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The framework is the basis for plasterboard fixing to be collected separately and carefullyThe framework is the basis for plasterboard fixing to be collected separately and vnimatelnoDlya leveling walls and ceilings in the apartments, houses and offices used drywall. In this case, no matter how smooth the surface of the walls: there is no need to align it. This is possible because the GCR sheets are mounted on a special frame, and not on the structure of the surface. 

Metal and wooden frame for gypsum board

A base frame serves for fastening the drywall sheets. It can be made of two types of material - galvanized metal profile or wooden bars. The latter type is used rarely because of the peculiarities of the wood warp under the influence of negative factors - humidity and temperatures drop, the possible formation of fungi and decay processes.

Metal profile resistant to occurrence of different processes, it is used mostly for a carcass.

Due to the metal frame for gypsum board partitions can be installed indoorsDue to the metal frame for gypsum board partitions can be installed indoors

Frame for gypsum board allows us to produce not only a flat surface of walls and ceilings, but also to create a multi-level composition.


  • Run niche;
  • Original issue backlight;
  • Hide communications;
  • To construct a plurality of shelves.

It is important to fasten the frame to the floor, walls and ceiling. Before installation should determine the type of material from which it is formed. To this end, it is worth considering that for wet rooms wooden bars are not suitable. Drywall should be chosen with waterproof impregnation and appropriately labeled. Metal profiles also have to comply with the certificate of quality for a frame or box.

Frame profile for gypsum board

Metal profiles made of galvanized metal, they do not corrode and are sufficiently strong. Frame profile for gypsum board on walls, ceilings or partitions will be the ideal choice of finishes. 

When you select a profile for the frame under the plasterboard should pay attention to the integrity and quality of the zinc coatingWhen you select a profile for the frame under the plasterboard should pay attention to the integrity and quality of the zinc coating

When mounting frame use different types of profile:

  • The guide profiles have a flange dimensions from 50 mm to 100 mm, and 40 mm sidewalls are contoured for mounting other parts of the carcass;
  • Ceiling has dimensions 60 mm by 27 mm is used for a carcass ceiling structures;
  • Arched profiles used to create the frame arches, the undulations in the construction of walls and ceilings;
  • Ceiling guide is used to create a false ceiling frame, its size and form standard 27 mm by 28 mm;
  • Rack profile is similar to the guide with high rigidity due to the two longitudinal grooves applied to the wall frame;
  • Corner profile external or internal use for the formation of recesses in the frame corners, has an inclination angle of 85 degrees.

Frame profile requires mounting elements to the base of the ceiling or walls, these suspensions are mounted. Coupling elements are needed to connect or elongation profiles. All frame components are secured by a variety of screws.

Make a frame for plasterboard wall

GCR is fixed on the wall surface alignment and hide communications - pipes, wires, ventilation systems. Frame for plasterboard wall can be made of the profile of the metal or wooden bars.

For wooden frame material should be prepared:

  • Treat antifungal composition of each bar;
  • Dry all the wooden elements of the framework;
  • Remove unusable bars with knots, cracks, material defects can break in and spoil the frame;
  • bar size should be at least 30 mm by 50 mm, the plasterboard is rolled around the broad side of the bar.

Proper placement of the frame for plasterboard wall will hide any defect on its surfaceProper placement of the frame for plasterboard wall will hide any defect on its surface

If the frame on the wall is made of profiles, you should use only the wall rack and the guide profile. They are specially strengthened further rib rigidity. For ceiling and floor mounted rails that serve as a frame for frame. To guide profiles attached rack in increments of no less than 60 cm.

Between the body profile of the transverse webs must install at least two in every step through a connecting element or crab by lining profile flanges with cut from two sides.

Upon completion of the frame assembly can be routed communications and insulation materials in the frame body and sew up the wall sheets GCR.

Features skeleton bath plasterboard

Upon completion of basic repairs and finish the bathroom plumbing the turn. often installed under the bath so-called "screen". To do this, use different materials or finished screens offered by the construction market. It is not always possible to pick up the finished product the required size, the output is a manufacturer of screen with your hands.

The most often used the following materials:

  • drywall;
  • Cam boards;
  • Plastic panels;
  • Brick.

Frame for a metal bath is more practical embodimentFrame for a metal bath is more practical embodiment

The simplest is to install a framework for plasterboard screen. carcass material may be of wood treated with the antifungal composition bars. It is advisable to use bars made of larch, they are not afraid of moisture and are very strong. bars size needs at least 40x40 mm, fastening elements are screws and metal corners.

Steps for rack mounting:

  • Markup Application with a plumb or level of the corners of the bathroom to the floor surface;
  • Preparation bars the size of the markup;
  • Compound sawn to size bars via corners;
  • Securing received frame under the bath.

When the screen production of water-resistant drywall is used. The frame can be manufactured from metallic profiles, using the rack and the guide profile. Thus it is necessary to deepen the guides approximately 21 - 23 cm, depending on the further cladding material. Number rack profiles depends on the presence of additional structural elements - the door shelves. It should leave enough easy access to plumbing pipes under the bathroom Breakage. Of the metal profile is possible to build an additional shelf directly beside the bathroom, it also sheathe plasterboard lining and perform the most water-repellent material - tile, painting. The box under the bathroom can have multiple compartments, this frame is done in several layers, creating a cabinet under the bathroom.

frame assembly for drywall (video)

Manufacturing of the carcass plasterboard presents no particular difficulties. It is quite possible to perform independently without the involvement of specialists with the necessary tools and the basic skills of working with it. The choice of material for the frame is largely dependent on the installation location and design of personal preference.

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