be at 15-17 cm smaller than the size of the future of a stretch ceiling. This is due to the fact that vinyl film starts to deform under the influence of high temperatures.

Harpoon mounting system for ceilings (video)

Attach a suspended ceiling using a harpoon method. The main thing - to make accurate preliminary measurements. Remember that harpoon ceilings tend to sag in the center. Furthermore, this technology should be used only if you plan to install PVC panels. If you decide to use cloth fabric, you will approach shtapikovaya system. 

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