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Wallpaper beige shades are ideal for both the living room and bedroom or hallwayWallpaper beige shades are ideal for both the living room and bedroom or prihozheyPravilno chosen design not only decorate the room, but also makes it more comfortable and cozy. It is also proved that the design space has a significant positive effect on human health. Color matching wallpaper is one of the most important factors in determining the design of the room. In this case, color and hue depends on the room - its size, destination, frequency of stay it.d. Considering all the factors, a competent designer will be able to choose the desired color and pattern wallpaper.

It is worth noting beige wallpaper. This pleasant "light" colors to create a pleasant atmosphere and improve the mood of a person resident there. They are suitable for almost any furniture and helps to mitigate the apparent "flashy" and do not fit into the interior shades and forms. Therefore, this color is one of the most common among both designers and manufacturers, which is not surprising - Demand creates supply. Below is a look at some nuances to create interiors of this color wallpaper (and shades), as well as tell you about some of the nuances a combination beige with others.

Beige wallpaper in the interior, and their use

Despite a number of advantages which have a beige wallpaper, many consider them to be quite dull and boring. In this case, they can be diluted with a little more bright colors, but this should know, what the wallpaper for the walls are combined with a beige color.

So should select several options of different colors that will blend in with the interior of the main beige color.

This combination is perfect for expressive interior. They allow you to make the room more dynamic, but they should not be keen on - black should not be much, and it should not prevail over beige. A better option is an option in which the black stripes will serve as shadows.

Beige wallpaper in the interior of the apartment will delight and refresh the roomBeige wallpaper in the interior of the apartment will delight and refresh the room

It allows you to create an interior in the style of baroque or classical. In this case, the beige color - background color of the wallpaper (predominant), and should be golden brown patterns on the wallpaper. Then the golden patterns will sparkle beautifully in the sunlight, creating a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Some options include interior design brown and beige wallpaper. In this case, again dominated by beige and brown must emphasize one or another element of the decor. Often they are used for "inclusion" the interior of the furniture, such as beige and brown color is suitable for the finishing of the sofa wall.

Have a calming effect on the human psyche, so to use these shades is recommended for finishing the bedrooms, children's rooms, rooms for rest and relaxation.

To make the room more than the natural "of the atmosphere" You can use the beige and green colors. So light green create a warm and bright atmosphere, and darker shades will create a sense of balance in the room.

The combination with shades of red

Interior with beige as the core, and pink or red tones as razbavochnyh make it possible to create a romantic atmosphere in the room. But should not be too much abuse these colors. They better identify the window openings (shading flat), various decorative elements (furniture it.d.).

Wallpaper beige able to significantly increase the visual space of the roomWallpaper beige able to significantly increase the visual space of the room

When selecting furniture for the room, the preference is to give the furniture with bright outer cover.

It is best suited to wallpaper beige pale milky, dairy, Peach et al. Colors. Thus it is possible to make the interior of the raisins to put furniture cyan or blue (electric) hues.

What curtains in beige suit wallpaper

An important role in determining the interior design is determined by the curtains, which are used in the room. Curtains are an important element of the decor, which is to carry and practical function - to close the window from light and prying eyes. It is therefore important to choose the right curtains in a room with a view of the main beige walls.

When choosing curtains should be guided by personal preferences. However, there are some limitations that are set beige color wallpaper. So it is not recommended to get curtains too bright colors, for example, a poisonous yellow, bright light green, etc. Colors.

Pick up the curtains to wallpaper beige color will not be difficult, because to them the curtains fit virtually any light colorsPick up the curtains to wallpaper beige color will not be difficult, because to them the curtains fit virtually any light colors

When this is allowed to take the curtains with patterns. Pattern curtains should not be too large and alyapistym - preference should be given easy and does not attract the attention of the pattern.

Tulle is better to take monochrome soft tones. For no violation of the design space, tulle can be in large strips. For example, when the width of the curtain 80 cm, the best one will be large band width of 20 cm.

A very important role in the selection of curtains plays and purpose of the room. Since the kitchen is better to make a light and visually expand the space, using curtains of light pink or peach color. The same applies to the nursery, where to give harmony should use soft light green color blind. Living rooms and halls are also encouraged to visually expand, using bright colors. But the "official" space such as an office, reception or training class, it is better to make more stringent. To do this, use black, red, maroon and other dark shades.

What wallpaper are combined beige wallpaper

If in the previous section was considered a combination of monochromatic beige color with other colors, then consider a combination of drawings here. So to make the room more colorful and cozy kind of wallpaper can be used with a texture.

Beige wallpaper perfectly with rich and vibrant colorsBeige wallpaper perfectly with rich and vibrant colors

Typically, the main texture (beige) wallpaper is neat and does not attract attention patterns. The same should be followed when selecting a pattern on the wallpaper other.

However, we should not forget that the rush to extremes, too bad - too small patterns (for example, small peas), too, will have a negative look at the background of monotonous beige. A better option would patterns occupying about 80% of the total area of ​​wallpaper.

How to apply gray-beige wallpaper

Recently, in finishing studio apartments designers began to actively apply the gray-beige tones. Usually wallpaper glue in these colors on the wall, often imitating Damascus and other Middle Eastern landscape.

Under beige wallpaper perfect brown furnitureUnder beige wallpaper perfect brown furniture

To the room it was done in this style recommended to use bright colors when its arrangement - bright red or bright yellow shades. It is better if these colors will be used in furniture, small fittings and accessories. Thus obtaining the interior in "Middle East" style.

You can also use the wallpaper with middle-sized drawings graying to dilute the beige background. The best embodiment will wave or snowflakes.

Beige liquid wallpaper in the interior (video)

In conclusion, to give the harmony room, if the furniture has a different color from beige, should be included in the interior elements of decor with beige color (panels, pictures, pictures in frames, etc.).

Beige wallpaper in the interior (photo)


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