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With gas heat gun should work only professionalsWith gas heat gun should only professionalyVso most people resort to the use of suspended ceilings. Such designs are very ergonomic and attractive look. To install suspended ceilings need to use specialized equipment. When installing the structures builders resort to the use of special gas gun. It helps to evenly heat the surface of the web and prevents the formation of harmful condensation on the surface of the bearing tile during fixing films.

How to install ceilings without gas

Many people are afraid to work with equipment as improper operations may cause an explosion. Tension can ceilings without the use of the gas gun. Make it simple enough if the stock the necessary materials.

In order to hang ceilings without the use of a gun, you will need:

  1. Puncher. If it does not, use a drill.
  2. Screwdriver. Be prepared to provide a variety of tips for him.
  3. Roulette.
  4. Simple pencil.
  5. Level. Suitable for both water and laser.
  6. Paint cord.
  7. Building or regular hair dryer with high power.
  8. Screws, screws and other fasteners.
  9. The fabric.
  10. Baguettes, which are suitable for the installation of ceilings seamless.

Before you begin, you need to fail to properly prepare the surface for subsequent stretch ceilings. It is recommended to remove the old plaster and eliminate cracks and other surface microroughness. If you have the opportunity, cover the surface of the special antifungal primer.

To the result pleased, you must carefully prepare the working surfaceTo the result pleased, you must carefully prepare the working surface

How to install a stretch ceiling without gas following:

  • To begin, make careful measurements of the room. Make the adjustment operations around the perimeter of the room.
  • Then, route the wiring in the ceiling. Do not forget to attach to the surface of special transformers, which will lower the voltage if necessary.
  • Using your notes, attach it to the frame Framing surface. A step for fixing the chosen taking into account the materials from which made your walls. For example, if they are made of concrete, the optimal pitch is 25 cm. If the surface or wooden house is made of silicate blocks, cut step up to 15 cm.
  • Then stretch the canvas ceiling. The edges of the cloth do not forget to attach to the frame Framing. With the help of a spatula, insert the blade edge in a baguette.

Installation of suspended ceilings without gun (video)

Heat gun for suspended ceilings: the variety and power

Heat guns can operate on electricity, gas or diesel. Each type has its own characteristics.

The gas cannon has a capacity of 10 to 100 kW depending on the models. The advantage of such devices are light weight and efficiency. It should be noted that the operation of such units in the air is not emitted harmful chemicals. When using this product you need to monitor the gas pressure indicator. For example, if you are working with a gas gun 30 kW, the optimum pressure - 0.7 bar. These devices are not suitable for use in cold rooms.

The gas gun gives almost 100% efficiency because the heating occurs in the same air, in which the combusted fuelThe gas gun gives almost 100% efficiency because the heating occurs in the same air, in which the combusted fuel

It is considered to be the safest electric heat gun. Such devices are mobile and have small dimensions. In addition, the electric gun does not need constant charging a certain fuel.

The disadvantage of these guns is a little power. Feed device from the network 220 or 380 V power electric guns averages 5-7 kW.

Heat guns work on diesel as well as gas. Such devices have some advantages. Guns diesel operate on diesel, and on one filling can run for about 10 hours. Power from such units varies from 10 to 100 kW.

Scope diesel heat gun - repairs and space heatingScope diesel heat gun - repairs and space heating

By the lack of guns on a diesel engine include:

  1. A lot of weight.
  2. Difficulty in transportation. Such a unit must be transported solely with a balloon.
  3. High price.
  4. The need for additional service device nodes due to exposure to diesel fuel.

What kind of gun is better to choose for suspended ceilings

During a stretch ceiling the question arises: "What kind of gun is better to choose?". When you select a specific device, you must pay attention to the conditions in which you will carry out the installation and size of the room.

If you want to mount high-power device, it is better to give preference to a device that runs on diesel. It is worth noting that the use of such devices can be used only if the room has good ventilation.

Diesel gun is highly undesirable to use when working in confined spaces, as they emit harmful toxins while working.

If you need high mobility and rapid heating of the room, then stop your choice on a gas gun of direct heating. During that as you perform installation using this unit, it is necessary to adhere to the safety rules. If you are installing the ceiling in a cool room, use that device is prohibited.

gas guns are used when installing suspended ceilings ranging from 10 kWgas guns are used when installing suspended ceilings ranging from 10 kW

Electrical equipment should be used if you are unable to constantly refuel. It should be noted that such guns have a significant drawback - in their application exists the need for high capacity connection.

Recently, a great popularity began to use infrared gas guns. They have a number of design features. The disadvantage of such devices is their high cost and the need to connect to the mains.

The advantages of infrared guns include:

  • No harmful fumes during operation.
  • Quiet.
  • High power.
  • Possibility of heating of open spaces.

Infrared heat gun heats than air, and objects that are in its coverage areaInfrared heat gun heats than air, and objects that are in its coverage area

Varieties of gas guns

Gas guns are classified by the method of heating. There are devices with direct and indirect heating. They work on the same fuel, but have some differences.

The design of direct heating devices does not provide for purification of the air flow that exits the gun from various combustion products. This means that a small portion of impurities may remain in the room after the installation. That is why these guns are recommended only in well-ventilated areas.

In devices with indirect heating method has a special annular heat exchanger. He is the most important element of a heating gun.

Scheme heating in such a device is as follows:

  1. The fuel (gas) is combusted chamber.
  2. Products formed after combustion of the fuel fall into the annular exchanger.
  3. Thereafter chemicals leave through the chimney, which was previously displayed on the street.

Nowadays, these devices are protected from overheating. Their cost is much higher. However, if you are a beginner, then give preference only such guns, because they will save you from the cylinder detonation.

Device heat guns: what to look (video)

The variety of thermal devices for the installation of stretch ceiling allows you to choose the product taking into account the characteristics of your room. When working with gas guns necessarily follow basic safety rules. Do not forget to follow the balloon pressure. If you're looking for completely safe device, then give preference to guns, working on electricity. 

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