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Plan bedroom must be deliberate, given the dimensions of the room and its featuresPlan bedroom must be deliberate, given the dimensions of the room and his bedroom osobennostiPlanirovka rooms - this is one of the important points in the design of future homes. Repair, communications, and other add-ons are the main components in changing the appearance of the room. An important role is played by planning, it must take into account personal preferences and wishes. Some people are trying to recreate the atmosphere of the standard, the other - armed with innovative solutions.

Proper planning Bedrooms: selection of furniture

The main subject in the bedroom is the bed. She is always in the middle of the room, it is the default location. The modern interior is somewhat different from the usual layout. However, the problem with the choice of the bed still holds a leading position. Furniture must be placed in such a way that it was comfortable, and the sun's rays do not interfere with sleep, and in the winter there were no drafts. The task is not easy, but can be easily solved.

All other furniture attributes underlying the bedrooms, revolve around the bed. This attribute can be both large and compact. It all depends on the room size. After the bed is chosen cabinet, it can be small. In the absence of an optimal place to install it, you can buy compact chest of drawers.

You must correctly pick the furniture, so that it was in harmony with the style of the roomYou must correctly pick the furniture, so that it was in harmony with the style of the room

Standard furniture set for bedroom includes:

  • Bedside tables;
  • Bed;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Cupboard;
  • Dressing table;
  • Chair.

In addition, the room is decorated with paintings, mirror and auxiliary attributes as desired. Many of the above elements can be removed or replaced with another successful furniture. In this issue should not rely solely on your own taste.

Bedside tables and tables look comfortable, and help to create additional convenience. They can accommodate books, clocks, lamps and other important attributes. If the room is not large, it is recommended to give up on pedestals. In this case, the rule is triggered total economy.

Do not abandon these pieces of furniture like a chest of drawers and dressing table. They allow you to store clothes and the accessories. For more information about completing the furnishings of the room, you need to think in future planning.

Unconventional bedroom custom layout

For non-standard layout is always a place in an ordinary apartment. The main advantage of other components and the arrangement of furniture in the room - is to divide the bedroom into several zones. It may consist of a field of recreation and entertainment. In such a room easily accommodate a large bed and a small sofa. Perhaps, the TV will be placed there. Much depends on the size of the room itself.

When a non-standard layout of the bedroom can be creatively and stylishly decorate the roomWhen a non-standard layout of the bedroom can be creatively and stylishly decorate the room

kind of planning shortcomings

  • The lack of space;
  • Difficulties in the unfolded couch;
  • Heavy perception.

The drawback of such planning is the lack of space for the wardrobe. In this case, difficult to organize the space. Often layout with zones leads to a lack of free access to the cupboards and drawers.

Wardrobe set, you can, but it should not go beyond the workspace. It is recommended to carefully consider the layout of non-standard bedrooms. This will avoid the inconveniences in the future.

Optimal design of the bedroom layout

Apartment - this is the most cozy and comfortable place in the world. To create a unique atmosphere of tranquility, it is necessary to consider the optimal layout. The most popular classical arrangement of the sofa / bed and cabinets in the bedroom. great plan of the apartment easy to think, but what to do with the small size. In this case it is necessary to give up some furniture attributes. The main advantage of the classical arrangement is to have all the necessary design objects.

Standard style - it is something that many women pay attention. This is the best way to plan your space and make the room look pretentious.

Bedroom to do a cozy and bright, as it is the main place to relaxBedroom to do a cozy and bright, as it is the main place to relax

However, the classic style is distinguished by its shortcomings:

  • A minimum of furniture;
  • Inability to implement many design ideas;
  • The simple appearance.

Lack of planning - in the field of view is too much furniture attributes. Heavy construction looks pretentious, but all the elements are important. In this case, difficult to prioritize.

Choosing the designs for future bedroom, you need to rely on your own taste. During the arrangement of furniture it is recommended to take into account a lot of nuances. Including unfolding sofa and a permutation other attributes. This points to the fact that additional items should not limit the transformation of the main bed.

Planning a traditional bedroom

Proper planning - a loose concept. Standard does not exist, design thought out separately in each case. The main thing is to consider your own needs and not to abuse the size of the room.

In traditional bedroom furniture should contain the following attributes:

  • Double bed;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Bedside tables;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Chairs;
  • Mirror;
  • TV;
  • Dressing table.

The width of the bed may vary, depending on the person's needs. Enough for a small room of 180 cm, it is more than normal, for quality sleep two people. In the photo, a small bedroom designs look good. Small bed for sleep - it's a good way to save precious space.

For traditional bedrooms perfect the same color of the walls and furnitureFor traditional bedrooms perfect the same color of the walls and furniture

Wardrobe - it is an integral part of the bedroom. It is stored clothes and shoes. There is a place for bed linen, blankets, and other attributes.

Chest of drawers - a convenient object for storing fine clothes. In small rooms plays the role of the cabinet. The most important subject is the TV. It does not take a lot of space and is located on the wall of honor. Reduce the size of the room is a dressing table, it does not always include standard equipment, because of the large size.

Unconventional ideas for decorating bedrooms (video)

How to arrange the furniture, everyone decides for himself. No need to be an expert in this matter. Sufficient to calculate the space and fill it, so that there was no stiffness in his movements.

Disposition bedroom (photo)

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