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Scheme of cross-stitch monkeys will be a beautiful addition to your apartment or gift to a loved oneScheme of cross-stitch monkeys will be a beautiful addition to your apartment or gifts for loved ones chelovekuV 2017 one of the most popular cross-stitch became needlewomen Monkey - starring scheme with the symbol of the year and can now be found for every taste: from the Christmas theme to tropical motifs. It is believed that if you create a talisman with his hands, he is sure to bring good luck. And if your house is not yet the magnet to be happy, it's time to take up the thread with a needle and start to work.

Materials and tools for the beginner

An experienced skilled at needlework say that they have golden hands. But really, you need to have extraordinary skills to using a needle and thread to create a true picture of the tissue. The complex composition formed cross sometimes not immediately recognize embroidery.

Talented embroiderers can create a drawing without an auxiliary circuit at once embodying his idea on the canvas. But newcomers to needlework does not need to immediately take up the difficult composition. At first, the more fun will take a small cloth, embroidered with a simple pattern.

What need a novice to create your first cross-stitch?

It is always important to choose a comfortable and high-quality tools for cross stitchingIt is always important to choose a comfortable and high-quality tools for cross stitching

To do this, you need to stock up on:

  1. cloth;
  2. thread;
  3. needles
  4. thimble;
  5. embroidery frame;
  6. scissors;
  7. scheme;
  8. pencil;
  9. ruler;
  10. Paper.

Hoop - the tool is not mandatory, but it is advisable for a beginner. With the help of embroidery comfortably in the hand, the fabric is evenly tensioned and less dirty, and wield a needle easier.

It may seem that a thimble - extra attribute for the embroidery, because it is performed on a thin fabric, without the use of special forces. However, working with a cross, will have to make hundreds of stitches are very close together, so some efforts still need to make. And the result of this work are pricked fingers. Therefore, do not neglect the thimble. A needle held between thumb and forefinger, and put a thimble on average.

Cross Stitch: monkey 2016 - symbol of the year

Traditionally the new year in the sale of many schemes appears to have already applied to the tissues of animals, is the mascot on the eastern calendar. In 2016 this became the symbol of a monkey.

However, there are many ways to get such a scheme for free:

  • You can choose your favorite circuit on the network, save it on your computer and, if necessary - even print on paper.
  • If you met a cute and simple drawing in a magazine or a book, it is easy to turn into a chart on it raschertiv net for embroidery.
  • When you have a talent and drawing skills, a monkey can sketch yourself on graph paper and colored pencils to color so that the cells remained visible.

For convenience, the cells vertically and horizontally on a homemade circuit should be numbered, and as the embroidery process mark on paper, which piece has been processed.

Embroidered cross monkey with their own hands will be a great addition to the designEmbroidered cross monkey with their own hands will be a great addition to the design

When you select a palette for the scheme, consider that in 2016 - the year of the monkey fiery red. Therefore, you need to decorate a monkey appropriate range of colors - if the year will definitely be the best for you!

If there is no graph paper, you can take an ordinary exercise book in a cage. But as cross stitch takes up less space than a cell on the worksheet, the resulting scheme will have to adapt to the embroidery.

To do this, there are two ways:

  1. First - make a drawing close, and stitches fabric carry on a scale of 2: 1.
  2. Second - take as a condition, that in one cell is placed four cross stitch.

With the cell sheet easily transfer any image of the book in the desired scale and convert it to a scheme by which one can embroider pattern. For this paper as numbered along the whole-cell horizontally and vertically along the edge of the sheet. Razlinovyvayut picture as vertical and horizontal lines. It remains only to transfer each picture element in the desired cell.

What to take the cloth to embroider cross monkey

If desired embroider can be any tissue. Still a novice is better to use a canvas. This basis for embroidery by a special weave forms on the canvas clearly distinguished cells, the corners of which are well visible holes for piercing needle tissue.

Canvas can have the most motley composition:

  • Cotton;
  • Linen;
  • Wool;
  • Cotton with flax;
  • Cotton with synthetic fibers.

The material should be chosen based on the fact, for what needs to be applied in future embroidery. If the monkey is to decorate a decorative pillow, you can take the wool. When do you plan to embroider cloth or towel, choosing flax. Cotton is suitable for creating panels.

There are a variety of tissues, which are suitable for cross stitchingThere are a variety of tissues, which are suitable for cross stitching

Canvas differ not only in composition, but also on the size of the cells. The higher the skill level, the smaller can choose fabric structure. On these canvases picture gives the impression of not embroidered, and paint the hand of the artist.

It is also important to pay attention to the size of the cells of the canvas when choosing needle and thread. The finer structure of the fabric - the thinner should be a tool and a thread. Typically, the cross stitch sewing using one or two additions. On fine canvas also use silk. When the canvas larger cells take on a thicker yarn: wool or acrylic.

Starting to embroider monkey note the quality of the fabric and threadStarting to embroider monkey note the quality of the fabric and thread

Some tissue in a production environment factory manner with additional markup vertical and horizontal lines that mark every ten cells. They are designed for the convenience of the account under the scheme embroidery. Do not worry that they will spoil the picture. From these lines, there will be no trace after washing.

Before you start working, you should check whether the thread will fade in the wash. For this purpose, several pieces of color bind and placed for 15 minutes in hot water. If the color remains unchanged and is not passed from one thread to another - all in order, and in the future will not spoil your laundry operation.

Monkey embroidered cross - it's easy

The beginner the easiest thing to embroider my first drawing on the middle canvas thread floss in two additions. The optimal length of the string -. About 50 cm It is necessary to pull out of the bunch and hold vertically to helix unwind and tangle-free during operation.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Begin by embroidery pattern center.
  2. On the wrong side of the fixed string, and then outputs it to the front of the needle in the bottom left corner of the cell.
  3. On the front side of the needle pierce the upper right corner and again withdrawn yarn on the underside.
  4. Another puncture on the wrong side of doing in the lower right corner of the next cross.
  5. On the front side of the previous maneuver is repeated in a mirror image and proceeds to the next cross.

Embroider cross the monkey is a snap, the main thing - to follow the scheme and to consider the basic rulesEmbroider cross the monkey is a snap, the main thing - to follow the scheme and to consider the basic rules

Thus filling the entire series. It is important that the direction of the upper stitches crosses were in the same direction.

Another way to cross stitch - making around a number of stitches inclined to one side, then - in the opposite direction. In this case, if the thread ends neatly tucked away, on the reverse side image will look exactly the same as the front.

Cross Stitch: a set of "Monkey" (video)

Embroidery - this is a very exciting process, which has to please both adults and children. Especially when the decorative item is created with the aim to become a lucky charm for the whole year. It is hard work, but the result is worth it.

Scheme embroidery monkeys (photo)

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