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Aluminum suspended ceilings have an excellent view, which lasts for many yearsAluminum suspended ceilings have an excellent view, which persist for a long letEsli look at a ceiling, just not say that he rack - construction of aluminum panels looks like a monolithic blade.

Features of suspended ceilings made of aluminum panels

Aluminum systems are distinguished by high levels of resistance, making them the best value. Because assemble such a design can not only for decoration inside the room, but also for outdoor decoration.

Properties and characteristics:

  • When mounting not lose shape;
  • Easily fixed in grooves attachment - so do not vibrate or rattle during use;
  • They have a thick enough panel that can withstand mechanical impact.

The optimum thickness reek - half a centimeter, in engineering calculations, it follows that this is the perfect thickness to create durable ceiling structures.

In addition, such ceilings are considered to be water-resistant, hygienic and plastic, have good sound insulation and high resistance to fire.

Installation is not complicated by the fragility of parts on racks, you can safely press armInstallation is not complicated by the fragility of parts on racks, you can safely press arm

Rack aluminum ceiling: Appliance Specifications

First of all, the design is characterized by high resistance to wear. It is believed that the panel can last 50 years. And it at least.

Secondly, they are not afraid of deformation. The panels are not afraid of water and fire, they will provide a good noise insulation, for them it is very easy to care for.


  • Install ceiling can be at any level and virtually any angle relative to the base ceiling, which makes it possible to hide all defects rough surface;
  • Aluminum is a light material, because suspensions do not need a powerful system, and the danger that the device will start to decompose and plate fall down - no;
  • Aluminum moreover, is ecologically pure metal, even under strong heating of hazardous substances it does not emit;
  • These ceilings are easy to collect, as well easy and dismantle;
  • Aging such ceilings are not exposed.

Finally, the appearance of the suspended structures are very modern, ceilings have reflective characteristics and a large number of colors. Therefore, virtually any design concept allows you to realize such a setting.

Modern Pinion aluminum ceilings (video)

The design of the ceiling

Rack suspended ceiling - is a set of design ceiling surface. The price includes a ceiling slats costs, tires, baseboards, and suspension lamps.

ceiling design:

  • Racks - is aluminum panels with special compounds;
  • Bus - this is such a strip with teeth, for them and cling to the rack;
  • Suspension - a wire that is fixed to a concrete ceiling;
  • Skirting - decorative member;
  • Fixtures - is on sale and finished aluminum trims with mounted spotlights.

Pinion ceilings presents the simplicity of construction which involves a small number of elementsPinion ceilings presents the simplicity of construction which involves a small number of elements

It is also important to choose a good manufacturer. There are many products, for example, Albes, or other local companies that make the goods better than imported.

Mounting rack aluminum ceiling with his hands: instructions

The size and type of rooms when installing ceilings are of great importance. The simpler the ceiling in the room, the easier it is to set the ceiling. Installation usually starts with marking the surface. marking line is applied at a distance of at least 13 cm from the base plane along the walls themselves.

Further installation is carried out as follows:

  • Once picked, ceiling height, perimeter of the room to install the angular carrier profile. To this end, along the line marking holes drilled. Secure the best profile with screws, do it in increments of 55-60 cm.
  • The angular profile rails must be installed on the perimeter of the room. In the case of suspended ceilings guides must be perpendicular to the direction of the rails.
  • The guide profile is fixed to the carrier overlap adjustable hangers, after which they were put on a level. The interval between suspension points is not more than 1, 2 m.
  • If you install the coffered ceiling, the longitudinal guide profiles of securing the transverse insert special locks.
  • Support rails are fixed to the suspensions with the same steps that were installed directly themselves suspensions. For this purpose, they need to be put on hangers with special holes. Bystrozazhimayuschy clip you want to move, and so aligned support rail.
  • Next - the most crucial moment. With slats removed, of course, the protective film. If you are going to install the lamp or lamps, the pre-cut hole size. Reiki is simply snapped onto the projections of the suspension system.

The design of the ceiling is made up of profiles, hangers, rails and fastenersThe design of the ceiling is made up of profiles, hangers, rails and fasteners

What you have left to do is to fix the panel on the traverse, and even snap tabs on the mounting rail.

Types of suspended ceilings

Today actually see the tape and rack ceilings, they differ in the geometry of lining options. Frame system can also have some differences.

Pinion aluminum ceilings can be:

  • Open rack ceiling view. In this system are narrow gaps between the panels, they can be covered with special vstavochki.
  • Rack indoor ceiling. It formed a continuous surface without gaps With this design.

The color of choice is wide, from light, pure white to jet black.

How to choose a rack to the ceiling

Aluminum trims to choose you should seriously, it is desirable - the seller with a good reputation. At the material should be a certificate of conformity with all requirements of GOST should be observed.

Aluminum slats are suspended ceilings main element, so they need to choose a particular attentivenessAluminum slats are suspended ceilings main element, so they need to choose a particular attentiveness

Choosing strips, note the following information:

  • The width of the strips. It varies in the range 9-20 cm. The most popular desyatisantimetrovyh strap. It is a versatile option.
  • Strap length. The choice here is rather narrow, the length can be only 3 to 4 meters. However, if the manufacturer does not indulge long strips, then there are firms that provide services for cutting strips.
  • The thickness of the strip. A density depends on the thickness of the structure. The ideal thickness is equal to half a centimeter.

Sami rack can be open, closed and with inserts. Closed resemble wood, or rather, a wooden battens. Reiki with inserts like open systems, but the gaps are masked by thin aluminum strips. Between the open slats should be a little gap.

Installation of the aluminum strip ceilings (video)

Popular suspended ceilings - is not mounted, and suspension systems that are used in the living room, and office buildings, offices, etc. Any design, any idea can be realized with their help.

Successful renovation!

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