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Landscapes on the embroidered pictures look very niceLandscapes on embroidered paintings look very krasivoVyshivanie cross differs primarily by the complexity of the work. There are very simple reasons that take to practice begins, and which can embroider and students. There are jobs that are very large and for the manufacture of such a one can take several months.

Cross Stitch: nature, forest landscapes

You can find very small images where color is used a little - for beginners, these are the options suitable for children. Complex forest landscapes with multicolored green, blue, yellow, take it, when it has some experience sewing. It's like in school - from simple to complex.

By purchasing ready-made kits, work easier, but you can not always buy what exactly you want to embroider. Because printed color pictures and diagrams with an indication of what kind of thread used, which needle is needed, etc.

Often embroidered landscapes have experienced handyOften embroidered landscapes have experienced handy

Russian summer landscape - is the abundance of green, loved ones for our perception. This scenery is a perfect decoration in the house.

Cross stitch scheme, the nature of how best

Undoubtedly, the most interesting are the paintings, embroidered on fine canvas. And counting a number of difficult, and in general, with a canvas work is not easy, but the visual effect is worth it.

Priority embroidery directly depends on the pattern - if all the parts of the picture have the same exposure, you can embroider a continuous web, you should start from the top left corner.

Please note that the pictures embroidered on fine canvas, look more spectacularPlease note that the pictures embroidered on fine canvas, look more spectacular

If the foreground there is a large object, then one should start with him, and everything else is sewn from left to right as the background.

Nature, landscapes, cross-stitch, schemes: winter landscape

Flower winter landscape, you will need more than the summer. One blue and the blue is, of course, is not enough.

You will also need:

  • Green;
  • Brown;
  • Shades of yellow;
  • Orange and red (if embroidering sunset or sunrise).

Embroidered winter landscape also, by the same methods as other landscapes. Typically, a full cross stitch is used for this.

If you are going to embroider the landscape, then be prepared for a lot of different colorsIf you are going to embroider the landscape, then be prepared for a lot of different colors

By the way, in this case, a simple scheme will look pretty impressive, if embroider them on a small canvas. If the embroidery frame in the draw, it will look more solid, for embroidery, the substrate may be a contrasting color.

Winter picture-embroidery perfectly fit into the interior in blue tones or dominant blue-green hues. If so, you want to draw the wall, you can sew a few different-paintings, which are then formalized in a single composition.

How to embroider seascape

Seascape palette also can not be called poor - is echoed many colors and shades: blue, turquoise, purple, pink. embroidery scheme and will be here from simple to very complex.

Embroidered paintings on canvas is usually number 10 or 11, if you want to portray the deep sea, you can take the blue canvas. Usually floss thread is folded in half, but embroidered in one thread, although in this case we will see the base.

The most convenient way to embroider a picture from left to right and move alternatelyThe most convenient way to embroider a picture from left to right and move alternately

Embroider usually with the left edge from top to bottom. First embroidered crosses all the same color, and then a transition to the next. So you break conditionally picture into several areas and work them alternately. Of course, this "how someone is more convenient," but to jump from zone to zone is usually harder than ever are moving in stages.

Cross stitch winter landscape (video)

If you do not get ready set, and look for the material itself, the thread, canvas, hoop and needles can be purchased from online stores such as Igolochka, where the product is presented in a good range. Always properly store materials are distributed to the compartments that before the next job was easier to find what you already have.

Good work!

Examples of arrangements for the cross stitch scenery (photo)


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