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Homemade wedding topiray - this is a great gift that is sure to enjoy the newlywedsHomemade wedding topiray - this is a great gift that will love topiary novobrachnymKrasivy wedding ceremony will be a great decoration or gift to the newlyweds. You can find it in a flower shop or do it yourself. Time is not much to take, but it will give a lot of pleasant moments to those whom it is intended. All the necessary tools to work hard to find at home. If something is not at hand will be, there is always help store for needlework.

Topiary do a wedding: how to choose a design

The greatest number of difficulties arise at this stage. On the one hand, I want to create something non-trivial, and, on the other hand - a wedding theme does not imply ornate forms. That is why there are cases of extremes, when a tree is too ascetic or, conversely, overly congested decorative elements. Save common sense will help photos ready variants. Their view is not time-consuming, but would send a flight of fancy in the right direction.

Do not be amiss to go shopping with goods for the wedding. Chances are good that there will be found on the shelves of a few creative ideas.

Choose a design for wedding topiary easy, but you have to take into account the preferences of the newlyweds and their agesChoose a design for wedding topiary easy, but you have to take into account the preferences of the newlyweds and their ages

In addition, attention is drawn to the following details:

  • Age citizens who have decided to combine the knot;
  • National traditions;
  • Place a wedding ceremony;
  • Aesthetic preference for the bride and groom.

Topiary do the wedding of cotton balls and organza

It is considered the most affordable option in terms of price. As the main decorative element organza apply fine pebbles and some cotton balls. Popularity presented variant was due to several qualities. Firstly, we are talking about the simplicity and speed of manufacture. Even if before the wedding ceremony, there are very little time to create a composition with his own hands, you can for 4-5 hours. You must start with the selection of materials.

It is recommended to take a small margin to work do not have forced to interrupt:

  • Sewing pins;
  • Cotton balls;
  • Organza required colors;
  • candles;
  • Straight stick-foundation from any sturdy material;
  • Pot;
  • PVA glue;
  • Glue gun;
  • Decorative stones;
  • Pearl acrylic paint;
  • Brushes.

The original wedding topiary, you can easily make organza and cotton ballsThe original wedding topiary, you can easily make organza and cotton balls

Direct fabrication process begins with fixing jaws floral pot. It is made of the barrel attachment, which is installed on top of the base-ball of Styrofoam. Fixed base stem component foam which hardens around 2 hours. After that, attention is drawn to the cotton balls, which are joined into a single canvas using PVA glue. It is advisable to immediately produce their fixation on the floral sponge.

In most cases, the adhesive dries in 2-3 hours, then it is necessary to lay neatly on top of decorative stones. It is desirable to ensure that they are completely closed wool layer. Flower petals are made of organza with scissors. As the basic geometric shape of the circle is used. His carefully singe the edges with a candle flame that will not allow to disperse the tissue.

Causing the next barrel of the first layer of paint temperature must be threaded through the center pin the petals. After that, the fixing of petals on the basis of the foam. The finished tree is decorated, on the basis of the aesthetic preferences of the bride and groom.

Topiary do for the bride and groom of satin ribbons and tulle

Many interesting ideas throw attended a master class in advance. Here, not only can observe the work of the designer, but also to ask questions. In the past few years widespread composition of tulle and satin ribbons. As an additional decorative material used burlap, flax, satin and again organza.

The most popular choice for a wedding is a topiary of tulle and ribbonsThe most popular choice for a wedding is a topiary of tulle and ribbons

To the bride and groom were pleasantly surprised, it is recommended to use to decorate the airy tulle. Nice look and air strip.

From a practical point of view, the implementation of the project focuses on the following factors:

  • Create visual accents help bows. One of them is in the middle of the barrel, and the second - is decorated with a pot;
  • Do not overload the trunk of visual composition. It is better to limit the decorative ribbon;
  • Tulle creates a cushion for installation satin roses, the color of which must be discordant with the composition.

Create a topiary on wedding anniversary

As mentioned earlier, themed photo will help determine the direction of flight of fancy. Designers call to remember the need to incorporate features couples, wedding anniversary on which it is planned to present artificial composition. Possessing such information, the creation of the future Topiary will not take much time. Universal embodiment is made of coffee beans. He not only decorate a wedding, but also to emphasize the importance of the come jubilee.

Wedding anniversary, you can create an original coffee Topiary, which is decorated with ribbons and other itemsWedding anniversary, you can create an original coffee Topiary, which is decorated with ribbons and other items

If gives priority to originality, the choice must be made in favor of the CD or DVD drive, money, coffee beans and so on. The latter option, according to designers suitable to mark the anniversary.

For work you need the following materials:

  • Tulle ribbon;
  • Satin tape;
  • Plaster and stucco;
  • 2-ply tape;
  • The ball of foam;
  • Flat table for work;
  • A small vase for flowers;
  • Smooth wooden stick;
  • Coffee grain.

How to make a topiary with their hands (video)

Subsequently manufacturing process similar to that described above. The main thing - to balance the functional and creative part. Too much tree will overload the space and too small - it has lost. It is therefore better to prefer a medium-sized version. It is not necessary to limit yourself in terms of the choice of colors and shapes. The greater the creative will in the project, the more positive emotions get the heroes of the occasion.

Creative Wedding Topiary (photo)

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