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Make a ladder safe and practical, you can use the beautiful handrailsMake a ladder can be safe and practical using beautiful handrail Handrails are used as an additional element. railing design plays an important role. A handrail made for their finishes. This element is not only a part of the decor of the stairs, but also has an important function. When ascending or descending the stairs, the man held it for them, so as not to fall. It made all of the handrails, including handrail on sketches and drawings. Stainless metal has all the required properties and is the best material for manufacturing the handrail.

Sturdy metal handrails for stairs of stainless steel

Metal handrails are installed on the support member - balusters. They can be installed on one or both sides of a flight of stairs. Some models of the rail fixed to the wall.

For the manufacture of the handrail use different metals.

The most popular today are the handrails for stairs, made of aluminum or ironThe most popular today are the handrails for stairs, made of aluminum or iron

Grab bars can be:

  • aluminum;
  • iron;
  • cast iron;
  • Steel.

The metals act as stainless materials. They are durable, do not corrode under environmental stress and mechanical damage.

Accidentally scratch a wooden railing easily, even if he has a lacquer coating. A metal is almost impossible.

What are the elements consist chrome handrails for stairs

Chrome handrails have high strength. They are usually set as a set of components for outdoor stairs. But this element is still used for the stairs located in public places: stores, office buildings, cafes. They serve as additional insurance.

Chrome handrails can reflect the environment, as they have a semi-specular surface.

Chrome railing can be fabricated.

Perfectly complement the look of modern stairs trendy chrome handrailsPerfectly complement the look of modern stairs trendy chrome handrails

Handrails can be composed of the following elements:

  • taps;
  • connectors;
  • hinges;
  • Cornering grip;
  • racks;
  • cups;
  • Additional fixing to the wall.

All these elements are tightly and accurately to be connected to the rail structure was suitable for use. As additional elements, which are used for fixing the rail, is an important point. From the rail fixtures safety of the people depends.

Handrails for stairs: Forged model

Some models handrails are manufactured by forging metal. They may have a beautiful appearance and original design. When you use the Roman style (curls to tight end), you can make a railing visually light.

Wrought iron railings adorn the wooden ladder in a classic styleWrought iron railings adorn the wooden ladder in a classic style

Forged metal railings can be decorated:

  • Natural motifs;
  • ornaments;
  • Smooth and free lines.

When heated metal becomes ductile. Therefore, we can make any shape out of it. Forged handrails elegant fit perfectly in a classic interior - Baroque or Empire.

Handrails can have a simple or complex structure. Complex in structure model decorate various swirls, which are located at the ends of the handrail. With such a grip, you can "revive" the stair railing. Decorative elements can create a rhythm and a staircase will look original, stylish and beautiful.

Simple construction of handrails suitable for furniture that is made in a restrained colors and has no unnecessary decorative elements. They look simple, but stylish.

Wrought iron railings can have three-dimensional elements in its structure. These elements are repeated in a certain order, so they create a dry rhythm. Metal railings can possess a subtle bending, smooth shapes. These elements are produced in discreet colors to suit any classic stairs if it has a fence in the form of a handrail. Often the grand staircase decorated with such elements. They represent the status of the building and his commitment to any style.

Handrails can be decorated with geometric shapes and patterns. Such designs look modern, fashionable and stylish.

The handrail for stairs made of steel: material advantages

Stainless steel rail can have a different design depending on the design. This material is perfectly suited for the manufacture of handrails and other structures railing. Often use such handrails for outdoor stairs.

Advantages of steel hangers are to reliability, strength and durabilityAdvantages of steel hangers are to reliability, strength and durability

Stainless steel has many advantages over other materials:

  • It defies corrosive changes;
  • It has high durability;
  • It has a presentable appearance and long life.

Stainless steel handrails are not expensive. They are universal, and they are used in public buildings.

Steel is undemanding material, so such handrails simple and easy to wash off dirt. stainless steel handrail can withstand heavy loads, temperature changes, humidity.

How to choose a handrail for stairs of stainless steel self (video)

Grab bars serve an important function. Models stainless metals are advantageous solution for decor and functional staircase. Their design can be absolutely anything. Therefore, handrails can decorate the interior of the apartment and to give a complete view of the stairs. Original wrought iron railings are created in different styles. Currently, you can order data forged elements for its future stairs of any shape, design and color.

Beautiful railings made of stainless steel for stairs (photo options)

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