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Make a ladder safe and convenient, you can use the special enclosureMake a ladder safe and convenient, you can use the special ograzhdeniyaLestnitsa of metal or wood can become a true work of art thanks to elegant and unusual design of fences. Modern enclosures stairways and platforms includes elements such as handrails, horizontal or inclined part of the barrier. When ascending or descending on the cruise or spiral staircases man rests and fastening balusters, fencing vertical elements, which are installed handrails, should be strong. Depending on the structure of fencing additional elements may be made therein or, conversely, the whole construction may include only handrails.

Functionality fences for stairs

According to statistics, injuries and trauma "acquired" on the ladder, are the result of improper behavior. By incorrect behavior during the ascent or descent, the age index, and problems with footwear m. P.

Many people prefer to install the railing as they help protect from fallsMany people prefer to install the railing as they help protect from falls

In addition, 20% of injuries occur caused by incorrect status ladder, these include:

  • Slippery stage;
  • Wrong dimensions: width, height, location of the stairs;
  • Invalid calculation distance between balusters;
  • The lack of handrails;
  • The presence of protrusions on the fence and sharp corners;
  • Not reliable weld et al.

To create maximum security, fence project is necessary to create the right stairwells. Great help here would be normative documentation that regulates the fence ladder. Build original stair railings with their hands should be in accordance with GOST 25772.

Proper fencing stairs: GOST 25772 83

The main document, which regulates the construction and the exploitation of stairs from a metal, can be called State standard 25772 83 act "Protections stairs, terraces and roofs of steel." According to this document, any staircase design, which has more than 3 steps, must have a railing.

Of course, in a private building with these requirements does not necessarily comply. But all the same to them worth considering. After the fence - a pledge of security when going up and down for each individual. Said state standard refers to other factors, the main of which are shown below.

As a rule, any ladder must include a reliable and practical railing for supportAs a rule, any ladder must include a reliable and practical railing for support

To save time, are the basic requirements and standards:

  • 900 mm - at least to the width of the ladder.
  • Maximum steps 1 march - 18 pcs. Can make the spans and higher.
  • The height of steps - 160-200 mm.
  • 300 mm - proper (optimum) step width.
  • True width handrail ladder - 55-85 mm.
  • 900-1200 mm - correct height stair railing in the house.
  • It is possible to arrange an additional handhold, if the house is inhabited by children.
  • 100 mm - recommended distance between the balusters.
  • 300 mm - limit for hanging end grip.
  • 150 mm - maximum between balusters.
  • 100 kg - calculated load.

It is very important to calculate a literate - a security deposit. This is a common requirement. The following article should be a little closer look at components and materials ladder.

Glass railings for staircases and other kinds: instructions for use

ladder device - an important process, this applies to ready-made structures in the pre-school institutions, and industrial ladders and any other. Each design is equipped with at least one handrail. View handrail to determine the place where the installation is made.

The choice of form depends on the handrail from the comfort of use, complexity and price, as well as the installation level, aesthetics, stylistic direction ladder that can be made in a modern style, classic, different options.

Enclosures for ladder metal can be decorated by any pictures. Recommendations for the use of each in the relevant documents and GOST snip. The most popular among the materials for the manufacture of handrails metal and wood.

Stylish and unusual will look fences made of glassStylish and unusual will look fences made of glass

Fabricated metal cladding elements, which includes design, may be divided into the following types:

  1. wrought. Wrought iron railings and balusters give the opportunity to stair railings in any stylistic direction. However, the most well look in the large spaces created in the style of a classic. Stairs, fences forging, high reliability, resistance to liquids. A great option to install on the street. A significant drawback of such barriers actually name their price. Mounting forged railing thought out at the stage of creating a project and when the estimate is made, as they have a solid weight and cost. To tactile sensations on contact with the forging were pleasant, manufacturing the handrail is made from wood. In extreme cases, they can be combined. In a residential area and school buildings, other buildings, all parts, accessories, design, style are important. Also, before commissioning it is important to test. Checking ensure safety.
  2. Steel, as a building material for fences, is good because it does not lose its original appearance, it is not subject to rust, durable. Exclusive construct comprising a stainless steel handrail, appropriate public or residential buildings in the art deco style or a modern. In this case, they are not difficult to install, and their configuration can be easily changed.
  3. Chromium also ideal for handrails. This steel, covered only with a special compound. Chrome structure looks good, you can use for finishing the roof, balconies, and others.
  4. Anodized aluminum. Beautiful metal handrails often closed timber.
  5. application glass as building material for the fence, it provides the opportunity to design, which closes the ladder frame, not hide the opening. Visual lightness - this is what makes it possible to take a glass of one of the first positions in the finishing ladder. Glass durable, resistant to moisture and rust, undemanding in care. Replace glass railings can be plexiglass, great idea for a home where there are children. Such designs are safe.
  6. Construction on the second floor of wood. Railing for a staircase of wood makes it possible to neutralize the cold metal and make it more comfortable. Wooden railing universal and organically look in a room with any style, be it a studio apartment or private house. Wooden structure is always more comfortable and harmonious.
  7. PVC not infrequently used for the manufacture of handrails. Installing inexpensive. Railing Lightweight and easy to wash.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule - wooden and metal ladders without fences. It's not safe for internal models and external stairs.

Accessories for ladders fences

Vertical, prefabricated staircases include metal fence.

Install fencing can be independently, most importantly - in advance to prepare the necessary materials and toolsInstall fencing can be independently, most importantly - in advance to prepare the necessary materials and tools

It consists of:

  • The pipe and coupling elements;
  • Handrails made of wood;
  • Fasteners are resistant to the stage;
  • persistent barriers;
  • Fastening filling;
  • Tripod;
  • Stub pipe;
  • connectors;
  • Fixing of glass;
  • Anchor fasteners and adhesives.

Components may be different, all depends on the type of construction elements may include rope and others.

A stair railings

In one of the conditions for the SNP ladders indicate that the height of the fence in home construction must be - 900 mm. If among households have kids, then this figure will be - 1200 mm. Mounting clearances should not give the baby up on the railing. For this purpose the distance between the balusters must be less than 10 cm, and in between them should not be horizontal parts. Documentation imposes a number of restrictions and ladders in the building workers. Here, the height of handrails is not less than 1000 mm.

In addition, a metal fence can be decorated with beautiful ornamentsIn addition, a metal fence can be decorated with beautiful ornaments

By design type design are classified into:

  1. Solid. Typical, protective, solid structure is perfect for homes with children.
  2. Ornamental.
  3. With balusters.

The most interesting - fancy. ladder can also be leaning against ladders, stepladders, on stringers, roofing roof when it is necessary to get to the pipe. The latter can act as a snow stop, and in each case the height is determined by regulations or individual calculations. In addition, the sale can be seen a large number of user-friendly modular construction. The choice depends on taste, purpose and budget. The preliminary drawing is better to do in dwg format.

How to make a staircase railing

The sequence of actions is very important.

Before you install the rails, first must make the correct and precise calculationsBefore you install the rails, first must make the correct and precise calculations

And it is as follows:

  1. To calculate the number of balusters, handrails length, number of fasteners. If the spiral staircase to the upper room, it is necessary to take account of rounding the corner to the handrail.
  2. Install the balusters on the stairs or string.
  3. By balusters attached rake, which is closed handrail. The handrail can be mounted not on the rail.
  4. Cleaning is performed.
  5. Held design, decoration and lighting.

What are the protections of ladders (video)

Thus, installation of fences for ladders of wood and metal is an important element, which makes it possible to improve the reliability, safety and aesthetic design.

Details: Fences and stairs (photo examples)

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