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Drywall - a popular material for the installation of suspended ceilingsDrywall - a popular material for the installation of suspended ceilings potolkovPodvesnye has long been in high demand not only in CIS, but also throughout the world. Such designs are very attractive and durable. Suspended ceiling consists of a special metal frame to which are attached plates of different thicknesses. Typically, install a false ceiling in two steps: first, set the frame, and then tiles.

What is the profile for the ceiling is better

There are 2 types of profiles for suspended ceiling - aluminum and plastic. Each of the strips has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The plastic rake is much easier to install and suitable for multi-level ceilings. Furthermore, the profile of this material is much cheaper.

A significant drawback of plastic strips is their low strength indicator. For example, if the lath is made of a low-quality material, at high loads, the profile may be damaged.

Without good profiles impossible to make quality repairs apartmentsWithout good profiles impossible to make quality repairs apartments

In aluminum profile has 2 main advantages:

  1. Durability.
  2. High strength.

The disadvantages of such a rack may include its high cost. Moreover, the aluminum profile is not suitable for mounting on the curved sections. Consequently, the aluminum profile should work before sawing. Another drawback of such rail is driving the need for screws before assembly work.

Crate to the ceiling with his hands

For ceiling sheathing use wooden or metal profile. If you are going to install the false ceiling in the bathroom, you will approach a crate made of metal, so it does not deform under the influence of water vapor and moisture. Install profiles with their own hands is easy.

The quality of future ceiling is dependent on compliance technology for mounting battensThe quality of future ceiling is dependent on compliance technology for mounting battens

When mounting the stick to the following algorithm:

  • The first thing to do - to select the height of the ceiling.
  • Then you need to spend with a pencil on the wall of a horizontal line. Remember that the correct markup - the key to successful installation, so designated in this operation seriously.
  • Once you have had a horizontal line, make a layout of the room. In order to use the direct line were level.
  • Then you need to install the metal profiles on the borders, and attach them to the wall surface with galvanized screws and dowels of special plastic.
  • Next, install the ceiling profile to direct suspension. Remember that the ends must be installed in the guide profiles. Hangers should be fixed at no more than 60-70 centimeters.

Suspended ceiling with his hands: crate (video) 

What ceiling profiles are used for the installation of a suspended ceiling

Main Profile for gypsum plasterboard ceiling - UD and CD. The first has a supporting role. In some cases, UD profile used for the manufacture of any of figured elements of the ceiling frame. This product is produced with holes for the fastening, but the details are found without holes.

Profile CD takes the bulk of the load when installing the ceiling plasterboard. The product is typically installed on a U-shaped hanger configuration.

Recently, more and more common type metalloprofili UW. Typically, they are used to create the figures in the second and third level of false ceiling. This profile can be installed on special hangers or screwed to the ceiling of the previous level. The side walls have such a smooth product.

When ceiling mounted using the profiles of the type UW, then necessarily used items such as CW.

In preparation for the installation of a suspended ceiling of plasterboard is important to choose high-quality profilesIn preparation for the installation of a suspended ceiling of plasterboard is important to choose high-quality profiles

Installation guide for suspended ceiling: step by step guide

Installation guide - a very important process, because it depends on the longevity of the structure. Guide metal sheets must be secured evenly around the perimeter of the room. In this case, the contact points between the product to the wall is necessary to glue the profile using specialized sealing tape. This technique is necessary to prolong the durability of the structure.

Pay particular attention to the configuration of the dowels, nails. It is desirable to have a mushroom hat. Fixing by means of dowels will be more durable, and will strengthen the contact profile and wall. Installation of these anchors is desirable to produce products by screwing.

When installing the ceiling you need to consider all the details - from profiles to screwsWhen installing the ceiling you need to consider all the details - from profiles to screws

Gaps between the guide profiles should not be. Otherwise, the structure may collapse.

Suspended ceiling metal frame: features and installation

The design of a false ceiling can be performed on single or duplex metal frame. Each method has its advantages and options.

If your room is small and you want to save the maximum amount of space, then give preference to single-level metal frame. It consists of two types of profiles - and joining the cores. Such a structure is mounted with special brackets and hangers. Connecting profiles are attached exclusively crosswise.

In the case of ceiling mounting with a one-level structure, observe the distance between the wall and the extreme profile. The optimal distance - 180 mm. The finished construction is recommended sheathing gypsum boards with high moisture resistance. During the cladding sheet is placed strictly perpendicular to the bearing profiles.

  Sibling ceiling - ideal for small premises, as it does notSibling ceiling - ideal for small premises, as it does not "eats" space

False ceiling formed on duplex frame of metal profiles consist of two types - basic and carriers. Products are placed perpendicular to each other.

If you opted for a two-tier structure, note the following nuances:

  1. For a dense metal skeleton fixation it is desirable to use self-tapping screws.
  2. Frame ceiling and walls need to frame sheathe the same way.
  3. For fixing the sheet of the gypsum plasterboard use supports a T-shaped configuration.

One-level ceiling of plasterboard (video)

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in installing the ceiling. To install the design only need to stock up on necessary items and patience. When choosing materials, pay attention to the features of their homes. For example, if you have limited space in the room, the interior fit perfectly ceilings on single-level frame. If you plan to install suspended ceilings in the spacious room, you will approach two-level design. If desired, decorate the ceiling of the original suspension. 

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