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In the hallway are closely intertwined functionality and aestheticsIn the hallway are closely intertwined and functionality estetikaPrihozhaya - the first room that we see going into the house. It depends on its design seems everything home. But this is only on the guests, the owners are more interested in functionality, practicality, space, suit their own tastes. Long corridor can be further execute accessories.

Corridor in the stairwell

Do not forget that the ladder in a private home - a direct need, and not just an element of decor. But it is also important to make it an integral part of the interior hallway and the hallway, you arrange it in general for the entire style of the house.

Stairs should be not only beautiful, but comfortableStairs should be not only beautiful, but comfortable

There are so many types of ladders, materials for their manufacture:

  1. You need to choose not only stylish and beautiful, comfortable for all family members escape.
  2. Do not forget about lighting stairs. It should always be well publicized for obvious reasons.
  3. Carpet on the stairs - not only excellent design solution, it provides comfort and safety in the use of steps, as opposed to the usual smooth stairs steps.

Top of Section stairs and hallway will help put a coffee table, a small shelf or large plant between them.

The design of the entrance hall with stairs in the house: photo

Stairs can become the main decoration of the hall. The first is well-organized plan, decide on the style and color scheme.

There are four basic styles:

  • Classical;
  • Modern;
  • country;
  • Neutral.

It is advisable to make a ladder, fit harmoniously into the interiorIt is advisable to make a ladder, fit harmoniously into the interior

It is worth saying a few words about each. Classic - luxurious and expensive as granite, marble, wood, core materials in a classical style staircases, is not cheap. The color scheme is usually neutral, muted. Permissible decoration carved balusters, curls.

It is important to be able not to overdo it - excessive pretentiousness will not look elegant and aristocratic, on the contrary add interior cheapness. Furniture and accessories should be appropriate.

Modern - ultramodern, shocking and peremptory style. This kind of collective terms of modern design trends such as minimalism, hi-tech, town planning and so on. Glass, plastic, metals -materials, characteristic for this style. As a floor covering is perfect clinker tiles avant-garde colors.

Neon lights stages perfectly complement the design of the staircase in modern style.

Abundance of textiles and natural materials, a cozy rural country style. Stairs are usually made of wood natural colors. In contrast to the classical, it is more likely to be an alder or pine, not the massive oak or cedar. Also roughest stone can prevail in the country. In this case, you can step to pave colored ceramics add forged parts. Will be a great decoration pots of live plants. Country style no aristocracy.

Neutral staircase structure can be of any form, of any material and any color. The main feature of the ladder in this style is that it is not the main object of design. Simplicity, conciseness, no frills - the main points in the implementation of ladder-style "neutral." Stairs should be in harmony with the interior premises.

Cupboards under the stairs in the hallway

Staircase - rather cumbersome thing that occupies a lot of space in the room. I do not want to just "give" a couple of square meters. Beautifully and originally issued the podlestnichnoe space, you will make the interior of the house comfortable enough.

One of the options clearance space under the stairs to the second floor - the location where the internal enclosures.

Podlestnichnoe space is recommended for the storage of different thingsPodlestnichnoe space is recommended for the storage of different things

They can be stored:

  • Cleaning equipment;
  • Rarely used utensils or appliances;
  • Linens;
  • Books;
  • Other things needed.

This is not only a great practical solution, but also a great way to decorate a room with a ladder. This way you can solve the problem of storage of outer clothing and shoes, if hallway. Also cabinets can be combined with bookshelves.

Interior corridor with stairs in a private home: how to decorate

The house with a spacious hall sweeping staircase, located in the center, will be an excellent design solution. Wide stairs, running up, side rails are decorated with railings, balusters - it all looks incredibly stylish and elegant. This accommodation ladders characteristic of classic style with a long opening.

A spiral staircase saves spaceA spiral staircase saves space

House with a narrow long corridor requires a more concise decisions:

  1. Staircase to the second floor is better placed along the wall.
  2. Better to ladder consisted of a single flight of stairs, if it allows the length of the corridor.
  3. You can do design the wall that runs along the stairs.
  4. A good advice is to give up the bulk of accessories in favor of paintings, mounted lamps, pictures and garlands. This will give comfort.
  5. It is also the perfect solution would be a mirror - they will help visually expand the space.

Spiral staircases will also be a great solution in tight spaces. In contrast to the cruise, they are placed in a smaller space, and not so massive. However, up and down the stairs a bit problematic. But it does not clutter the interior and looks very compact. For a two-level apartment - it's almost the only solution: rarely, when there turns out to fit gorgeous stairway.

Saving valuable space - the main advantage of such a design. In addition, interesting design solutions bring to the interior of the new notes home, will help to achieve a light and airy design of all homes in general.

We can not say about the relative cheapness of these stairs. In the manufacture of such a structure will need less material than for the manufacture of a stairway, which may not affect the price.

The main drawback of this staircase is a small width of the tread. Also some danger is the lack of space in the narrow risers - almost all spiral staircases designed without them. Do not forget that the ladder must be in harmony with the rest interior details.

You can lay a carpet of bright shades and pick up accessories in the same color. It set the tone for the whole interior.

Stairs to the second floor design options (video)

Design your own home - a painstaking and complicated task that requires attention to detail (wallpaper, output, and so on.). Staircase in the interior of a private house, a cottage or a two-tier apartment - one of the most interesting and significant important details, which opens a lot of opportunities for the original design of the space and bold design solutions.

Design hallway with stairs to the second floor (interior photo)


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