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Cross stitching will give you confidence, teaches patience and careCross stitching will give you confidence, teaches patience and vnimatelnostiVyshivanie cross - very interesting, interesting and fun. Besides aesthetic pleasure, it allows us to develop a lot of human qualities - logical thinking, attentiveness, diligence, patience. The process of working on the embroidery enhances the perception of beauty, it helps determine its value and significance.

Symbolism and importance of cross stitch

Many people believe that thoughts are material. It is therefore logical to decorate the interior of the housing similar images desired, so they are always in plain sight. embroidery symbolism very well help you with this. Select the suitable plot, when you look at that you will be filled with positive and good thoughts. Many embroiderers, doing things you love than a year, know a number of signs.

The value of some images:

  • If desired, the replenishment of the family often embroider pictures "Sonya," "Almost perfect", "Stork with the baby," "The Kid", ie Image kids. And the mascot image often embroider the phoenix bird. Such meaningful pattern is desirable to place in the bedroom.
  • By the appearance of their own homes logical embroider your dream home. In this case, you can unleash the imagination and portray the summer house on the river or sea, walled. And suddenly come true?
  • For good health embroider still life of peaches or cranes on a pine tree.

Embroidered cross you liked the symbolism of any countryEmbroidered cross you liked the symbolism of any country

Any solitary flowers protect couples from quarrels and divorce. Depicted poppies symbolize virility, rose - beauty and mercy, daffodils - eternal life, goldfish - to wealth, a horseshoe - a symbol of good luck, rings on red background - to finding love and loved one meeting a fox - bypass made traps.

The main thing in a meaningful embroidery that she certainly liked all members of the household and evoked positive thoughts and emotions.

How to learn to embroider a cross right

If you are a beginner and have a great desire to learn to embroider a cross correctly, we must first familiarize themselves with the necessary materials and features.

To work you will need:

  • Thread for embroidery;
  • A special needle;
  • the hoop;
  • Canvas;
  • scheme;
  • Scissors.

If you do everything right, to find the right tools to make accurate layout, the picture will turn out perfectIf you do everything right, to find the right tools to make accurate layout, the picture will turn out perfect

To begin to measure tissue. In Scheme count the number of crosses the perimeter, measure pattern area on the canvas and took another 10 centimeters to the web edge. Then select the location from which to start embroidering. But as practice shows, it is better to start with the upper left corner, so that the crosses would go to the left to the right. Further it is possible to proceed to the first stitch. Pass the thread through the eye of a needle and point at the lower left corner and future cross diagonally - the top right corner. Spend a thread through the inside out, and bring it into the bottom corner below the top. Diagonally to the right one color should be performed as many stitches as indicated in the diagram crosses. In the same way back to the beginning of the series. As a result, you will get the crosses, just do not make them weak or vice versa - free. Next, change the color you want and follow the crosses, like the previous one.

To get the picture was bright and charming, embroidering should be in two or three threads. Thus obtained three-dimensional tic and not visible gaps canvas.

To begin with simple embroider recommended plots and optionally adhere to the colors specified in the schema. Rely on your own taste. Over time, you learn to embroider patterns of any complexity with neat and beautiful crosses.

What you need to counted cross: Tools

Before you proceed directly to the very embroidery, should take care of the necessary materials and tools.

A well-chosen tools - the key to a successful and beautiful picturesA well-chosen tools - the key to a successful and beautiful pictures

Basic tools for embroidery:

  • Needle. embroidery needle requires special - short, blunt and wide eye. Along the length, they are also different, they are used, depending on the texture of the fabric.
  • Thread. The most famous embroidery thread - floss. This natural yarn, twisted yarns 6 in one addition. The quality and color palette depends on the manufacturer. Less commonly used twisted silk knitting yarn, toffees, soft cotton, tapestry wool, metallic thread and acrylic.   
  • The cloth. Traditional canvas remains - a fabric with a mesh designed specifically for embroidery cross. In principle, the work can be used any fabric, the main thing to learn how to work with it.
  • Hoop. Material hoop huge form also can be matched to individual preferences.

Additional tools in the work are scissors, a ruler, a thimble and a marker for tissue.

It is very important to work in a well-lit area to reduce eye strain and generally favorable conditions for embroidery.

Learn the rules of cross stitch

In addition to materials and tools, there are many ways and the rules of cross stitch. Remember them, you can more quickly adapt to the job and avoid mistakes. We learn and remember!

