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Corner cabinets are very functional hallway, roomy and do not take up much spaceCorner cabinets are very functional hallway, spacious and not consuming mestaDlinny narrow hallway or small, just a tiny entrance hall. How to deal with it in terms of design? Whether or not there are no options, as the footage does not allow? Of course there is, and certainly more than a couple. Dimensions Dimensions, and is just as important, and the hall layout, and whether it is planned it any more furniture, other than the cabinet. It turns out that a small entrance hall you can arrange in different ways, depending on the goals, opportunities, and that the load you want to give this room.

Why is it so popular corner closet in the hallway

The name says it himself - a design feature of this cabinet is that it is put in a corner. The angle is known to place "dead", it is rarely used in general in the interior. Corner cabinets that stereotype change. And if the design of a bedroom with a corner cabinet - a familiar story, then in the hallway this idea survives until not so active. And in vain!

Look at the catalog with similar examples. Options are really impressive - the angle that "neither there nor here," it turns out, can accommodate a wardrobe, and a remainder of you is still relatively a lot of space that can be used in different ways.

Corner wardrobe hallway - an ideal option is gaining popularityCorner wardrobe hallway - an ideal option is gaining popularity

Mistaken belief that corner cabinets suffer from low capacity. It is a visual deception. Inside these cabinets can be quite reasonable, practical content. The most fashionable design - is a rounded corner cabinet, is not uncommon, and semi-circular, but on rectangular shapes nobody refuses.

What is a semi-circular sliding wardrobe in the hall

The semi-circular rack is also called radius. This design, we can say, fits perfectly into the room, even, as in this case, a small hallway. Finally, it looks outside the box, it is interesting and fashionable.

The advantages of the semi-circular sliding door wardrobes:

  • They are comfortable and functional. That is, from the appearance does not suffer their capacity, and this is probably the most important thing.
  • Stylish, changing the perception of the room. Almost everyone wants to move away from the typical design, as in the standard layout of your own to make it difficult. So Radius cabinet - this is the scrapping of stereotypes, perceptions of the room (in this case, the hallway) clearly changes.
  • A variety of forms that you can imagine, the manufacturer, is really amazing. With this cabinet Radius can literally go around the wall.
  • Cabinets are equipped with roller system, for a smooth and smooth sliding on the same aluminum profile is delivered is a pleasure in service cabinets.
  • Finally, a semi-circular rack does not have sharp edges. This condition is very important in an apartment where there are small children.

Semicircular closet in the hallway looks great, it is convenient and practical, but still does not have sharp edges, which is especially good in the event that the apartment is small childrenSemicircular closet in the hallway looks great, it is convenient and practical, but still does not have sharp edges, which is especially good in the event that the apartment is small children

The semi-circular sliding door wardrobes are made exclusively to order. Wizards may even immediately be included in the cost of a built-in closet spotlighting. It is very convenient, and adds a space of comfort and delicacy hallway.

Corner wardrobe in the hall: content and photos

No se standards for internal filling corner closet. First of all, it's your preference - you can not only choose the content of the proposed scheme, but also to draw it yourself. A manufacturer will do everything in your drawing.

Type of filling depends on the following factors:

  • The size of a wall or a niche for embedding;
  • the kind of clothes that will be stored there, and its number;
  • Financial opportunities.

Note that in the corner closet can accommodate twice as many things, rather than in a straight cabinetNote that in the corner closet can accommodate twice as many things, rather than in a straight cabinet

layout options are usually offered on the website of the manufacturer. There are specified and the size, length, width, height and number of shelves. Can be photos or pictures from different angles to make it easier to understand how all this will look like.

Corner wardrobe - a real mini-wardrobe. It is noteworthy that fits in two times more than the usual live in a closet of things. The materials used for the internal filling, is also included in the price. For example, metal-frame panels will be cheaper. By the panel structure that speaks in their favor, you can use any accessories because in such cases will be more interesting metallokarkasnyh.

Ergonomic variant: angled hallway with wardrobe

Corner entrance hall - it is a good design option that allows you to maximize the functionality of small-sized space. Corner hallways may be sold ready-made kits can be in the form of collections, where do you choose what is included and can be made strictly in the order.

A typical factory production - certainly not a bad option, but it is especially your hallway is not taken into account, and therefore may be some inconsistencies. Because more and more such kits are ordered.

And it is not rare to date version of the headset when the hall is already part-wardrobe. If it is the whole set, the wardrobe is rarely large - it may be just two branches, but if it is a corner cabinet, there will be at least one more.

What can be included with the cabinet:

  • The footwear stand;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Rack;
  • Mirror with shelf;
  • Ottomans or benches.

Corner entrance hall with wardrobe - a great option to increase the functionality of a small roomCorner entrance hall with wardrobe - a great option to increase the functionality of a small room 

In fact, you are in one place can book the hall, not running around all the shops in search of a suitable one another furniture. The problem is that few companies produce kits with coupe cabinet, they usually specialize strictly in such cabinets, no other types of furniture. But large furniture and services offer a more interesting options because search costs.

Feel free to engage the corner wardrobe - you have no idea what a "dead" zone, you can make the most of. There is a small rectangular living room, where it is not clear how profitable to arrange the furniture. Then the most voluminous of the corners closes corner cupboard, and the main burden fell on him. And you have three zones that can be used as you like - for tables, dresser, mirror, another locker. And because you can simply place the benches along the wall (two), and on the wall hang pictures or photos in beautiful frames. And no more furniture, and all together, and full-length mirror at the expense of the mirror facades you have.

Varieties corner wardrobes in the hall (video)

Corner cupboard - it is practical, fashionable and fun. Add dynamic interior hallway this furniture. See gallery, select, evaluate options.

Good choice!

Examples corner wardrobes in the hall: the catalog (photo)


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