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Plasterboard is a popular and sought material that will quickly and easily transform a roomPlasterboard is a popular and sought material that will quickly and easily transform pomescheniePrimenenie drywall in the room will allow to realize any design solutions as using the FCL can build structures of different types and species, giving the room a cozy and beautiful. The overall interior room, which used plasterboard products, can be supplemented with a properly selected furniture items, curtains and lighting. To solve the problems of bold design using a combination of drywall constructions with other finishing and facing materials.

Decorative drywall for interior decoration

Speaking of decorative gypsum board, decorative panels are meant, intended for lining wall and ceiling surfaces. Panel sheets are made from most conventional plasterboard, which have a decorative finish.

Beautiful interior will look stylish niche plasterboardBeautiful interior will look stylish niche plasterboard

Variety of decorative plasterboard panels:

  • Panels of laminated plasterboard - is a fully ready to use a material that does not require final finishing work. On today's construction market a consumer can purchase a laminated plasterboard panels, having an outer layer pattern imitating wood, marble or granite.
  • Laminated panels have a wear resistance and increased resistance to moisture, which greatly affects the service life averaging about 10 years.
  • Gypsum boards with a pattern printed on them, are ideal for assembly work indoors if you plan to further staining the surface of the lining. Due to the walls of the room will become a colorful and chic design.

Decorative panels on the inner side have a special protective film that provides quality installation work at the highest level.

Appointment decorative wall plasterboard with their hands

Decorative plaster board wall will help to achieve great results if carried out repairs with their own hands. Since such a construction material makes it possible to create complex structures with a perfectly smooth and even surface.

Decorate the room can be the original plasterboard wall with various small nichesDecorate the room can be the original plasterboard wall with various small niches

The main stages of construction works:

  • First we need to carry out measurements of the future wall, causing the necessary marks on the floor, ceiling and walls. According to the label will be attached to the guide screws the metal profile.
  • Then the rack is fixed to the side wall profile, previously inserted into the guide. The remaining rack profiles are set apart at a distance of 60 centimeters. In order to design was more rigid, hollow profiles are installed wall to wall.
  • At the finished profiled construction drywall sheets are fixed by means of self-tapping screws, every 20 centimeters.
  • After a complete lining one side of the partition, it is necessary to carry out the necessary communications. In between the frame profiles, insulating layer is placed around the entire structure.
  • Second strontium, veneer plasterboard so that the sheet located opposite the joints do not fall on a single rack profile.

Before starting construction work, it is necessary to determine the purpose for which will be built decorative wall. For example, decorative wall with an opening set for the main room nenazoylivo separation into separate zones.

Important! Pre-designed size and location of the required design elements will help to achieve the creation of a living and harmonious interior indoors.

It is also possible to create a continuous partition unusual shape which would look more impressive if foresee the installation of spotlights in special niches. Decorative wall can also be placed between the hallway and bathroom.

Arched structure made of plasterboard

Often when redevelopment apartments have to look for options on how to make a reconstruction of interior doors, without prejudice to the available space. In this case brings to mind one of the most popular options - arched structure made of plasterboard. Little weight GCR has great shumopronitsaemostyu, so experts in the construction of an arched wall are advised to collect not one, but two frame, with a gap of at least 1 centimeter. In addition, in the void plasterboard walls can easily accommodate a variety of communications, without the necessary shtrobirovaniya.

Quickly zoned space in the room with your hands, you can use the interesting arch made of plasterboardQuickly zoned space in the room with your hands, you can use the interesting arch made of plasterboard

Secrets of creating the perfect archways:

  • Creating arch requires the presence of a metal or a semipermanent arched profile, since it has the ability to take a curved shape. Because of this, you can create a beautiful arch, avoiding any damage to the GCR.
  • Many people mounting the arched doorway of their own, do not always know how to bend a sheet of plasterboard.

If the bend radius is small, then one side of a piece of drywall made necessary longitudinal cuts paperboard layer at the same distance, then the sheet will bend radius desired.

For large bend radius desired piece of plasterboard on one side is impregnated with water. Then, the wet surface of the need to pass a needle roller which form holes in the cheese board. Due to the GCR list will take any curved shape. But it is important to take into account that the construction work carried out with the material after its complete drying.

GCR sheets are attached to the frame with screws. In this first veneer bending, and only then the side of the arch. Do not strongly wet the leaves, so there is a possibility that it will soften and become unusable installation.

The design of the walls and niches plasterboard

Design solutions for finishing walls often include recesses creating gypsum, which further distinguished in general interior - an unusual color solution with the elements of internal illumination.

Important! Niche, made of gypsum board, are not only an ornament room, but also bear certain functional load.

Plaster niche in the wall is not only beautiful decoration but also a functional element of the interiorPlaster niche in the wall is not only beautiful decoration but also a functional element of the interior

Niches recessed into a plaster wall or placed on top of the main wall of the room geometry can do much more interesting. Functional structures load has a lot of options in the rooms, which provides a minimal amount of decoration and furniture. For example, a niche can be used for flat-panel TV, as a shelf for books, as a recess for the installation of the aquarium, mirrors or paintings.

Flooring embodiments of niches built for constructing a decorative fire, statues or other volume elements decor.

Plaster niche, equipped with sliding doors, is a beautiful and versatile structure. Designers such niche complementary mirrors and lighting.

Beautiful arch made of plasterboard with their hands (video)

In order to refresh the design of the room with the help of gypsum boards, you need not be a qualified technician. Suffice it to stock up on the necessary tools and building materials, as well as a little imagination and a desire to help transform the interior of the room without any extra cost.

The design and decor of the drywall on the wall (photo examples)

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