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Metal ceiling - is a unique water-resistant plastic and a suspension system that is easy to assemble, with no special skillsMetal ceiling - is a unique water-resistant plastic and a suspension system that is easy to assemble without special navykovMetallicheskie ceilings are made from either galvanized profile, or aluminum. Aluminum, of course, more expensive, and in many respects better, but there is a legitimate question: is it always, in all cases, whether it needed? Aluminum is not always the choice is justified, and not always worth the extra money to overpay, when in this case there is a low cost, galvanized ceilings. In addition, today's existing powder coatings create as aesthetic appearance of the ceiling, which will suit practically everyone, even the most demanding consumer.

Galvanized steel profile for suspended ceiling

Galvanized metal profile is manufactured on special equipment which provides a high degree of accuracy and correct geometry.

Profile made from galvanized mild steel.

Profiles are divided into several types.

Types of profiles:

  • The main CD profile. The length of it, as a rule. 3 or 4 meters, but there are others of its length, e.g., 2.6; 3.4; 3, 6 meters, etc. It is used when constructing false ceilings, attics. The pack of 24 pieces. Width 60 mm.
  • Trim profile UD. Length just 3-4 meters. Used to mount and to connect to the wall structure to the ceiling. The mounting holes formed therein. In a pack of 32 pieces. Width 28 mm.
  • Rack sections C-50, C-75, C-100. Metal thickness 0, 5-0, 8 mm. Their length varies from 2, 6 to 4 meters. This is a vertical profile for the partition. The design can be both single and double. It made the holes for the installation of various communications. In a pack of 12 pieces.
  • Profile lightweight CDN. The length of 3 meters. They attach suspended ceilings and wall to connect the suspended ceiling.

The main types of metal profilesThe main types of metal profiles

profiles quality plays not only an important and key role in this stage as a ceiling device.

Suspended ceilings made of galvanized steel: a budget option

As already mentioned, galvanized ceilings are the most cost compared with the same aluminum.

Galvanized ceiling is possible to arrange, in practice, anywhere, that is, in all areas, since they are missing all sorts of prohibitions and restrictions in this regard.

The metal used for the production of tapes is protected from corrosion and corrosive environment, and is designed for a very long service life. Galvanized ceilings compared to aluminum, have some advantages.

Setting profiles (video)

The advantages of low-cost designs

  1. Large strength than aluminum, which makes it possible to install them in gyms - ceilings are not afraid of deformation;
  2. They are more resistant to abrasion than aluminum ceilings.

The low price allows any consumer with not very high incomes afford to arrange a ceiling.

Corrosion resistance of galvanized ceiling perfectly combined with their extremely strongCorrosion resistance of galvanized ceiling perfectly combined with their extremely strong

Galvanized ceilings more frequently used in apartments, although many consumers still believe that apply in your own apartment like this is not very appropriate, because not quite their usual appearance. However, in recent years, this stereotype is gradually receding into the background. Those who prefer high-tech style, has long appreciated the value of such ceilings. Of course, only that style does not exhaust the possibilities of galvanized ceiling. These ceilings are remarkably fit into any design solution.

The apparatus of false ceilings of the frame profile of galvanized

Mounting the profiles can proceed to the next stage - a device for ceiling framework of galvanized profile.

Variants of the device:

  • The outer part of the coating and can not be fixed, but just laid in the cell;
  • Attached by means of latches.

The main advantages of the frame of metal profiles - easy installation and long service lifeThe main advantages of the frame of metal profiles - easy installation and long service life

Suspension system, arranged in such a way makes it possible not just to hide the defects of the base ceiling, and forget about it, almost forever.

This ceiling is very durable, but if it does, ever, need a partial repair of the surface, it can be very easy and without any problems to implement.

The device is such ceilings can save both the installation and to repair.

Recommendations for installation of galvanized ceiling: it is necessary to know

It is strongly recommended to purchase components from different manufacturers are not, as one. Thus, you do not face the problem of the difference in colors and textures.

Before you begin the installation, you should remember the importance of the correct marking of the base ceiling.

Markup produce basic ceiling using a laser levelMarkup produce basic ceiling using a laser level

Walls need to mark up so that is offset from the main ceiling, at least in 15cm. In the event that a lot of communication, it is necessary to increase the indent for the proper placement.

It would be very good to use in this case a laser level. This tool significantly simplifies the process of partitioning, because your main goal - to achieve a perfectly flat surface.

Instructions step by step:

  1. It is necessary to attach a trim profile corner, by the dowels or screws. If the walls are concrete, then, in view of their special strength, they must mark and drill a hole puncher.
  2. Fasten profile. The distance between the dowels around 0,5metra.
  3. Install hangers. You should not do this "by eye", and the first should outline the places where the guides intersect. More accurate counting can be done with a cord. Pre makes marks on the wall, which will be attached a guide profile, and then use this technique on the wall opposite. Tags connect the cord, which, in this case, is used instead of a ruler. On the cord should be noted the point of intersection.
  4. Drill holes for the installation of hangers.
  5. Install guide.
  6. The hooks of hangers must be connected to the basic profile, with adjustable height by means of hangers bezzazhimnogo clip.

Performing all operations described, set the cassette. Do not forget to praise yourself for a job well done!

Installation of metal ceilings (video)

In conclusion, I would like to draw a line under all the above. Magnificent ornamental properties and excellent performance ceiling of galvanized rolled steel, made for today one of the most common types of finishing the ceiling, galvanized ceiling. They are recommended builders, their customers satisfied, because it is beautiful, durable and stylish. Easy installation and nemudreny care of the surface of the ceiling, do their work every year: more and more consumers pay tribute to this cover is. Metal ceilings can decorate any room perfectly as non-residential and residential, and the reasons for this are many. Having made their choice in favor of suspended ceilings galvanized you for many years to save yourself from the worries of eternal and perpetual alteration repair the ceiling! 

Galvanized ceilings (photo)

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