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Corner fireplaces are well fit into any decor, while taking up the minimum of spaceCorner fireplaces are well fit into any decor, while taking up the minimum of space Every owner wants in their home feel warm and cozy. To do this, you need to create the appropriate interior. Create comfort in the house as separate elements of decor, and the overall situation. Curtains, furniture textiles, colors - all this plays a huge role in creating a warm interior. It is also worth thinking about the fireplace. Since ancient times the fireplace has always been a hotbed of heat. Modern fireplaces do more decorative function than heating, but still bring the heat. Also fireplaces create a certain atmosphere and surroundings.

The main types of fireplaces

Market provides its customers with a very extensive choice of fireplaces. Pick up the fireplace can be in accordance with any conditions and parameters. It is only necessary to relate its claims of reduced criteria of the fireplace and the result will exceed all expectations.

Fireplaces are classified:

  • In appearance;
  • By location;
  • According to the type of fuel.

To finish the fireplace can apply tile, natural stone or decorative brickTo finish the fireplace can apply tile, natural stone or decorative brick

In appearance, there are fireplaces, brick, ceramic, marble and plaster. For a classic interior fit the first three types. They create an atmosphere of antiquity and luxury. Suited to living rooms and rooms in private homes with a large area.

Stucco fireplace is created by a special solution of the latest generation. Working with modern technology it is possible to create songs in different styles.

In terms of location, there are external fireplaces, outdoor, corner, closed. The first type is very convenient as it can be installed after the house construction. The only negative, the roof will have to disassemble to install the chimney. Open type is also called an island, as is located in the center of the room. Suitable for country houses, hunting lodges. Closed type is convenient in that it is inserted into the wall space. This type of fireplace is installed at the time of construction of the house. This requires specialist knowledge.

Particular attention should be paid to the type of corner fireplaces, it is quite popular among fans of the interior.

Corner fireplace in the interior of the living room

Corner fireplaces are diverse in form and differ in their lineup. Also, to create a beautiful design for them using different material finishes. Corner fireplace set in different premises. They are characterized by their compactness and is thus a good option for installation in a living room interior.

To install this fireplace should initially decide on the style, location, prepare the documents authorizing the installation, to invite the master.

Near the corner fireplaces often have furniture on which it is pleasant to spend the evening by the fireNear the corner fireplaces often have furniture on which it is pleasant to spend the evening by the fire

Corner fireplaces are distinguished not only by the type of fuel, but also on other external differences. Before installing a fireplace, you should learn the basic characteristics.

Corner fireplaces are:

  1. Unbalanced. Most often they are used to highlight specific areas that eliminates the unnecessary partitions, bulky designs, doors and walls. The installation of such a fire can be performed with open and closed combustion chamber.
  2. Symmetric. The name itself speaks for itself. This type of fireplace is characterized in that it is a full side opposite mirror image. Symmetric fireplaces have sufficient volume, and its installation requires more space. Designers recommend, if you select this type, then the development of the design to make the main emphasis on the mantelpiece.
  3. Bio-fireplaces suited for urban apartments. Its main feature, it is not necessary to install a chimney. The system of his work is based on the combustion of ecological fuel. Well suited to the interior with a minimalist style or high-tech.
  4. Brick corner fireplace It can be regarded as immortal classics. Such fireplaces are different unique design, foundations strength, impact of the warmth and comfort. The only drawback may be considered a complex installation and a certain care.
  5. Decorative type. Raised fireplaces are installed only for decorative purpose. Its main function is to light.

Living room with corner fireplace

Room with a fireplace in the corner creates a pleasant atmosphere for the evening gatherings with the whole family.

Corner fireplace should be placed in the opposite corner from the doorCorner fireplace should be placed in the opposite corner from the door

So it makes sense to consider it a good location and the overall interior room:

  1. First of all, the fireplace should not close pieces of furniture, the visibility of the flame should cover the whole space.
  2. Next to the fireplace can be placed strong rocking chair or the original pouf, situated the side of the fireplace.
  3. You can decorate the room in a cold tone, so they are better in tune with the views of the warm fireplace.

Corner fireplaces can decorate the shelves on which you can arrange a variety of figurines or family photos.

The whole interior of the fireplace must be consistent with the overall picture of the room styling. For apartments is best to buy bio fireplaces or electric. They are safer and require less space.

Electric corner fireplace

Electric fireplaces - this is a good answer for small apartments owners, where the installation of the fireplace is prohibited according to the technology. For such seating fireplaces used for different purposes: as an additional heat source for the interior decoration and extra lighting.

Electric corner fireplace should be placed in the living room, made in the style of minimalism, modern or high-techElectric corner fireplace should be placed in the living room, made in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech

Electric fireplace has a good list of benefits:

  • Small size;
  • Great review of the flame;
  • Release of heat of about 30% more;
  • Increased safety;
  • The original design;
  • Variety in the model number;
  • Saving.

It is also worth noting that electric fireplaces are easy to install and to maintain. It is enough to install it on the chosen wall and turned on. Also, this type of fireplaces have temperature control from low to high, which is very important for constant weather changes.

There are models of electric fireplaces, which are built in an additional feature wood burning furnace. This feature is very useful during emergency power outages.

Fireplaces running on electricity also come in different types. They may be placed in the center of the room, set on the wall, equipped in a corner or hidden in the wall. Regardless of the type of fireplace brings his own original touch to the interior. Electric fire - the most convenient and fun way to bring the interior a special charm, add warmth and emphasize the pleasant atmosphere of the room.

Stylish corner fireplace in the interior of the living room (video)

Summarizing, we can say that the fire is a universal element of the decor, which has many useful features. In addition to distributing the heat, flame flickering fire in the furnace, it has a depressant effect on the emotional state. Quite often, the fire podkidyvayut fragrant dried herbs to spread a pleasant smell in the room. Modern technologies allow to install fireplaces not only in country houses, but also in urban apartments.

Design corner fireplace in the living room (photos in the interiors)


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