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Wrought iron furniture in the room looks nice, concise complementary room designWrought iron furniture in the room looks nice, concise design complementing pomescheniyaKovanaya furniture became popular example of various kinds of interiors in ancient times. And over the centuries, this idea was transformed, but it remained the basis of artistic forging metal workshop. Beds of this design, stools, sofas, shelves really fascinate and cause serious look at it.

Wrought iron furniture for a bedroom: in any interior style is appropriate

We can not say that literally any interior forged furniture is convincing. But art forging goes out of fashion for a long time, which means "registered" it in different interior styles.

Thanks to its quality, wrought iron furniture is very popularThanks to its quality, wrought iron furniture is very popular

Metal Art in different styles:

  • Provence style. Remarkably, if forged furniture is skillfully aged. A great option bright bed with white wrought-iron headboard.
  • Vintage. Preferably furniture massive forging, and in the number of forged accessories can not be modest. Vintage bedroom - it is a mirror in wrought iron frame, and beautiful wrought-iron chandelier, wrought iron sconces and even forged frames for photos.
  • Modern. A bed in a bedroom can be supplemented with a twisted wrought whatnot. Wrought iron shelf for books, too, will be most welcome.
  • High tech. Here a little bit harder, wrought iron furniture should be organically combined with the glass.

Whatever style you choose, it is worth remembering that this furniture is not so little. But then, it is assumed that it will serve for many years. And, you can order furniture for your sketch, it is true, and it will affect the price.

Interior of a bedroom with wrought-iron bed: how it looks

Wrought iron furniture is experiencing a regular boom in popularity. Prevail in this bed with wrought iron headboard - they give ease and intimacy of the interior, a design to worry about creating a perfect comfort in the room.

Patterns such forged furniture - a reflection of strict classical, austere Gothic or aristocratic modernism. Metal for forged furniture is processed in two ways - hot and cold. In hot forging metal obtains a high heating acquires plasticity, and takes the form given by the master. Cold - a stamping machine that reduces the cost of production of such furniture.

A beautiful bed with the original wrought-iron headboard create a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere in the bedroomA beautiful bed with the original wrought-iron headboard create a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere in the bedroom

Color is no strict leader - widely used and white, and gold, and black, and silver. The natural color of the metal is also not uncommon. Beds are usually placed near the neat tables, tables or benches. The elements must stylistically, color or texturally fit together.

Do not forget that wrought-iron furniture is not only a bed and benches, but also bookcases, shelves, cornices, picture frames and mirrors, candlesticks. And even the flower stands can be in one ensemble with the main items in the bedroom - the bed.

Bedroom furniture wrought - standard

Standard forged furniture set of bedroom includes bed, one or two bedside tables, ottoman or chair, dressing table. If the bedroom is quite spacious, it can put a small sofa with a wrought-iron headboard or armrests. Neutral drawers can also put in the bedroom, and above it hang a mirror or wrought-iron frame, or put a forged photo frames.

Additionally, you can decorate the bedroom wrought iron bedside tables or a mirror in the original forged frameAdditionally, you can decorate the bedroom wrought iron bedside tables or a mirror in the original forged frame

But the interior, as you know, do stuff. And it may be just the same forged accessories that can make friends with more or less the usual bedroom suite. But to overload the room from the metal elements is not necessary, a 4-5 (if they are not quite so small), put do not need, especially if the bedroom is not very large.

As accessories you can choose wrought sconces, lamps (wall and floor), candle holders and stands for flowers. The metal seemed softer and lighter, it should be combined with light tones and warm textiles.

Forged cornices in the interior of a bedroom

Forged cornices and aesthetic and functional. They have the advantage because they are so popular in the modern bedroom. And the life of such moldings will be long.

Forged cornices, not only decorate the interior of the room, but also make it more elegantForged cornices, not only decorate the interior of the room, but also make it more elegant

Forged cornices bedroom:

  • Very strong - in normal conditions cause structural deformation will not work;
  • This makes it possible to make arbitrarily complex curtain compositions, applies even heavier material;
  • The very sight of the cornice is uniquely decorated with a bedroom, making it sleeker, more refined and, as a consequence, more luxurious;
  • Such products are not allergenic, harmless, do not be afraid - they will not bring surprises.

Caring for wrought cornices is very simple - you just need to wipe them with a cloth, or use mastic, it reduces the amount of accumulated dust. This will help prevent the formation of fat film on the surface. After wet cleaning surface is usually wiped with dry cloth.

When choosing a cornice wrought try to run into the shops that are specialized in wrought iron products. There and the choice of goods is not accidental, and you will see and plenty to choose from. While forged rails are not used widely, it is possible to pass the original and "infect" friends and acquaintances for the purchase of the same beauty.

Wrought iron bed in the interior of a bedroom (video)

Wrought iron furniture is good in itself, convincing accent. It is possible to love at least for the fact that she does not get bored for a long time. And it is original, beautiful, bright and stylish.

Good choice!

Examples of forged furniture for bedrooms (photos)

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