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On the Internet there are many schemes that can be used to make black-and-white embroideryOn the Internet there are many schemes that can be used to make black-and-white to vyshivkuKazalos, cross-stitch so good that at the expense of the game Flowers can achieve interesting effects. But not only in color, you can create masterpieces of embroidery and embroidered shirts, often all it can do, and, at first glance, a simple graph. Embroidery This particular area which is loved and novices and pros in this needlework.

Cross Stitch black and white: features

If you look at the pictures and carefully in their peer can see the tiniest details in black and white embroidery. They are not as simple as they seem, because the following explanation will be helpful, especially for beginners.

Black and white embroidery has only two techniques:

  • contour;
  • Monochrome.

Black and white embroidery, framed, perfectly complements any interiorBlack and white embroidery, framed, perfectly complements any interior

Each species has its own pluses and minuses, the degree of complexity of the work, too, is different. Contouring technique is fairly simple, if you compare it with others. Because it sets for beginners such embroidery suit. Its feature is that the embroidery is done only with the use of white or black thread.

Look spectacular cross stitch black and white silhouettes - a pleasure to couples or dancing girls, man and woman on a date, people of different ages, the girl in the rain, etc. It may be a picture toddler or small funny little animals.

Cross Stitch: black and white scheme, how to work with a black canvas

For white background outline is usually chosen, but for black, respectively, need black cloth. Only now work with a black base is not so simple, because the holes are not considered as easy for the needle.

To make it easier to work with a black outline, you need to:

  • Placed under the bottom of black plain white canvas material, the basis of well-pull on the hoop;
  • The holes will shine white background - to find and count the right number of crosses will be easier;
  • On the index fingers can stick a strip of white adhesive tape, and is held under the cloth with your fingers, you can easily find the holes;
  • It is also the foundation of black fabric, you can rub a simple soap, then it will be gray, and the work will be easier - well, when you have finished embroidering pattern, soap easily deleted by simply prostirnite embroidery in lukewarm water.

To get the perfect embroidery, it is recommended to work in good light and precise under the schemeTo get the perfect embroidery, it is recommended to work in good light and precise under the scheme

And, of course work by all the rules - in daylight or a very good light. There outline embroidery, where just a few lines - they are easy for newcomers. But a little bit of color, you can still add. For example, if you are embroidering the contour of the girl's eyes and earrings can be embroidered in blue. Or if you love embroidering, let's heart will be red, and the silhouettes of themselves or motifs in black and white.

Injectable stitch: black and white, and a diagram for explanation

Cross stitch embroidery contour does not require a lot of time. Simple design, everything is done in one color. One bright detail, as already mentioned, the embroidery will not hurt.

Subtleties of performing contour of embroidery:

  • Yarn take quality that does not fade;
  • Canvas need to mark up the thread and pencil, even after washing, can still leave traces;
  • thread tips hide under the exclusive embroidered crosses, otherwise they will be unattractive to show through on the face side;
  • Cloth embroidery take high-quality, on it should not be limited to marriage and nodules;
  • When you pick up the frame for embroidery, keep in mind that look better circuits in free space.

Do not use too cheap thread, because of their quality depends on the result of all the workDo not use too cheap thread, because of their quality depends on the result of all the work

Contour embroidery is often used to perform the work of gift, and all because it turns out she was beautiful, and it is done quickly.

bekstich seam (or "back needle") and Holbein stitch (or double seam) - for the same monochrome embroidery blekvork two kinds of lines are commonly used. Embroidery blekvort more difficult, requires special attention and perseverance. Using it to get interesting horoscopes, more precisely, the image Horoscopic signs. And the theme of love in black and white.

How to make a scheme of black and white (video)

Black and white cross-stitch much appreciated, especially lovers of simplicity, elegance, restraint and minimalism. Embroidered graphics will always fashionable.

Successful work!

Scheme of black and white cross stitch (photo)


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