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Due to the cells of the schemes, embroider beautiful composition is not difficult even for a person who has no experienceDue to the cells of the schemes, embroider beautiful composition is not difficult even for a person who has not opytaCheloveku not require deep knowledge in the field of handicrafts and significant experience. Based on the image on the paper symbols and colors, one stitch by stitch creates a pattern of yarns. Each cell on the field corresponds to only one stitch or cross-stitch.

Small schemes for cross stitch on cells and tips on choosing an image

Beginners are recommended to choose a simple scheme, allowing to quickly create a variety of images. We should not worry that the simplified model does not allow to realize a complex project. Still lifes, landscapes, figures of fairytale characters - all this can be embroidered cross. Before you start, you should carefully approach the issue of choice sketch.

Each color and the cross in the picture will receive the necessary reflection on the stage of the embroidery. Because of this, it is possible to carry out an initial assessment of the complexity.

common images

  1. floral elements - wild flowers, bouquets or freestanding flora decorate the living room, bedroom or hallway. Newlyweds recommended that you choose a rose - a symbol of fidelity, love and harmony. Most time will be spent on the formation of numerous bends graceful flower;
  2. Maki - in spite of its apparent simplicity, the representatives of the world of flora will be a good decoration for the room, decorated in a classic style. In most cases, the embroidery is complemented by images of wild flowers: cornflower, spikes;
  3. peonies - suitable for bedroom decoration, being recognized as a symbol of happiness, prosperity and love.

Embroidered with the image of an animal perfectly fit into the interior of a child's roomEmbroidered with the image of an animal perfectly fit into the interior of a child's room

The second highest frequency of occurrence are images of animals. If you want to emphasize the dynamic component, the choice is made in favor of running horses. Over a century of even-toed ungulates were a symbol of unbridled energy and thirst for freedom. When it comes to the bedroom, it is appropriate swans - graceful birds do not have complex elements. For beginners is easy to transfer them to the material. Design with an emphasis on minimalism accentuate graceful butterfly. Color and shape is chosen based on the dominant color of the wallpaper in the room and furniture.

Cross stitch: pictures with the schemes on the cell, and practical tips

Beginners every step necessary to verify the selected scheme. In this case, you do not have to redo a significant piece of work. Begin the process of embroidery should be a pre-marked middle. In this case, it will be much easier to transfer to the fabric pattern. If you want to make a "cross" or "half-cross," that it uses 2 addition. After the seam is made, the needle is returned to its original position.

Ensure that each "cross" covers the yarn 2 on the material. It is about the width and height of the cover.

To embroidery turned out beautiful and stylish, it is recommended to adhere to all the embroidery tipsTo embroidery turned out beautiful and stylish, it is recommended to adhere to all the embroidery tips

Regardless of the complexity of the selected thumbnail to the work will require the following:

  1. The basis for the tower - sized according to the number of items and the selected thumbnail. It takes into account not only the density of their location, but also the type of the selected thread. To work suitable canvas, gabardine or flax. If the home there are people with allergies, preference is given to natural materials;
  2. Colorful thread - the master is not limited to the issue of their choice. Fit floss "Kirov" or DMC. The color scheme is selected based on characteristics of the selected thumbnail;
  3. Pointed needle with a large "eye";
  4. Comprising a selected pattern set;
  5. Embroidery machine;
  6. hoop;
  7. Markers to mark the canvas - they apply if the cross stitching provides for the creation of massive images. Before you begin, make sure that the traces of the marker is easily washed away with water. Otherwise, the work will be ruined.

In the process of creating the painting should be aware of the correct geometry stitches. They are always located in the same pre-selected direction. The use of large broaches advised to stop, otherwise the picture will not have a finished appearance.

Creative cross-stitch for children: on the cell circuit

Creative realization requires not only adults but also children. In connection with this embroidery on the cell some special varieties. To work needed sewing thread Four addition, the needle 3 cm wide "eyelet" scissors 18 cm hoop waffle fabric with a dense structure, the needle bar, multiple paperboard strips with pre-applied markings.

Adults need to remember that children are always very active, so you need to tell a minor safety precautions.

This simple scheme is perfect for children who have just started to engage in cross stitchingThis simple scheme is perfect for children who have just started to engage in cross stitching

The further procedure is as follows:

  1. Zoom with the child future scheme for embroidery on cells. If desired, children can independently supplement the submitted sketch;
  2. Using cardboard horizontal stripes, guys, together with the teacher dorisovyvayut required number of additional elements.
  3. Creating images starts from the bottom up. Before each action is necessary to look at the diagram for the correct calculation of crosses. Once on the scheme found the middle, it is necessary with the help of a pencil and a ruler a few lines;
  4. If done correctly, the picture will be enclosed in a square. The fabric was folded in half. Finding the lower horizontal row, it is necessary to count a certain number of cells. It was at this point, and made the first stitch;
  5. In the process of creating images should be left on the edges of the tissue up to 2 cm to create a decorative frame.

Simple circuits embroidery 50 to 50 cross cells

Decorating a spacious room with the help of embroidery requires certain skills. The first selected light filling the picture. We can talk about the colors or abstract forms. The color scheme is chosen based on the premises and its degree of illumination. If the windows overlooking the sunny side, too bright embroidery literally drown in the luminous flux. For a room where the sun is only a few hours during the day, fit warm pastel colors. Another recommendation is related to the geometric form of embroidery.

Square and small - is the basis of the correct filling of the interior decorative elements.

These embroideries are a great gift for any occasionThese embroideries are a great gift for any occasion

The following recommendations need to perform to implement the project:

  1. Select circuit created in the format of 50 to 50 cells;
  2. Fabric for transferring image selected according to the density and saturation with small pattern elements;
  3. During the line is advisable to use measuring instruments. Deviation 0.5 cm even lead to the need to remake all;
  4. Each stitch is covered on both sides of the line drawn on the fabric;
  5. The main success of the project is to be careful. If necessary experience in humans yet, every stitch is carried out after consultation with the scheme of the proposed action.

How to begin to embroider scheme (video)

Decorative cross-stitch on the cloth - a fascinating and accessible to representatives of various ages to do. No need to have in-depth knowledge in the field of handicraft. Just connect your imagination to transfer the desired image on the cloth. During operation, you need to constantly check with the chosen scheme. In this case, you do not have to redo the wrong part of the stitch. 

Cross stitch: the circuit on the cell (photo)


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