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Excellent assistant is a practical extension ladder during repair worksA great help during the repair work is practical sliding lestnitsaStremyanka, or ladder, is in great demand for people with a very long time. Thanks to an elaborate staircase design, it is possible to get to the right places, which are located above human growth. Previously, these were structures made of wood, but the evolution of the industry has had a huge impact on the appearance, resistance and durability of ladders. Modern ladders are several varieties, different sizes and materials.

Convenient retractable ladder

First of all, it is worth noting that all the stairs of our time are very stable. They are divided into ladders, ladders and sliding. Ladders, telescopic ladder to be used requires the support, it may be a wall, a tree or a pole. The support should be strong and stable to withstand the weight of the structure and the person climbing up on it. Also, the ladder should be moved apart to a height of several meters. Most often, such a metal ladder.

Ladder is divided into types:

  • Telescopic;
  • Extendable;
  • Traditional.

Today is often used in everyday work easy ladderToday is often used in everyday work easy ladder

Stepladder is a stable structure, which does not need the support. It can also be aluminum or steel.

Divided into types:

  • Classical;
  • universal;
  • Transformers.

To construction works were comfortable, you should choose the best option of the stairs. Staircase design implies a movement or a transfer, then you should pay attention to weight and dimensions.

Mobile ladder is compact and mobile. Extension ladder should be unfolded as the most optimal height. It is also worth noting the ease of adjusting the required height. Extension ladders can even be used to lift on the second floor of a country house or in the attic of the barn.

After reviewing all the characteristics of the stairs, you can choose a ladder, suitable for all specified parameters. To do this will not be superfluous to clearly define the direct appointment of the stairs.

Metal telescopic ladder

Metal is durable and versatile material that is perfectly suited for the manufacture of a sliding ladder.

The main advantages of metal:

  • Availability;
  • Easy to work;
  • It provides a tremendous opportunity in the design;
  • Durability;
  • Reliability.

Many people prefer to choose a metal ladder, as it durable and reliableMany people prefer to choose a metal ladder, as it durable and reliable

Frame modern ladders may be made of a different metal. For the base profiled tube is used, the profile of a durable metal, steel sheet, steel reinforcing. Profiled tube has good strength, such as the frame, you can quickly assemble or disassemble. Extension ladder from the shaped tube easily gives color to any color. Also for ladders made of metal stringers and bowstring. It details that are fixed stage.

Staircase installation daily withstand huge loads, so the main components must be made of durable material.

There are several major advantages of the metal parts:

  • No creaking steps;
  • No vibration levels;
  • Over time, no distortions and deflections;
  • It can be used as scaffolds.

Modern metal materials coated with special features which increase the resistance to metal corrosion. This allows the use of a ladder in environments with extreme temperature and humidity.

Eternal aluminum extension ladder

Most commonly, aluminum is selected for the stairs.

It remains popular and aluminum ladder, which has a small weightIt remains popular and aluminum ladder, which has a small weight

Ladders of this material have a lot of advantages:

  • Low weight;
  • Are easy to transport;
  • Durability;
  • The low cost of the product.

Extension ladders are used in various fields. Aluminum pretty light material, which allows you to make the product easy to carry. The design of aluminum ladders easily folded, making it easy to store and carry. Despite its small size when folded, these stairs are quite long yardage, which allows to reach the highest areas, at least to get the boxes from the mezzanine.

Some aluminum ladders have additional features. They can be decomposed into a stepladder and can be reconstructed in the Extension structure. Stairs-transformers become an indispensable fixture in the repair work.

Retractable ladder to the second floor

Modern manufacturers of ladders offer their clients a wide range of stair designs of different configuration and design. Ladder is suitable for both residential and non-residential premises.

In a small room becomes a frequent problem placing internal stairs, which provide lift to the second floor or attic. Experts offer the simplest solution to this problem - retractable ladder is by far the most convenient and affordable way to solve spatial problems.

Retractable design, which has a special mechanism that allows to hide the stage in a hatch in the ceiling. Luc has a device that provides for mechanical or remote opening.

Retractable ladder to the second floor allows you to save space in the roomRetractable ladder to the second floor allows you to save space in the room

Also, retractable stairs can be telescopic. Works such ladder on a simple principle. A telescopic ladder can change the length and slope of the stairs. Experts say that the stairs of this type are more reliable than portable design.

When choosing a retractable ladder, should be considered more strength. Maximum load, which must withstand the staircase design, is 150-200 kg.

When you purchase or install, you should check how moving design and move all the details. The work of all the component parts should be soft. All sections of ladders fastened by means of special valves. This mechanism eliminates the displacement sections and unauthorized addition.

Retractable ladder are:

  • Folding may have from 2 to 3 sections which can be folded directly on the hatch;
  • The telescopic design moves so that acquires cap size;
  • Aerial view of the structure are similar to the cross-hairs of scissors.

The material for such structures selected durable metal. Manhole cover may be made of wood. protection system in a retractable ladder to be reliable. For this reason, during installation, you should test the mechanisms.

Installing retractable ladder

Manufacturers produce models of retractable ladders together with cover for ceiling opening. Experts offer to purchase to replace the opening and choose the right model, suitable in all respects. For the installation of retractable ladder with their hands, you need a minimum set of tools and a little knowledge.

Quick and easy to install retractable ladder to the second floor you can with your hands, if you first familiarize yourself with the instructions for its installationQuick and easy to install retractable ladder to the second floor you can with your hands, if you first familiarize yourself with the instructions for its installation

To work need:

  • Polyurethane foam;
  • The angular range;
  • Keys of different sizes;
  • Set screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • Screwdriver.

In general, the acquisition of stairs attached detailed instructions on which to install the stairs not be easy. If there is a retractable ladder correct model, you can make a ladder himself. For the simplest version will take a few sections of a conventional ladder and fasteners. According to the necessary measurements built drawing of the unfolded and folded. Ladder sections are interconnected via the loop of card. Make the design must be fixed in the opening by means of anchor bolts, and the folded structure.

Design extension ladders (video)

Ladder, one of the most useful inventions of mankind. Modern manufacturers produce different models that are suitable for the most unusual situations. our century ladders mobile, reliable and practical. The best-known company called Alumet, offers the consumer of steel structures with the platform for greater stability. Thanks to their compactness, the car of any brand can carry ladders without obstacles. Material for the manufacture of ladders is tested for durability best specialists. For a correct choice, you need to carefully study the issue.

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