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Black ceiling - a spectacular and stylish modern interior design solutionBlack ceiling - a spectacular and stylish modern design solution intereraChtoby make unique design of the room is not enough to apply wallpaper with interesting texture and pattern. It plays an important role ceiling. Many people used to use bright colors, it is often shades of white, blue and cream colors. But today, a lot of new and modern materials that allow to experiment not only with color but also with texture. With our new ceilings in the interior became more original and interesting look. Originally will look black ceiling.

Unusual ideas black ceiling

Black ceiling looks very stylish and impressive. It will also look gorgeous in a room with large panoramic windows and high ceilings. With proper distribution of light the room with the ceiling will sparkle with new colors and will look very original.

Black ceiling in combination with floor to ceiling windows give the room elegance and brevityBlack ceiling in combination with floor to ceiling windows give the room elegance and brevity

To black ceiling began to play it can be combined with:

  • With gold elements in the decor, as well as gold-floor room give cost and bling;
  • With bright and cheerful colors, such as yellow and orange;
  • Floral prints arranged on the walls;
  • White paste to form moldings, reliefs;
  • Wall gray, blending smoothly into the black, will help to remove the clear boundaries between the ceiling and the wall, making the room more voluminous.

There are many ideas to the ceiling black. On the black ceiling, you can project a starry sky or space.

Also with the help of black glossy stretch ceilings can visually enlarge the space.

Today, designers use the most unusual idea of ​​where the main role is played by just a black ceiling. This color scheme is suitable to the room to sleep and rest, living room, kitchen and bathroom, as well as any room with large quadrature.

Design Ideas black and white ceiling

If a black ceiling can seem too dark, it can beat the white inserts or separate elements. Black-and-white scale capable to give any room aristocratism elegance and nobility. Modern materials can create a unique design with the colors used.

Black and white multi-level ceilings - fashion trend that facilitates the creation of zones in the room and the perception of the interiorBlack and white multi-level ceilings - fashion trend that facilitates the creation of zones in the room and the perception of the interior

Black-and-white ceiling looks good if:

  1. In the living room can be set using multilevel ceilings gypsum structure in the light and dark color, they may be of different geometrical shape with smooth transitions or sharp contrast. Levels of different colors can be advantageous to divide the room area. Beat the ceiling will help the individual elements in the form of paintings, statues and furniture.
  2. In the bedroom, the contrast of the two colors is the best set up for rest and relaxation. In the bedroom, it is best to use a glossy ceilings, combined with broad white baguettes and elegant chandelier white frosted shade.
  3. The use of black and white ceilings in the kitchen cause a good appetite. Applied finishing materials can be of various types.

Black and white design of the ceiling suit natures calm and at the same time extraordinary. When making the ceiling in black and white style, should not forget that the ceiling should be in harmony with the whole atmosphere in the room. Also, it is worth remembering about the competent lighting.

Where appropriate black and gray ceiling

Gray is intermediate between black and white, for this reason, it will go well with these colors. Due to the gray color in the decoration of the room with a black ceiling can be removed aggressiveness.

Most of the ceiling will look smooth transitions in the scent style.

Also, using gypsum and construction with those two colors can delimit zone. Using stretch fabrics will elegant look black ceiling, which will be depicted or monogram gray pattern in the form of a pyramid. Such a design solution to visually enlarge the space and make the room unique and interesting.

Black ceilings are organically combined with the gray walls of different colorsBlack ceilings are organically combined with the gray walls of different colors

How to harmonize the black ceiling and gray walls

Gray color goes well with black ceiling, if there is on the walls. Such a design solution chosen by people who want to emphasize their wealth. Gray walls and black ceiling with proper lighting look moderate, respectable and refined. It should not be forgotten that Gray has many shades, and in combination with black ceiling, the walls should be painted in a lighter tone. Perfect technique of smooth transitions. You can also use wallpaper with bright floral prints on a gray background. Such a solution in a combination of colors requires additional accessories that will complement and complete the picture.

What materials are needed for the design of a black ceiling

In the modern design has no boundaries and no executable tasks. With the help of modern materials you can create an environment for every taste. When selecting materials for the black ceiling should think twice and will present what should be the effect.

Cassette black and gray ceiling with white inserts will be appropriate in the living room and in the bathroomCassette black and gray ceiling with white inserts will be appropriate in the living room and in the bathroom

There are several basic finishing materials that are used in the design of the master ceilings:

  • Curtain rails;
  • Ceiling tiles;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Plastic panels;
  • Wallpaper for the ceiling;
  • Polystyrene tiles;
  • MDF panels;
  • Suspended ceiling.

Every decoration material is suitable under certain conditions. For example, a suitable tile kitchen, a living room in a more refined materials for finishing the balcony or a corridor plastic panels. In most cases, the user selects the ceilings for the installation of speed, as well as affordable prices. Stretch glossy ceilings black color will add depth created design. There are also opaque stretched canvas, which in appearance resemble smooth painted wall.

The most expensive is considered black ceiling fabric fabric imitating velvet or suede.

Such ceilings give the room a special atmosphere of the east. Another of the most affordable ways to paint the ceiling is considered to be decoration. If a perfectly flat surface, the ceiling design can be made with your own hands. For materials such as tiles or panels is best to call the master, who will do everything quickly and efficiently.

Black ceiling in the interior of a bedroom (video)

Black ceiling with elaborate design looks expensive and original. Can visually enlarge or reduce the room, so there is not a role played by a finishing material. The most frequently used ceilings. Gloss black to give the room more space. The black color of the ceiling can be combined with gray walls. As well as adding to the bright interior design elements can emphasize the uniqueness of the room. Should not forget about proper lighting. Black ceiling requires proper placement of the light, so that the room looked much more spacious. The use of black in the design of ceilings is a bold design solution that hits the spot interesting and extraordinary personality.

Black ceiling in the interior (photo)


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