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Input ladder house can be made of various materials: metal, wood, stone or concreteEntrance stairs in the house can be made of different materials: metal, wood, stone, or concrete stairs - common element of modern private houses, cottages and summer cottages. At the entrance stairs, guests pay attention first of all, marking the elegance of the railing, trim levels, the combination of a facade of the house, etc., based on which conclusions are drawn about the taste and income of the owner.

Entrance stairs in private homes: popular types and layout

Input stairs are divided into manufacturing material.

Basic materials from which ladders are built:

  1. Tree;
  2. Concrete;
  3. Metal.

Wooden stairs have long been considered the classic designs. Now they are gradually being pushed back other, more practical materials. Another reason for the decrease in popularity of ladders made of wood - the house has become a big building made of brick and concrete. A nice brick house to attach wooden staircase - a difficult task.

The most popular is metal entrance staircase railing equipped with forged elementsThe most popular is metal entrance staircase railing equipped with forged elements

However, if you have a house made of logs or a traditional sauna, the wooden porch - the best option.

Also opens the tree decor features that are not concrete or metal. For example, you can issue the railing under the frame beam or stage of an old wood.

If you want to make a ladder will last longer, we can treat it with special impregnation for wood. After these procedures, the tree is firmly withstand moisture, and sudden cooling. Pests also cease to encroach on your ladder.

A beautiful staircase made of concrete on the second floor

Another popular option for private homes stairs - concrete structure. Especially in demand among the owners of brick and concrete houses.

Advantages of concrete stairs:

  1. Strength;
  2. Wide design possibilities;
  3. They do not require special care;
  4. Quiet.

When you climb the concrete stairs, it will not creak, unlike the wooden structures that eventually exposed to such a problem.

In addition, unlike the wooden stairs of the concrete does not need special care - for example, every year to expose its impregnation with a solution to avoid the attack of pests or rotting process.

The main staircase of concrete is great for home, lined with red brickThe main staircase of concrete is great for home, lined with red brick

Wide design possibilities - another hallmark of concrete stairs. With due skill of concrete, you can create not only standard level, but also works of art, mesmerizing eyes of guests.

The main condition for a good concrete staircase is the material of its manufacturing. It should be as qualitative.

Also, concrete products - the most popular option for home-made grand staircase. If you want to save the budget and confident that you can do mix the material put formwork and qualitatively pass the remaining steps for creating stairs, the concrete structure - this is your option.

Metal entrance staircase in the house: the pros and cons

Designers have noticed that more and more people prefer to install in his private house metal stairs. And this is connected not only with their practicality and durability, the reason is that the design possibilities.

Metal stairs are different: from simple, welded together of reinforcing rods, to fine works of blacksmith.

metal ladder Advantages:

  1. Durability;
  2. Strength;
  3. Wide scope for design.

The front staircase in the house, made of metal, have a long service life and reliabilityThe front staircase in the house, made of metal, have a long service life and reliability

Cons metal ladder:

  1. If you are not familiar with the Kuznetsk skill, then manually create a decent ladder you are unlikely to succeed;
  2. Metal corrosion resistant, so you will need timely processing device with special solutions.

If you have the budget for the work of a blacksmith, you have the desire to host their home elegant metal ladder and ready at times to handle it, the metal ladder definitely worth taking.

If you want a simple ladder and have experience in welding, you will be able to cook a nice model, the appearance of which is limited only by your imagination and skills.

The front staircase in a private house with his own hands: a concrete model

The first step in creating a concrete staircase you need to make all the calculations about its size, the number of stages and determine the appearance of the structure. After that, calculate how much concrete you need.

For facing concrete staircase can be used tiles or decorative stoneFor facing concrete staircase can be used tiles or decorative stone

Stages of creation of concrete staircase:

  1. Determination of appearance of stairs;
  2. Artwork necessary calculations;
  3. Determination of estimates for costs;
  4. Purchase of materials, fixtures and tools;
  5. Creating a wooden formwork;
  6. Creating a framework of reinforcement;
  7. Kneading concrete mortar;
  8. Pouring concrete.

Note that the valve in the process of erecting the framework can be replaced by a special grid construction, and even ordinary wire, depending on the size of the structure.

Concrete staircases solution before entering the house

We should also mention the required concrete solutions. There is a special formula, which may be adhering to achieve maximum strength and durability of the future product.

To mix cement, sand and gravel must be according to the formula: 1: 3: 3, respectively.

Make stronger concrete ladder can be due to the design of the metal reinforcement orMake stronger concrete ladder can be due to the design of the metal reinforcement or

You can also use ready-made solutions and that are always attached to the operating instructions.

If you are not confident that you can knead quality concrete mix and then pour it - you can hire the services of construction companies. After all, not everyone is able to create the Hermitage level stairs or the Winter Palace, and resorting to the services of construction companies, offers of which have already been set in the Internet, you can be sure that they provide you with the proper level of development.

Building entrance stairs: on their own or with the help of builders

Whether or not to use the services of construction companies? Many, started by finishing the exterior, think about this question.

In fact, it all depends on your personal wishes and possibilities. If you are a good welder, and want to make a simple, but beautiful staircase - it is better to do it yourself. In case, if you want a complex wooden structure, but never had affairs with carpentry skills - then ask for help from a group of builders.

Keep in mind that modern technology allows to install heating and lighting system for stairs, so that the entire porch area would be safe and comfortable travel.

In the absence of experience and building tools for the construction of the stairs is better to turn to professionalsIn the absence of experience and building tools for the construction of the stairs is better to turn to professionals

Pros appeal to construction companies:

  1. You do not have to spend time on calculations, the construction of the formwork and the actual construction;
  2. Construction Brigade - professionals, which means that in any case will do the job better than you;
  3. Construction will go faster as the people in the team a few, and everyone already knows how to do things correctly.

Cons appeal to construction companies:

  1. Services of construction brigades can swipe on the budget;
  2. Team can get caught in bad faith, and then the work will be done badly.

In order to protect themselves from poor performance, we recommend to look for and read reviews on selected companies.

How to build a ladder to the house entrance (video)

As you can see, entrance stairs can be of various types, both in complexity and in the material. In addition, make a ladder you wash yourself, and using the services of construction companies or to call for help friends who have experience in construction.

Elegant entrance stairs in private homes (photo examples)

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