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Floral wallpaper creates an atmosphere of comfort in the roomFloral wallpaper creates an atmosphere in the room uyutaTsvetochnye wallpaper brings to created a special interior refinement, because the room becomes much more gentle, comfortable and gentle with them. If you want to draw a house in the English style, it is necessary to consider the option with floral wallpaper for at least one room. Quite interesting to look wallpaper with flowers in the classical interiors. Classic means the minimum number of flowers, in contrast to the English style.

The role of flower wallpapers in the interior

Flowers - a special joy, so walls made flowered contribute to an unusually good mood. These wallpapers on the wall can be performed in the various versions, it all depends on the interior solutions.

Choice of flower wallpaper depends on the style of the roomChoice of flower wallpaper depends on the style of the room

In particular the choice of the most appropriate option depends on:

  • Style rooms;
  • Size color;
  • Design problems;
  • Interior palette.

Floral wallpaper can occur in a variety of styles, especially in the interior, designed in the English style. In such an interior at the same time using a number of different floral elements, because in the same room may be the walls, armchairs and curtains flowered.

Yourself wallpaper must be very gentle, low-key, mostly with small flowers, often with small roses and wildflowers.

But it is necessary to understand that in addition to wallpaper another accessory to be floral. It can be a decorative pillow, curtain bright, stylish blanket or chair. Floral ornaments should be combined with stripes or checkered textiles.

Wallpaper with flowers in various interiors

Very often floral wallpaper are included directly in the classical interior, in the form of insertions required or in combination with other finishes, they often come in the form of wall panels on the bottom of the wall. Mainly used large flower that is somewhat reminiscent of lush flowering garden, where there is no order.

Floral accents enliven and improve the interiorFloral accents enliven and improve the interior

To achieve this effect, the wallpaper with big flowers are inserted into separate fragments or combined with panels or achieve certain ordering by dividing walls with floral wallpaper into individual sections using moldings, borders, and decorative strips.

Flower wallpapers look very nice in modern interiors, where they find the active application. Beautiful wallpaper with flowers create a very bright accent in the interior, and are very active use in different rooms. Modern interior implies that the wallpaper with large flowers glued only one wall in a room or even a part of the wall. Very beautiful strip of the wall near the bed or a wall section of the sofa with large flowers.

The interiors are modern specialized wallpaper used primarily for combining. These colorful accents help to significantly revitalize and improve the interior.

The Scandinavian style typically have several floral accents. In this style uses small flower, which immediately attracts attention. For interior decoration, you can choose beautiful colorful wallpaper with pink flowers. In addition, you can select and beautiful monochrome large flowers. Monochrome wallpaper - only one color, and the pattern on their texture is applied, special pearlescent, darker and lighter shade.

Fine stylish wallpaper with big flowers for walls

Interior with flowers it is possible to perform with his own hands, the most important thing to take into account feature of arrangement of each room.

When you create the interior you need to take into account the balance of simplicity and splendorWhen you create the interior you need to take into account the balance of simplicity and splendor

When you create the interior you need to consider:

  • The balance of simplicity and grandeur;
  • The combination of patterns and shades;
  • Balance size.

Wallpaper with flowers macro make the wall and the whole room is very impressive, but it is necessary to observe the rules of minimalism. It must be remembered that the brighter and more luxuriant bouquets will be on the walls, the easier it should be furniture and other furnishings. If you create an interior English-style or country style, you need to combine several distinct elements into a beautiful flower, but when working with many other styles, you need to follow a certain balance.

When you create the interior of the room you need to consider the size of some balance. In this case, it is sure to remember that the smaller the room, the smaller should be the flowers on the walls. Best of all, if there is only one room papered wall.

In this case, the wallpaper have to be a large red and white roses or peonies. This will give the room a special charm and elegance, but also help to fill the atmosphere with bright notes. For a more spacious room can choose wallpaper with flowers completely any size. The reason for this limitation is that the walls with large flowers, a visual approach, by which the room seems a little smaller than it actually is.

It is important to correctly choose the combination of colors and patterns. Plain wallpaper that are pasted together with floral wallpaper, their need to choose a color tone, rather than the color of the background. That is, if there are white wallpaper with blue lilies, the plain wallpaper should be blue. In addition, it is necessary to combine the flowered wallpaper and wallpaper for painting in neutral colors.

Unique flowered wallpaper for decoration of the room

If you do not like the flowered wallpaper, you should consider other options floral wall decorations. Very beautiful water color, which will be a wonderful decoration of the bedroom wall or in a modern living room.

Floral panels can be hung behind the sofaFloral panels can be hung behind the sofa

If you are unable or unwilling to use the entire surface of the walls wallpaper with flowers, it is possible to paste over just one panel. Floral panels can lead the bed, on the sides of the TV, in the hallway or behind the sofa.

The use of wallpaper with flowers is an excellent opportunity to easily turn a interior. Very interesting to look interior stickers with flowers. Several flowers on the plain wallpaper help liven things up by making it a little creative, playful and somewhat frivolous.

Making a living room wallpaper with flowers

Flower wallpaper is very interesting and original look in the interior. Decorating the walls of these wallpapers in the room creates a special softness, warmth and tenderness. The use of this type of wallpaper is possible as a separate element, gives the room a special style. The use of such a decoration according to the rules helps to create the perfect option.

With floral prints in perfect harmony upholstered furniture in warm colorsWith floral prints in perfect harmony upholstered furniture in warm colors

Very nice looking wallpaper with orange flowers in the living room, which can bring into the room special coziness and warmth. To create a unique style to wallpaper so you also need to pick up a soft furniture more warm colors that will blend perfectly with floral prints.

Achieve excellent effect can be choosing fabric in a rather bright and extremely saturated colors that will not only decorate a wall in the living room, but the room completely. Floral motifs may well manifest itself in great abundance of patterns, colors and a variety of combinations.

The most important thing when you make room to pick the right background. In the classic version, he is a white or cream-colored, and on this background, ideally will look vibrant rather large gerbera or walls can be decorated with poppies.

Flowers at the wallpaper on the wall (video)

Very gentle kind of have a small monochrome buds formed on a light background. And here is bright and colorful bouquets will look pretty fun and playful. At arrangement of the living room you need to carefully select the colors of all the elements, making it possible to create a complete picture.

Flowers at the wallpaper on the wall (photo)

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