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Hallway furniture should look good and be comfortable for homeownersHallway furniture should look good and be comfortable for the owners zhilyaEsli theater begins with a hanger, the modern apartment - entrance hall. Most often, it is - a small space, which must meet many requirements, and it does not take much space. Today, designers can easily manage to create an atmosphere of stylish and practical at the entrance to your cozy nest, but if you try, you can build your own hallway, so that guests want to come back to you again and again.

Modern lobby: Furniture for convenience

Currently, the selection of furniture for the hall is huge. In specialty stores everyone can purchase necessary items interior to your taste and budget. There is also a large selection of artists: firms and private entrepreneurs who are ready to bring your ideas to life or develop several options hallway arrangement in a modern style to create for you a unique interior.

If you do not need help or financial aspect of the transformation of the entrance hall you are not satisfied, and decided to work independently of the acquisition of necessary furniture, it is necessary to learn the basic components of the interior.

To hallway furniture was comfortable, it must contain a hanger, mirror, a niche for storing clothes and footwearTo hallway furniture was comfortable, it must contain a hanger, mirror, a niche for storing clothes and footwear


  • A niche where you can place your garments;
  • Hanger: wall or rack for clothes for each day;
  • Mirror;
  • Niche for shoes;
  • Storage space for small things;
  • Holders for caps, gloves, scarves;
  • The shelves or drawers for headgear;
  • A place to sit.

Everyone can abandon any furniture items from the list in favor of space, or in connection with the unnecessary. Very popular right now uses modular furniture - the individual elements in the same style that can be easily combined depending on the specific conditions. It is also convenient to use kits fused hallway, where all the parts in one package.

Comfortable furniture in a small hallway in a modern style

Furnished with small-sized hall, should be made to design methods of the expansion of space and to use the most suitable for your particular room.

Methods for creating the visual effect of increasing space:

  • The use of glass and mirror surfaces;
  • Selection of light colors;
  • Bright lighting;
  • Use in interior narrow vertical objects;
  • Minimalism.

To visually enlarge the small-sized entrance hall, use brighter lighting, mirrored surfaces and bright colorsTo visually enlarge the small-sized entrance hall, use brighter lighting, mirrored surfaces and bright colors

To save space in a small hallway it's best to use a narrow integrated furniture, that is, combining the properties of several objects, such as a bedside table for shoes, which you can sit or wall hanger with a shelf for hats. Built-in design with sliding facades are also aides in setting up a small-sized hall.

If possible, store unused in everyday things in a different room. For example, winter clothes and shoes in the summer can be transferred for storage to another part of the apartment.

Universal modern furniture hallway

Pick up the furniture in the new entrance hall usually start from the cabinet.

Very convenient and affordable option - wardrobe, which has the following advantages:

  • Sliding doors: leave a free passage when opened;
  • Mirrored facade: eliminates the need to install a separate mirrors, due to the large surface area has the effect of increasing the space;
  • The presence of shelves and drawers for different types of clothing, hats, gloves, scarves and other things.

Wall Hanger - option for small-sized entrance hall, which will not fit closet. Another subject in modern hall - a hanger for everyday wear, it can be an unusual shape, thus creating an original touch to the interior.

Chest of drawers for shoes - another indispensable piece of furniture. Choosing the subject should focus on the amount of available shoes.

Wardrobe - versatile piece of furniture for a hallWardrobe - versatile piece of furniture for a hall

Vertical dresser provides for shelves for boots on the entire height, but if in the hallway little space, it is inconvenient to use. When choosing a mirror, you can also stay in the original form, playing with light and common light, it is not necessary to place it in front of the entrance mirror surface. It is worth mentioning that the horizontal mirror visually makes the wall, on which hangs a large-scale, while the ceiling seems to be a little lower. Vertical Mirror - creates a high ceiling effect.

Another interesting design solution can become the holder for umbrellas, if you move away from the classical in its execution, it will surprise guests creative content and vivid performance. In a small hallway the subject can exist as a stand, fastened to the wall. Very useful item anywhere - ottoman or bench with a soft pillow, where you can sit down at the same time it can be a box for storage.

All materials in the hallway should be as strong, because the load will be higher here than on the furniture in other rooms.

Modular cabinet and a corner furniture in modern style

Modern style when converting hallway suggests some options.


  • Closed storage space, only for decoration accessories may be exhibited on open shelves;
  • The furniture is simple and compact, without unnecessary luxury;
  • The interior is made out in two or three colors, there is a complex coloring;
  • Mandatory functional load on each piece of furniture.

Modular hallway, cabinet or corner furniture can be used in a modern styleModular hallway, cabinet or corner furniture can be used in a modern style

Modular furniture is based on the principle designer. Its elements can be placed or hung in any variation. Each module is equipped with a backlight and rollers instead of feet, which makes moving parts easy and safe.

Case furniture - the finished product is a combination of horizontal and vertical elements. It made of different materials, which gives her the opportunity to be in your price range. For apartments with awkward and unconventional corridors exist angular hallways - already finished furniture. Basically, the kit also includes a chest of drawers for shoes.

Before purchasing or ordering of furniture, be sure to measure the space.

Comfortable furniture hallway in a modern style (video)

In most cases the regeneration of the hallway apartment is given much less attention than other areas of the house, which is extremely reckless. After all, this space should encourage the person to a certain atmosphere that prevails throughout the house. If after a long exhausting working day, having gone through a traffic jam, and stepping into a puddle in front of the entrance, you come home and find yourself in a dark hallway cluttered with hammered-in wardrobe and an umbrella lying around, then your family will have to try hard to regain your good mood. Therefore, it is important to properly equip the hall and create its atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Design modern furniture for the hall (interior photo)


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