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Modern small lobby should be not only attractive, but also practical,Modern small lobby should be not only attractive, but also praktichnymiSovremennye small lobby is not so easy to arrange as they should be convenient, comfortable and most importantly attractive in appearance. It is worth noting that the corridor furniture can bring a lot of problems, as it may be passing, deadlock, narrow and long.

Small lobby in modern style

Each room has its own drawbacks and we must try to transform them into advantages. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the time that the corridor is used by all members of the household and guests, but because space planning should be as practical and convenient for everyone who comes into it. Despite the fact that the room has a small size, to conduct repairs should be approached responsibly, to avoid the formation of gaffes, such as inharmonious kind of rooms, creating disproportionate Interior and similar moments.

Corridor in the apartment is a specific location with its own characteristics. They should definitely pay attention to the design of the upgrade.

Attention should be paid to:

  • width;
  • length;
  • decoration;
  • Selection of furniture;
  • Selection of lighting.

Equipping a small entrance hall, do not forget about the choice of lighting and furnitureEquipping a small entrance hall, do not forget about the choice of lighting and furniture

Specialists in repair work are aware that without the project is simply impossible to carry out a qualitative renewal. Careful planning eliminates blemishes, and long before the start of work to determine the choice of materials, colors and other such nuances. The first hall of even a small size should be practical.

No matter what style is preferred, the wall at least at the level meter from the floor should be covered with washable material.

In the period from autumn to spring, pouring rain, and constantly on the dirt street. Accordingly, paper wallpaper fast will be ruined by the form of spray. The corridor is not only the most important but also quite polluted place. At constant humidity and lack of purity, it may be the formation of mold, fungus, and even small insects. Accordingly, wall and floor coverings and furniture should be resistant to moisture, and to be easily serviced, so that there were no problems with the cleaning and maintenance of order.

The modern design of a small hallway

Small corridor - is one big drawback dwelling. Make him impossible to practically nothing, as the apartment layout does not allow to expand any space, without prejudice to other premises. Today is very popular modern style arrangement of hallways, but first of all it is necessary to focus not on the choice of decoration and accessories, and then to visually transform the space.

For example:

  • Lift the ceiling;
  • Expand the walls;
  • Make a deeper look.

The first and especially popular way is considered to be the installation of glossy stretch ceiling coverings. The advantage in the modern style is to give a bright and vivid colors, especially black. The color makes the room more lively and interesting, so it is transformed beyond recognition.

In a contemporary style hall can be made in blackIn a contemporary style hall can be made in black

The effect of reflection interior - it's a great opportunity to make the room look more voluminous. Due to the fact that the room is not large, fabric cost is not expensive.

It is considered to be the second most popular way of expanding space mirror. Large, but not massive mirror must be installed on the wall, and it is desirable to households reflected there in full view. In a modern style, you can create a kind of mirror projection, which will make the width of the corridor is almost limitless. How exactly? Hang the two mirrors of the same size next to each other and corridors formed in their reflection, make the room not only wider, but also unusual.

Be sure the room should be decorated in bright colors. You can use the high points, such as textiles or dark-colored accessories but in limited quantities.

Modern small lobby

A small entrance hall in a modern style - a space in which every small detail is up to the choice of the floor. It is worth noting that after the repair of the ceiling need to think about how it will take shape hallway.

Options arrangement can be a huge amount, but on the whole much on such a piece of furniture as:

  • footstools;
  • Obuvnitsa;
  • shelf;
  • Hanger.

This set of components will be the best for the little corridors. Some designers in 2017 proposed to use plaster partitions. To be precise, the usual kind of furniture to replace the wall with openings, are used as shelves.

In a small hallway should be a shelf for things and clothes hanger obuvnitsaIn a small hallway should be a shelf for things and clothes hanger obuvnitsa

Such a partition is zoned hallway space in place for obuvaniya and dressing.

partition size must be compact, and the construction itself of the original. Due to the fact that modern technologies allow a flexible drywall, you can make a partition with a wave or even non-standard forms that make the room more original. Ideas on how to arrange the interior can be different, but in general should pay attention to ensure that the conditions enjoyed households that will eliminate the occurrence of irritability and aggression from staying in the corridor.

Lighting in a small hallway

At least not the style which was decorated hallway, it should be comfortable, bright and comfortable. It was in this room is nice to be. Light is very important for the living space, as its deficiency or absence is not only spoil the view of the hallway, but also can cause ill health.

As a rule, in the corridors there is no natural light, it is because you need to make up for it by placing artificial sources.

For example:

  • The main chandelier in a modern style;
  • lighting fixtures;
  • Bra.

In a small hallway should be well lit, so do not forget about the lamps and sconcesIn a small hallway should be well lit, so do not forget about the lamps and sconces

The choice of instrument depends on personal preference and on where it will be located. For example, if you plan coverage on the sides, then of course you need to choose a sconce. In small corridors not place devices of small size and a lens. Thus, the room will be filled with light, warmth and comfort. Very original and in a modern look Floor lights LED ribbons and variety of colors.

The choice of furniture

Modern style is different from other usability, convenience and functionality. It is because the corridors are decorated in a modern style quite often possible to meet the modular design.

For modern small hall suitable practical furniture, comfortable and functionalFor modern small hall suitable practical furniture, comfortable and functional

Modular prihozhki - this is a great option, as they can be suspended, and therefore do not take up much space. In addition, such products are original in appearance, roomy and allow you to create an interesting interior. It is also important that the modular system can be corridors arrangement of the operation to modernize, to dilute the new elements or remove old ones.

How to equip a small hallway (video)

Yes, a little hallway space - it is a problem. But it can be solved. Main competently all think.

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