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Choosing a baguette ceiling, pay attention to the material baguetteChoosing a baguette ceiling, pay attention to the material bagetaVo time to repair the joints between the ceiling and the walls are often uneven. For surface leveling can take advantage of special baguettes. When you select a specific model should pay attention to a number of nuances. It is necessary to consider the material from which made the ceiling and the dimensions of the room. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the material of which is made baguette. Each material has a number of disadvantages and advantages.

How to glue the moldings on the ceiling with his hands

Surface treatment of walls and ceilings to the obligatory label baguetteSurface treatment of walls and ceilings to the obligatory label baguette

Before starting the installation, you need to make a preliminary surface preparation and cook the glue. The surface should be different roughness or microroughness. Eliminate them can be using sandpaper to grind. Then the ceiling and walls need to be primed.

After the surface treatment need to properly calculate the amount of consumable material. To do this, you need to calculate the perimeter of the room, and the resulting number is divided by two. To this, add the value of 2-3 bar.

Glue can prints with a special finish putty. To do this, follow the following algorithm:

  1. First you need to mix the plaster with water.
  2. The resulting mixture is necessary to add a drop of white glue.
  3. The solution was put on the edge moldings with a spatula.
  4. It is further recommended to press tightly against the ceiling molding.
  5. With a spatula to remove excess putty.

What kinds of moldings for walls and ceilings

Nowadays, moldings, wall and ceiling in a wide range. In order to find a suitable model must take into account the size of the room and the material from which made the floor.

When choosing a baguette pay attention to its texture. Pick a plinth, which harmoniously fit into the design of your interior. It is desirable that the color of the ceiling and skirting boards was the same.

A wide selection allows to find the right for your baguette intrereraA wide selection allows to find the right for your baguette intrerera

Conventionally distinguish these types of baguettes:

  • To decorate the walls. Paste these products simply because they have only one adhesive side. With the help of baguettes for the walls can make a variety of decorative niches or frames for mirrors. Such products can be painted.
  • Ceiling. Such moldings are used to decorate the room. In addition, such products can be used for fastening two-level ceilings.
  • For fabric curtains. These baguettes have two functions - fixing and decorative. Pasting this baguette is also very simple.
  • Upholstery. Baguettes set the wallpaper before glueing wallpaper.

Moldings are made of:

  1. And polyurethane foam. Polyurethane moldings can pokleit using silicone sealant. If the wall surface is uneven, you can use the foam molding. Stick it must be before finishing the walls and ceiling will be made. When using the foam moldings required to fill large gaps using putty composition.
  2. Tree. Wooden baguette can be attached with nails or screws. Hats fixing materials have to gloss over putty.
  3. Plastic. Plastic moldings are attached to the ceiling by a metal or wooden slats. Such fixed plinth with screws.
  4. Aluminum. Moldings made from this material must be fixed directly to the ceiling.
  5. Drywall. Moldings of this material is attached on the alabaster.

Install plastic moldings for ceilings: step by step guide

Plastic moldings are often used to frame the soaring ceilings and carved. Skirting boards made of plastic can have a harpoon, wedge or cam bracket.

Before starting the installation, you will need to calculate the perimeter of the room. In view of the resulting figure out how much you need baguettes. Note that the standard length of PVC skirting boards - 2.5 meters.

Pay attention to the mounting baguettes. From them will depend on the appearance of baguettePay attention to the mounting baguettes. From them will depend on the appearance of baguette

Installation of plastic moldings made in the following order:

  • First you need to cut the plinth with a special pendulum saws. Note that in the field of cut should not be any burrs, since they can damage the cloth.
  • Cut the profile angle at 45 degrees.
  • Mark the mounting moldings on the wall.
  • Using dowels, attach the plinth.

How to choose the glue to the ceiling moldings

What is the glue for the best baguettes? Experts say that the best way to glue a baguette with an adhesive solution. They quickly grasped and are durable. However, it is impractical to use adhesive solution for bonding moldings of foamed plastic.

If you want to find a panacea for sticking note on liquid nails. They are acrylic and polypropylene.

You can also use putty based on acrylic. This material is instantly grasped. In addition, acrylic fillers can be used to remove various irregularities.

We do flexible baguette ceiling with his hands

If your apartment is an unusual decoration, you it is advisable to use a flexible baguette. Give skirting round shape is simple enough.

This can be done with the help of 3 methods:

  1. Frames can bend by making several grooves from the fillet.
  2. The second method involves the incision skirting into small pieces. After this procedure, a piece of baguette to fold together.
  3. Thermal treatment. This can be done by heating the plinth building hairdryer. After deformation, the product desirably dipped in cold water.

If you do not have special tools, you can use polyurethane baguettes. Such moldings can be easily deformed.

Using hot steam will allow to shape the baguetteUsing hot steam will allow to shape the baguette

Wooden baguette can be bent by means of pre-steaming. Under the influence of a pair of moldings becomes pliable. After deformation wood moldings, it is desirable to secure with the sinker.

Features baguettes and installation on the ceiling (video)

Sticker baguette - a simple process. Cope with it even a novice without any problems. Before installing the ceiling moldings carefully study its features. To frame false ceiling is recommended to use the skirting boards made of PVC panels. Before starting the installation process the surface of the walls and ceiling. It is desirable to eliminate all the microroughness, and applied to the surface primer.

Baguettes for ceiling (photo)


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