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Dressing is a convenient and practical place to store clothes in the apartmentDressing is a convenient and practical place to store clothes in the apartment kvartireSovremennye sometimes possible to place full dressing rooms, where you can conveniently place the clothes, shoes and other things. There are many projects of apartments and houses, from which you can choose, before the construction of a dressing room, the most suitable option.

Wardrobe: design projects, photo in the interior

Interior dressing room must comply with the overall style of the apartment or house, or other premises, as well as meet the needs, so that they could put the clothes, shoes, any items and other accessories. In order to choose the best option, you should first look at examples of work, design projects, all the information, including, and with accurate dimensions, which can be found without too much trouble, and pick up some of the best options.

Kindly requested to familiarize yourself with the wardrobe and choose the suitable for youKindly requested to familiarize yourself with the wardrobe and choose the suitable for you

And it should also take into account other parameters:

  • A selection of color and style of dressing for the overall design and color of the room;
  • Cabinets dressing must be functional, but at the same time occupy a small space, it is desirable that a dressing positioned close to the entrance to the premises;
  • If dressing in general was not planned, it is possible to make it out of the closet, and if storage is not present, it is necessary to consider everything in the dressing room of the room.

If the room is only built and still finishing is not performed, it is possible to make the dressing room with his hands, using the ready-made solutions, and the design will be unique. But if the room is all decorated, and made good repair, in this case, it is best to consult a good designer so that he designed the dressing in a particular room based on its area of ​​people's needs, as well as the general style .

When clever design or more of its options, you can choose one of the most liked, and on the basis it has a dressing room to build.

You can, of course, do everything with their own hands by purchasing appropriate materials, but if a person does not have experience in the construction of any structures, it is better to turn to professionals to quickly and accurately make all necessary.

Device dressing room: design and photo

Unfortunately, people do not always live in a large area apartments and houses, and floor space does not allow to make a full walk-in closet, in which case you can try to make a dressing-closet.

Dressing-cabinet will be a good solution for a small spaceDressing-cabinet will be a good solution for a small space

To do it, you must first perform calculations and take into account a lot of nuances in the planning of such an arrangement:

  1. You must choose a place in the room where the cabinet is installed, it can be a corner of the room or Nishcha, the cabinet can be ordered on a special project, but you can make it yourself from a variety of materials.
  2. It is necessary to develop storage, drawers, racks, shelves, should also make the backlight and provide a place for a mirror.
  3. In some cases, instead of a full dressing room, you can install only the hangers, shelves and storage systems that can be covered by sliding doors or screen.

If too little space, it is possible to consider the option of dressing-case, in essence, it is a rectangular case in which extends and retracts the storage system consisting of shelves, cabinets and racks. It extends and retracts this design on rollers, and to the slide not tilt sideways, left and right, from the pull-out of the rollers set, which do not allow to shift the sliding part. Of course, this design does not allow to accommodate a lot of things, but it would be optimal for a small-sized room.

Selection of projects dressing room: photos and ideas

Who will not be possible to find many examples of dressing rooms, as well as drawings and descriptions, as well as various schemes through which you can choose the best option arrangement of dressing. If a person does not like it, based on the information found can try to come up with something of their own, for the most optimal placement of a dressing room. If you can not even choose a project based on the information found or are having difficulty with planning dressing room, you should consult a professional designers and builders.

With the arrangement of a dressing room in the apartment to help professionals of the furniture and construction areasWith the arrangement of a dressing room in the apartment to help professionals of the furniture and construction areas


  1. Based on preferences, a professional designer designs the best option dressing room.
  2. Due to the small size of the premises is not always possible to realize the desired option, and in this case you can call for help of professional builders and furniture makers.

If a person is able to work with the tool, he can develop the most appropriate dressing project, and self-start its construction. You can also find information about the different materials that are used for the manufacture of small closets, as well as how to properly mount everything and set all the details, and then make the finish of the room, install shelves, hangers and other equipment to carry out lighting.

We plan to dressing rooms: design projects with his own hands

Despite the diversity of designs dressing rooms, not always able to choose what you want and have to do in this case, design your own wardrobe.

Auxiliary tool of self-dressing design are special constructorsAuxiliary tool of self-dressing design are special constructors

To do this, there are many ways to make a design project of their own hands:

  1. Those people who are well versed in computers, did not take much to learn the necessary program that can be used to simulate any furniture, bathroom, including in 3D. You can simulate the space where you plan to install a dressing room and see the program, how it will look.
  2. Those who are poorly versed in computers, can by hand, based on the numerous examples of wardrobe, diagrams and drawings, draw what you want, you have to design your own dressing room.
  3. If you make a schematic drawing of the room, imposing figure, both to each other, it is possible to determine the most optimal place for a dressing room.

This independent project will take into account many factors such as room size, area, height, dimensions of the dressing room, and so on. D. Also independently developed by the project will be taken into account already those things, clothes, which is already a person, it can be any stationary storage systems, or any mobile, modular system that can be quickly rebuilt.

In addition, the self-developed project dressing room will most harmoniously fit into the interior the entire premises.

Features dressing rooms in a private home

Those people who live in a private home, there are many more opportunities to arrange a dressing room, even if it was originally not planned to do. For its location, you can use the auxiliary facilities at home, attic, basement, boiler room or laundry room, if the house is built on a number of families with a common basement, of course, provided that the other tenants will agree to give up part of the boiler room or laundry room for the organization of dressing.

If the size of the premises permit, it can be quite a large dressing room. If not, you can make a compact dressing room, but it is necessary to build it so as to be able to expand its size, if necessary.

Owners of individual private homes provided more opportunities for dressing equipmentOwners of individual private homes provided more opportunities for dressing equipment

If the house floor, then the best dressing placement will be a basement in order to design the size of a small walk-in closet, you should take into account certain parameters.


  1. The dimensions of the basement, convenient approach to the dressing room, as well as all communications, laid in it.
  2. The possibility of rapid adjustment to expand or, conversely, to reduce the size of a wardrobe and 2 outputs, for example, from the accommodation and from the street basement stroke if necessary.
  3. Dressing must be insulated against moisture, as moisture from the things will deteriorate.

Best of all everything for dressing waterproofing in the basement of a single-storey house to contact the experts, who have extensive experience in setting up similar structures.

Features dressing, arranged in rooms

Carrying out design wardrobe should think through the ergonomics of the whole room - it must have the convenience and practicality. Plan should be so as to be able to put almost all clothes and shoes that are in stock, and leave the stock to new things.

In the dressing room, it is desirable to provide for the availability of additional space to accommodate the new thingsIn the dressing room, it is desirable to provide for the availability of additional space to accommodate the new things

In addition, there are a number of features in the design of a wardrobe:

  1. Adequate lighting, as many dressing rooms have no natural light sources. Should consider lighting, better to put a few lights, evenly covering the entire area.
  2. Ventilation - that there was no musty smell, and that things are not spoiled by moisture, you should consider the ventilation system.

Videos dressing room in a classic style (video)

In addition, you should consider placing clothes, shoes and other things, dresses, blouses, jackets and outerwear to be hanging on the horizontal bar, the same goes for pants. Small items: T-shirts, underwear stir in the boxes at the secondary level. Shoes, bags and other things stir at the open lower shelves. At the closed shelves usually resolved at the top dressing, a hats, scarves and the like. D.

Details: dressing rooms, design projects (photo examples)


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