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Quickly raise gypsum board may be using a special liftQuickly raise the gypsum plasterboard can using a special lift Plasterboard - a special material, widely used in interior finishing, the building material is a dense two sheets of special cardboard, plaster between which is enclosed with a small amount of impurities.

How to make a drywall lift their hands

With the help of the lift for gypsum board, can not only raise a certain height of the material, but also allows you to raise a plaster board to the desired level, and lock it in position for subsequent mounting.

Such platforms are commercially available, and they are divided into several types.

The advantage to lift the drywall is that it will help to raise the sheet to the ceiling without assistanceThe advantage to lift the drywall is that it will help to raise the sheet to the ceiling without assistance

But in order to save finances, you can make a homemade lift:

  1. Ceiling lift is made of boards. The length of the bars 2 to be equal to the height from the floor to the hardware, which will be fixed GCR plate. These T-shaped top and bottom horizontal beams nailed 1 m long attached to them, to strengthen the structure, "scarf" -. A wooden strut of horizontal to vertical beams.
  2. Between themselves the part that will be located on the floor can be fastened in two parallel bars and a length slightly smaller than the plate GCR. Will only have to install it on the ceiling in the right place, put on her plaster board, and then remain anchored to the metal profile.

Such prostevshy lift, made by hand, is considered to be the most comfortable, and the more he refers to the base for the FCL, but, nevertheless, he copes with its task to lift and hold the drywall at a certain height.

Lift for plasterboard with their hands: drawings and manufacturing process

The lift can raise your hands, only do this, use the drawings on the basis of which it is possible to collect almost any lift for GCR. In the drawings, it is necessary not only to draw the next lifter, but also to specify all its dimensions, and you can write a brief explanation.

In order to produce lift on their own, it is necessary to prepare several cuttings pipes with different cross sectionsIn order to produce lift on their own, it is necessary to prepare several cuttings pipes with different cross sections

These drawings will help quickly and without errors to collect lift for plasterboard, only certain materials will need:

  1. First is to produce a telescopic tripod, which is made from scraps pipe 3 with a section 40, 80, 60 mm. All cutting pipes drilled through in several places so that the opening match, it is necessary to insert the stopper.
  2. Tripod welded metal 3-4 feet for better stability, the feet can be attached to the wheels, and to provide a mechanism for them to stop. To the top of the telescopic tripod welded mild steel H-shaped frame.
  3. To a tripod base is attached winch with block and the system of ropes or strong ropes in order to make it easy to raise and lower the entire structure together with plasterboards.

If the winch will ratchet-stopper, the holes in the tubes do not need to drill. This lift will allow relatively easy and quick to help raise the GCR to the desired level, and fix it in the right place.

Industrial production of lifts for GCR

In order to be able to lift the one plate of the GCR, including not only the ceiling but also on the walls, and change the angle of the whole structure, you can purchase a factory-lift, for example, Premos.

Popular and demanded a lift PremosPopular and demanded a lift Premos

He has a number of advantages:

  1. It is convenient in transportation, easily decomposes and is folded compact, allowing it to be transported even on cars, and is lightweight.
  2. GFC allows lifting plate to a height of 4 m, and can also, due to the special mechanism to raise GCR plate not only vertically but also horizontally, and at various angles.
  3. In addition, this lift is suitable for the installation of the chandelier or any rolled materials. Manage lift can one man, the mechanism is not afraid of dust and dirt, and has a robust and durable design.

It can be used in virtually any location, including a small area and, in this case, the area of ​​support decreases, by folding part of the supports, and under heavy load, they are decomposed on the contrary, which increases its stability.

It can be used even on unprepared and uneven floor by adjusting individually supports.

Description-lift spreader for drywall

When installing the plates of the GCR, it requires not only lift and other tools, but can also come in handy spacer, which is also used for the installation of the FCL plates. The spacer consists of two telescopic tubes with steel rod for lifting. Also, such a design is provided with an annular clip and the abutments of rubberized plastic. The design provides the lever to release the previously recorded stock. This design is intended to hold the sheets GCR vertically pressed state.

Before you purchase a lift, be sure to familiarize yourself with the quality and functionalityBefore you purchase a lift, be sure to familiarize yourself with the quality and functionality

Using this device, it is possible rather quickly to mount plasterboard sheet, while it has a number of other positive qualities:

  1. Mobile base that allows you to quite easily move the sheet GKL in different directions in order to obtain high-quality joints between all the sheets GCR. It is possible to use not only for the walls but the ceilings.
  2. This device is lightweight, easy to use, and they can be used even people that do not have any special building skills. But at the same time, it is still required to comply with certain security measures.

But one strut mounting plates GCR can not do, especially if one person works, to be used for fixing the plates, at least 2, and more preferably 3 spacers.

Device for carrying drywall: Tools

Often, plasterboard transfer manually, but it is not very convenient, since they still have great weight and size, and to carry them, you need at least 2 people. At the same time, there is a risk to break the plaster board.

Additionally to move drywall can use special handles for carrying sheetsAdditionally to move drywall can use special handles for carrying sheets

In order to move without problems GCR plate, use the special systems carrying drywall sheets, it can be:

  1. Special carrying handle, with which to carry as one sheet or several, depending on the design. And, using them, you can be moved plasterboard sheet, both together and separately.
  2. If the volume of planned works great, and you want to carry a lot of sheets GCR, it is best to use a special three-wheeled carts to transport the sheets GCR. GFC plates stacked on such trolleys on edge, and are transported in a horizontal plane.

Overview lifts for plasterboard (video)

Constructions for carrying and transporting plasterboards can be very diverse, it may be a frame and pedal lifts. Used Truck-stand with two wheels located along a single line, with emphasis. In some cases, you can use special straps that throws a man over his shoulder and back, and a loop plate inserted GCR, but this method requires two people and allows you to move a small number of plates GCR.

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