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To living area of ​​16 square meters. m looked harmoniously, it is necessary to choose the right colors for the design and rationally arrange the furnitureTo living area of ​​16 square meters. m looked harmoniously, the colors must be chosen correctly for the design and rationally arrange the furniture Not everyone knows that the small-sized living room - this is the real space for experiments. It is a mistake to believe that the beautiful designs and virtuoso performances need a big quadrature room to fit all the necessary items and furnish the room to the maximum. The most important thing - to choose practical furniture and designers use tips for correct zoning of the space and the combination of decorative materials to match the space.

If you correctly choose the color combination and compact furniture, the language does not turn to call the room a "small-sized". In appearance she did not give in luxurious halls. Interesting fact: most people like is the small living rooms, because they create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. In rooms with large volumes need to properly arrange the furniture, otherwise it will create a feeling of emptiness and discomfort. With small rooms it can not even think.

Design living in 16 square meters. m: the important points in the decoration

Everyone understands that with an area of ​​16 square metrovsilno not clear, but this fact in no way be called a lack of space. The color scheme of the walls, floor and ceiling, as well as the right lighting can help to beat the living room so that she will be the most comfortable place in the house! Design real photos confirm this fact and allow the owners of such dimensions not to despair, and to properly use every centimeter of the apartment.

In the small living room TV should be placed in the opposite corner of the couchIn the small living room TV should be placed in the opposite corner of the couch

As for interior decoration, and it plays a very important role, simple rules should be followed:

  1. The ceiling should be standard white color or even delicate shades. Multilevel construction of plasterboard look ridiculous in small spaces, weighing more space. The ideal solution - suspended ceilings with light colors: beige, pink, bluish, green, lilac, allowed - gray.
  2. Paul also encouraged to do light: flooring, laminate, linoleum. Very advantageous in the living room look material with imitation wood texture. Use a carpet with a long nap - not a good idea. Besides the fact that it is a source of dust, it also reduces the visual space of its dense structure.
  3. The walls are not recommended to decorate wallpaper with vertical stripes. They visually narrow the room, making it flat. Preference is better to give a light coating, be it paint or wallpaper, but in the overall scheme of the rest of the surfaces.

Designers do not recommend the use of heavy colors for the trim in small rooms. They make room loaded, and besides these colors create an uncomfortable situation and pressed his gloom. Furniture and accessories you can choose black, brown, dark gray, blue and red colors, but the walls, floor and ceiling in such colors should not do.

Suitable for small living room design trends: minimalism, hi-tech, ethno-style. They involve a small amount of furniture, and simply decorated. Just what you need for a low-key lounge.

The lighting in the living room of 16 m2

It would seem that the room lighting - it is not so important. However, the balance of spotlights in a specific order to help organize the zoning area. The switch may be to focus on different parts of the room.

Living room of 16 square meters. m perfectly suited spotlights and small lampsLiving room of 16 square meters. m perfectly suited spotlights and small lamps

If for some reason do not want to install spotlights (or not possible, as the need to mount a suspension or suspended ceiling), an excellent alternative would be the lighting cable. This type of lighting is very fond of the designers: the variety of forms of lampshades is amazing and allows you to create unique variations.

A chandelier in the center of the room - it is not fashionable and practical. The use of multiple spotlights allows you to select multiple zones in a room that is much better in the small living room. Even the small square room will sparkle with new colors.

Many people prefer to dim the lights for halls, arguing that this room is for rest and relaxation. The living room also serves as a room for receiving guests, so too poor lighting is not necessary. If you want to create a gloomy, relaxing setting, next to the sofa you can put a floor lamp.

Living room with an area of ​​16 squares: competent design with photos

Furniture in the living room with 16 m2 must comply with the principles of: compact, functional, small. The layout of items should take place with the maximum benefit to the occupants.

The one-bedroom apartments or living studiykah often used as a work area and bed. But, how to combine in a single space and a sofa bed - not real, then come to the aid of multifunctional furniture. It easily transforms and fulfills the role of an entirely different subject.

To avoid monotony in the living room, you should choose a floor covering which color is different from the furnitureTo avoid monotony in the living room, you should choose a floor covering which color is different from the furniture

Do not clutter the space, but on the contrary, with good use of every centimeter, possibly with a corner sofa. It perfectly accommodates itself to a lot of guests, and with the arrival of the night unfolds into a full bed. Opposite the sofa set or modular wall closet under the TV and the necessary everyday stuff.

Special attention in the design of small rooms should be paid to the details. Arrangement of several mirrors in the room only a positive effect on the external decoration, as well as make the room visually larger. This technique is used by many designers. Unusual solutions, please use photo-wallpaper or theme paintings. Special studio produced canvases with drawing of any image for an interior room.

Rational use every centimeter. Even from the living room of 16 squares can get a full space, a blend of the working area, bedroom, kitchen, and, directly, the room for receiving guests. design ideas presented in the finished projects prove this assertion.

Living room of 16 m2: tips and tricks

In small apartments, called "Khrushchev," it is impossible to roam and allow too lavish decoration of the room in terms of furniture, finishes and accessories. But these spaces are easy to make a very nice and cozy with the help of little things: pictures, curtains, statues, selected in the general category.

Living in an area of ​​16 sq. m better draw in bright colorsLiving in an area of ​​16 sq. m better draw in bright colors

Very popular building podiums for living. With their help, you can visually identify a relaxation area, as well as such a structure acts as extra storage space. The secret drawer in the podium can be a variety of sizes, depending on the goals in the construction of the living room.

Modern design ideas living room of 16 square meters. M Video)

Do not be afraid to experiment. Even in the room of 16 m2 can be a friendly environment in the best way without compromising space. We just need to carefully approach the selection of furniture that combines elegance and practicality, pre-designed project facilities on the basis of ready-made designs.

Design ideas and living room of 16 square meters. m (interior photo)

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