Create a drawing for embroidery cross necessary for special schemesCreate a drawing for embroidery cross necessary for special schemes

The basic rules of cross stitch:

  • №1. If you learn to embroider from scratch, it is recommended to purchase a ready-made set. It already has everything you need for work, and also a circuit with a pattern. The first step is to choose a simple scheme to try, you can draw a conclusion, whether you like such occupation or not.
  • №2. Beautiful embroidery depends on successfully picked up the canvas, including its color. Thus in addition to the figure, the background is not possible to embroider, and leave in its natural form.
  • No. 3. Choose the right color of thread, from which depends the final form of embroidery. With the help of the respective colors may make it more realistic and natural.
  • №4. For ease of use for beginners recommend to mark outline on squares, in accordance with the finished scheme. So you do not get confused and gradually embroidering pattern on them, you will be guided in the total composition.
  • №5. Some works are embroidered over the years, so no matter how hard you try - turn dirty. They should wash your hands in warm water, and after wringing not hang to dry.

Iron to iron embroidery should still wet, but necessarily from the inside and through mokrovatuyu gauze or cloth.

If during washing the thread began to fade, the work must be immediately rinsed in cold water and allow to drain, making the disappearance of colored streaks.

What crosses are used for embroidery

There are many types and methods of embroidery. And sometimes use several methods simultaneously.

There are the following cross-stitch:

  • Plain;
  • Tic 1/3, 2/4 and 3/4;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Italian;

Typically, each needlewoman picks up with experience for themselves what methods embroidery her liking.

There are several types of crosses for embroidery, each of which refers to his styleThere are several types of crosses for embroidery, each of which refers to his style

Methods counted cross:

  • English (Traditional);
  • Danish.

Experienced recommend embroiders embroider freestanding crosses and vertical rows in the traditional way, and Danish - horizontal. Following the established techniques of embroidery, crosses obtained rovnenko and wrong side trim.

cross embroidery techniques are:

  • elongated;
  • Rice;
  • hinge;
  • Vladimir;
  • goat;
  • Star;
  • Rhodes seam.

Usually ready for decoration and embroidery trim its use polukrestik seam "back needle" and Petit.

Resort to the use of all at once is not necessary, but to combine 2 or 3 types is appropriate.

Bullfinches: cross-stitch master class

Consider a master class cross-stitch "bullfinches". Circuit pattern can be found on the Internet, there are also indicated the processes of embroidery and symbols. If you are already familiar with the basics of embroidery, it can easily get into the notation and process as a whole.

Cross stitching bullfinches give your picture a new color and eleganceCross stitching bullfinches give your picture a new color and elegance

Useful notes:

  • Embroidery should be performed in 2 out of 6 yarns;
  • Work to embroider "back needle", "cross" and "French knot";
  • "French knot" in filaments 6 of 6, the symbol - circle plotted in the thread 3 of 6 - blank circle;
  • In one thread to sew seam "back needle";
  • Bunches of rowan embroider in this order: seam "cross" - the symbol of the ring seal "back needle" - №9 thread, seam «French knot" - the characters sketched and empty circles.

Optionally, the edge of the forest birds can perform the way "back needle". This method will give a more expressive form bullfinch.

The background of the painting "bullfinches" can be embroidered blue threads or initially choose the canvas close to the blue color, so you save valuable time and work will be done faster.

Tips and Secrets Cross Stitch

Each test needlewoman has some secrets of embroidery.

The cross stitching there are many secrets that will help you master this technique perfectlyThe cross stitching there are many secrets that will help you master this technique perfectly

Secrets of cross stitch:

  • You want to get the lovely pattern, use a high quality canvas and threads that do not fade;
  • In order to process threads are not confused, measure length of no more than 50 cm;
  • Save NITC color for a long time, they need to be boiled in a water-vinegar solution;
  • Stroking should be completed work at a low temperature;
  • Only use special markers for embroidery and no other;
  • In no case do not make knots, for this there are other ways of fixing the filaments;
  • For embroidery use double or triple thread, then crosses obtained smooth.

Prostirnuv embroidery, it should be dried in limbo. The finished work in salt rinse with warm water, then in water with a small amount of vinegar.

The main secret of embroidery - get pleasure from your favorite things!

How and what can be embroidered cross

Cross stitching can be anything - cards, pictures, tablecloths, towels, napkins, curtains, bags for gifts, clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, etc. Back in the old days, our grandparents embroidered textiles in the whole house, as well as her dowry. It occupies a special place embroidery paintings and icons.

When sewing a cross pattern and the scheme can be selected absolutely anyWhen sewing a cross pattern and the scheme can be selected absolutely any

It has recently become fashionable embroidery:

  • modular;
  • volume;
  • smooth surface;
  • Osinka;
  • Tea.

In recent years, manufacturers of Christmas ornaments as decoration fabric balls used embroidery.

Samples of many circuits and finished works can be found in magazines on needlework or the Internet.

Cross Stitch (video)

Cross stitch is both a hobby and a host of art. Often it begins with it seriously to get involved in crafts in general. embroidery technique does not lose its popularity and continues to be a favorite pastime for many women as well as men. Embroidered works beautifully decorate the interior of the room, making a special flair, make it more complete and refined.

How to embroider a cross (photo)

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