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Suspended ceiling has a high performance, but it is necessary to consider the installation advantages and disadvantages of the materials used in theFalse ceiling has a high performance, but during installation it is necessary to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of materials used in the annual raboteVremya whitewash the ceiling in the bathroom fell into oblivion. People who value their comfort and personal time, is no longer involved in this boring procedure. In place of the archaic methods of the advent of modern technology. Of course, the ceiling in the bathroom rack not gather for half an hour, and it will be more expensive lime, but. Nevertheless, as they say, it's worth it. Spending some money to purchase it, and some time on his device, you will permanently forget about repairing the ceiling. With regard to care for it, here too there are no problems - enough to have a rag, detergent for cleaning from time to time, a new ceiling.

Pinion ceilings bathroom with their hands

Suspended ceilings are very common in recent years, because not afraid of water and is very aesthetically pleasing, especially with integrated spotlights. However, this is not the only reason to arrange a similar ceiling in my bathroom.

Suspended ceilings to the bathroom is not afraid of moisture, and therefore are the best one to use in the roomSuspended ceilings to the bathroom is not afraid of moisture, and therefore are the best one to use in the room

Simple installation and a layman can do that at the time the popularity of budget repairs, very topically, and the opportunity to work with your hands, making this a significant contribution.

Tools and materials

In order to arrange such ceilings at home, in the private bathroom, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • Laser level. This tool will greatly facilitate your work. You can, of course, do everything, and old-fashioned method, but it will be more difficult in terms of layout.
  • Roulette.
  • Marker.
  • Shears for metal.
  • Electric drill with drills.
  • Puncher, if a concrete ceiling. You can certainly use and impact drills, but because of the volume of work to increase slightly, because the time for porting take longer.
  • Drill-crown desired diameter, depending on the diameter of the light fixtures. For example, if the lamps diameter 70mm, the drill must be 75mm.
  • Self-tapping screws.

Prior to installation, the ceiling is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools for the jobPrior to installation, the ceiling is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools for the job

And, of course, a set of aluminum slats, corner and stringers.

Mounting rack suspended ceiling in the bathroom

Based, in that case, if the ceiling is uneven, it should be on every wall.

The minimum height of the ceiling of the future is calculated from what luminaire design to be installed, and for guiding fasteners and hangers length.

After laser marking is scheduled future, it is necessary to mark the wall for the upcoming installation. It is best to make a marker - it is better visible than, say, a pencil.

Instructions step by step

  • Based on the dimensions of the walls, you need to cut the area of ​​aluminum, which is mounted on drawn by line, that is, around the perimeter of the bathroom. This is done on metal scissors.
  • The widest part of the corner and will plane with netting. You must first make the marks on the corner, where every 40cm will be further drilled.
  • After the holes are drilled in the corner, you need to attach brackets to the wall and make a marking on the walls of these holes.
  • Further drill tiles 6 mm drill with carbide tipped.
  • The resulting holes carefully hammering the hammer plastic plugs.
  • Fasten corner by screws. Care should be taken so that the area is not moved down relative to the markup! Corner will be a support for the ceiling, its purpose to hide the ends of the rails. So he just edging rather than hardware.
  • All cargo will be on the ceiling rails (stringers), which are joined together just - juxtaposed in the joints, and then screwing screws. Splice stringers need when we need a third-stringer to reinforce the rigidity of the ceiling. He will go through the center of the ceiling. Thus, the two stringers are placed on the edges of the ceiling, and the third - in the middle.
  • The stringers are attached to the base ceiling with long screws that are screwed into the ceiling only partially. The distance between them - 70 cm and 20 cm from the edge of the ceiling.. Guides while lying on the corner, screws do not press them to the ceiling. After twisting screws partially, will thus align the ceiling.
  • The first rack of aluminum is set on the side opposite the entrance. Rack snaps into the tabs on the guides. Rake trimmed 5 mm clearance on each side.
  • After setting the second river leave a gap between the first rail. During this period I will be inserted strips of shiny aluminum that securely hold the ceiling and creating a magnificent appearance.

Driving rack ceiling mountingDriving rack ceiling mounting

Such ceilings are very well looked with spotlights. To install them you need to stock up on drill-crown. Holes drilled into the rail to be installed on the ceiling. The luminaire body is also placed before the installation of the rack on the ceiling.

After installation of the rack is passed through the lamp housing with a wire connecting block. Then the lamp is placed.

Further assembly of the ceiling as follows: rail inserted into the guides and snap stringers. When the last rack is installed, the stringers are pulled by aligning so the ceiling.

Brilliant inserts are cut from each side of the 1st cm. The slats are inserted and latched, bonding ceiling.

How to choose a rack suspended ceiling in the bathroom

Repairs in the bathroom - it's not only the tiles on the walls and replace, as necessary plumbing.

A very important element in the bathroom ceiling is interior, and how it will be properly selected and well-made, affects the appearance of the much-needed facilities for life as a bathroom.

Mounting rack ceiling in the bathroom is simple in execution, thanks to the versatile material characteristics - fire resistance and water resistanceMounting rack ceiling in the bathroom is simple in execution, thanks to the versatile material characteristics - fire resistance and water resistance

The choice of aluminum suspended ceilings is not accidental, because this option gives the same result, which dreams of every self-respecting homeowner: in order to cover the beauty of the ceiling was not to the detriment of its practicality.

Advantages rack aluminum ceiling:

  • Aesthetics;
  • Strength;
  • Humidity resistance;
  • Durability;
  • The ability to install recessed luminaires;
  • Hygiene. The absence of mold and mildew;
  • Good choice of colors:
  • Easy installation allows you to mount the ceiling without the involvement of mercenary forces - ie. with his own hands.

Recessed luminaires for suspended ceilings are perfect for bathroom designRecessed luminaires for suspended ceilings are perfect for bathroom design

Rack suspended ceiling is the most successful solution for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom.

Absolutely essential for fans of the style hi-tech. However, and not only for them.

Thus, your bathroom will be more comfortable room that will be pleasing to the eye, not just pomyvochnaya point in the apartment.

How to buy supplies in the right quantity

Rack ceiling is not a huge number of components and complex parts.

A great variety of colors of ceilings, available in specialty stores, will help you to realize any of your ideas.

Packaged everything you need is very easy because of the simplicity of the ceiling unit.

Elements rack ceiling designElements rack ceiling design

Its components:

  1. Aluminum slats;
  2. suspensions;
  3. Support rails;
  4. Line trim.

After measurement the bathroom, you can follow the store where you will pick up and calculate the required amount of material.

Installation of suspended ceiling rack in the bathroom (video)

In conclusion, I would like to draw a line under all the above. As the saying goes, all brilliant - just. Easy installation rack suspended ceiling - it does not require any special knowledge and vast experience of work on the device of ceilings. Unnecessary and exorbitant sums for the purchase of an appropriate set of materials. As for tools, something not everyone have a laser level, and it does not have to buy, but rather borrow from a friend or rented. At the worst, you can also use the most ordinary level. Everything else you have at home is guaranteed. A longer, you need to carefully study the step by step instructions for installation and ceiling. roll up their sleeves, get down to business. Good luck!

Rack suspended ceiling in the bathroom (photo)

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