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Beautiful roses can be embroidered on the tablecloth, on a towel or create floral panels handmadeBeautiful roses can be embroidered on the tablecloth, on a towel or create floral panels handmade rabotyVyshivanie cross - an exciting experience, especially if you pick a beautiful rose pattern. Beautiful flowers can be embroidered on the fabric and get in the end a beautiful napkin or a large canvas that can be hung on the wall. Cross stitching can be a variety of roses, talking about pictures variations discussed below. In this article you can also find free embroidery scheme.

Cross stitch rose: schemes and training

Before you take up embroidery on fabric roses, it is necessary to practice in other less sophisticated embroidery patterns. To get a beautiful embroidery on the fabric you need to carefully consider the choice of threads, they must be of good quality and suitable color scheme with roses.

To embroider it easier to draw in pencil on the canvas with the grid cells of 10 to 10 and pull the canvas on the hoop. Embroidery can start at either end of the circuit, at the end of the work to be cut around the entire resulting pattern stitches that will be shown in the diagram. It is necessary for obtaining a saturated volume and pattern.

 Before you cross stitching need to take care of the canvas, which must be ironed ironBefore you cross stitching need to take care of the canvas, which must be ironed iron

After embroidering roses fabric must be washed and ironed. Thus, it may turn out as a big picture and the small picture.

Pillow with a pillowcase embroidered with beautiful and colorful rose will look original, and will fit into any interior.

Embroidery rose cross for beginners - circuit

As already mentioned, the newcomers better not to take up the scheme large roses - is a complicated and laborious. Do not start to embroider a flower, a lot of little roses, wreath, flowers in a basket, and other large and have fine detail drawings.

For starters, you can try to embroider monochrome or use the following simple scheme.

 Beginners in sewing is better to start with small pictures, which depicts a roseBeginners in sewing is better to start with small pictures, which depicts a rose

This simple scheme is suitable for beginners, to embroider on it quickly and easily in just a few hours.

Tools and materials

  • the hoop;
  • Thread colors required;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Canvas.

Start to embroider a rose can be at the top or bottom point, some point out that it is convenient to start with the embroidery pattern center. Thus it is possible to embroider pattern on a pillowcase or insert a picture in the frame.

Variation patterns and colors

Roses - beautiful and very beautiful flowers, and they may be completely different colors. There is even a blue and blue roses. You can embroider a rose in the dew or add to the canvas is an element such as a beautiful butterfly.

Basket neatly embroidered multicolored roses will look very impressiveBasket neatly embroidered multicolored roses will look very impressive

Of course, the most popular is the red rose - a symbol of passion and love. Do not forget about the little tea roses, they look at ease, and if before the yellow color was a symbol of separation and failure, it is now yellow flowers take on all the most popular and loved. Tea and yellow roses are considered a symbol of romance and tenderness, so also perfect for embroidery.

Belaya Roza is perfect for embroidering on canvas bright or dark colors, a large canvas with embroidery of roses looks very gently.

Do not get hung up only on natural colors, can be embroidered rose green, purple, black. In general, there are no restrictions, as long as the flower look nice, and everything else depends only on your imagination. 

Cross Stitch: The scheme is simple roses

Simple scheme beautiful roses are perfect for beginners as well as for those handy people who want to quickly sew a small picture, while not straining your eyes and without spending a lot of time. Typically, such circuits is shown, or one or more small flower, usually three roses.

 The simplest scheme for embroidery rose executed in monochromeThe simplest scheme for embroidery rose executed in monochrome

Such schemes under the effect embroider novice needlewoman so beginners can choose from the following 3 types:

  1. Bulgarian roses. Diagrams of these roses are quite simple, they are likely to do in a soft pink color.
  2. Old climbing roses - the predominance of green shades make this scheme is quite simple to implement.
  3. Schemes with small roses are perfect for those new to sewing, you can even sew on clothing.

In principle there is a wide variety of simple circuits for embroidery, so each needlewoman able to find and execute the design, which will like it more.

Cross stitch "Bouquet of roses" (video)

In conclusion, we can say that the embroidery of roses - it is beautiful and simple, if you choose the right scheme. The great advantage of the embroidery rose is no limitation in range of colors, so you can create a lot of different patterns on the fabric, decorate embroidered pillowcases, make original gifts to your friends. You can tell that the thing made by the hands, will be a wonderful gift, especially if it is a beautiful embroidered roses.

Cross-stitch schemes rose (photos)


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