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To make the interior of a country house original and unusual, you can use the stairs interesting goose stepTo make the interior of a country house original and unusual, you can use the interesting step ladder Goose The main distinguishing feature of the design is the external form of steps. But, as the main and heavily loaded, step ladder Goose best not to choose, because it is somewhat uncomfortable to use. Especially popular are the wooden odnomarshevye design. This is due to the positive characteristics of the wood. But, if necessary, the harmonious fitting into the interior, use, and metal, and glass. Metal or glass stairs are well suited to the modern interior, and become a very popular choice for private homes.

Popular Goose step staircase to the second floor

The name of this staircase won due to the fact that during the descent and lifting of it, the person goes waddling that resembles goose-step. Staggered such that the opposite edges of each chamfered. To use such kind of construction can be only one person, so this ladder is no more than an exclusive decor. Establish such structures is very dangerous for children and pensioners.

The most appropriate angle for a stair step Goose is 50 degreesThe most appropriate angle for a stair step Goose is 50 degrees


  1. The angle of inclination varies, but very popular from 45 to 70 degrees.
  2. step height is 25 cm.
  3. step 20 cm depth.

On such parameters it can be seen that the ladder is very compact. These parameters are considered standard.

Stepping up the ladder must be with extreme care and caution. The rise in this type of construction is considered to be much easier than the descent.

Calculation step ladder Goose

The main disadvantage of the ladder step Goose is unsafe and uncomfortable. But, with proper designing with a personal touch, you can eliminate all possible defects and convenience. Building a drawing, you must keep in mind some of the nuances, but some will change, depending on the type.

Before proceeding to the manufacture and installation of stairs, be sure to calculate the optimal number of stepsBefore proceeding to the manufacture and installation of stairs, be sure to calculate the optimal number of steps


  1. Start all payments to determine at what height from the floor will be located the final part of the stairs. This value will give an impetus to the determination of the number of stages, and what size they will be.
  2. The calculation of the material will show that it must be significantly less than other types of stairs. It can be done online.
  3. That there was no such trouble as the header during ascent or descent, the parameters of the stairwells must be selected about 2 meters.
  4. The ratio of the total width of the staircase to the width of the steps is considered the rate of 1 to 20.

When working with formulas and calculations, use the calculator. Ready-made formulas and calculations very easy to find in the references for the construction of a visit and SanPiN.

Duck nuances ladder step

In a country house more than one floor, possibly the rational use of ladders goose step. You can build a great ladder, and you can use it a little copy - Duck step. Many men want to make their own stairs in the house. With the development of modern technology, it is more than real.

Before starting the installation, please note the nuances:

  1. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of this type of construction, and determine in any particular room staircase will perfectly fulfill its functions.
  2. If you select the model of the spiral staircase, then this design is necessary to establish a reliable center-pivot support.
  3. It recommended to put a ladder in the middle of the room.
  4. Finish the ladder should fascinate and attract attention, so it is worth noting that the connection interstorey space is not the main function of stair step Duck. Choose such models, as a rule, for interior decoration.

It is best to goose-step ladder made of quality woodIt is best to goose-step ladder made of quality wood

Places such a spiral staircase will take very little, so in small houses, this option would be the most optimal.

Metal spiral staircase decorate your house is very impressive. This ladder should be placed in the center of the room, and not to hide it in the corner.

Goose step ladder is divided into several types. Staircase with symmetrical steps characterized by the fact that the halves are arranged relative to each other so that the end of halves in one stage is the beginning stage of the halves to above. Sometimes the steps done in the form of butterflies, this type of butterfly called. Most use stage, similar to the duck's feet. When you select a specific model, perform carefully all preliminary calculations and drawings. Calculate the amount of material and Predict possible shortcomings in the future.

stair step drawing Duck

Since itself ladder structure of this type is inconvenient, it is necessary to take additional safety measures. For example, to relieve the ladder from slipping, steps covered by a special material, an additional coating or trail. Make a ladder with your hands, you can, using a ready drawing, or you can draw your own. If you have the skills, you should draw your own drawing, then the ladder to get the maximum individual.

When calculating, you'll need to use the values:

  • The distance from the floor to the second floor;
  • The height of the steps;
  • The depth of the steps in the wide and narrow parts;
  • The number of stages;
  • The length of the ladder web.

Properly compiled ladder diagram will help you to calculate the angle of inclination, the height and width of stepsProperly compiled ladder diagram will help you to calculate the angle of inclination, the height and width of steps

All the necessary formulas for the calculation can be found on a visit. Use them absolutely safe and very convenient. Height of riser estimated ideal from 12 to 22 cm and a depth of 25 to 40 cm. Data are presented in Table STATE maximally correct parameters already calculated.

In the figure you can see that the design of the staircase is composed of several components - a bowstring and stringers. the entire structure rests on these elements. Load the entire ladder falls on the bearing elements. Bowstring provides space savings.

the ladder can be of various shapes, parameter calculation to be performed taking into account all external factors. Screed elements is only required for construction on kosour, so all the wooden elements will be secured.

Balusters and railings on the stairs of this type, as the goose-step, are necessary, as the descent and ascent of a ladder by themselves are dangerous, but the lack of handrails make movement impossible.

Reviews of Goose step ladder

Few who are familiar with this type of stairs and a few who have written them in the interior of your home, so before you install it at home, should listen to the opinions of people who have not only made the installation of the ladder, but also exploit it every day.

"The ladder looks very harmonious, everyone pays attention to her, but there was a problem much slippery surface stages. We decided very simply by purchasing a hardware store in a special rubber gasket. More disadvantages did not notice. " Peter, Anapa.

Goose step ladder perfectly fit into the interior of a small roomGoose step ladder perfectly fit into the interior of a small room

"The danger of the stairs, in my opinion, greatly exaggerated. Calm down and up does not make you worry about on the ladder. But accuracy is not harm in all areas of life. " Maria Adler.

"Guests are always asking why such an interesting staircase. And I tell them about the Middle Ages. Oh, there it was not, no pads, no convenient handrails and other amenities, however, this staircase was in every home. So feel free to install, it is not only convenient, but also will have something to brag about. " Sergey Sochi.

Goose step ladder with his hands (video)

The main advantage of the stairs Goose step is its compactness. In a small area and with minimal bias similar design to create a comfortable ladder for lifting. It uses glass or metal, but for domestic purposes it is better to choose a tree for the manufacture of such a staircase.

Details: Goose step ladder (photo examples)


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