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Stylish design to complement modern rooms can be a concrete spiral staircaseStylish design to complement modern rooms can be a concrete spiral staircase Have you ever thought about the role that plays in the house staircase to the second floor? "The steps to lift up" - you might say. Yes, but not only. Try to imagine the house where the first floor are raised by conventional ladders. Too, the steps to the top. But for something where space allows, we'll erect works of art. For what? To lift up, for comfort and beauty. This is why from the stairs to the second floor a man makes a masterpiece.

Spiral staircases from concrete: present house decoration

In each house the stairs are not like one another. Except that, with the exception of those homes that were built on the same project. Even if the stairs at first glance identical in type, they still differ in height, the number of stages and design. There are several types of concrete stairs.

Spiral staircases from concrete - is a complex, but very beautiful building. She willingly erect, where the area of ​​the hall is not great.

Design spiral staircase does not require a large space. In addition, this staircase has an original look - it is as if the road is in the heavens air. But, like everything beautiful, spiral staircase is fraught with many dangers.

To concrete spiral staircase was practical and safe, it is necessary to take care of quality and reliable handrailTo concrete spiral staircase was practical and safe, it is necessary to take care of quality and reliable handrail

The main disadvantages spiral concrete staircase:

  • Not suitable for fast ascents and descents;
  • To move on it requires a reliable handrail;
  • On the canvas there are no stairs between the propulsion platform. Because of this, up and down the stairs more dangerous than in the stairway.
  • For it is difficult to carry heavy, bulky items;
  • Stairs spiral staircase narrowed at the center, which increases the risk of injury to those who move through it;
  • It made individually, taking into account the individual characteristics of the building's residents.

You should carefully weigh and consider before build in his house a spiral staircase. She - quite suitable option where there are small children or elderly people.

The round concrete stairs are different from the screw

Unlike circular staircase from the screw mainly positive aspects. For example, circular stairs, as well as screw, in most cases - it's just odnomarshevye steep stairs, but the march does not go on the spiral and finishes within a ring of a flight of stairs.

Stairs circular concrete is a robust and reliable design, with both advantages and disadvantages. These stairs are narrow in scope, are not appropriate for public institutions, which according to the fire safety requirements, ladders must allow a person to quickly get up and quickly run away on her bottom.

But it should be noted whimsical design of circular staircases, and most likely they also have their supporters, who see the positive aspects of circular concrete stairs.

Many people prefer to choose the concrete stairs, as they are characterized by strength and durabilityMany people prefer to choose the concrete stairs, as they are characterized by strength and durability 

Such as:

  • Strength. Stairs made of concrete is second in strength after metal.
  • Durability. In contrast to the wooden stairs, rotting, or metallic, corrosion-prone metal, concrete stairs will be a very long time.
  • Quiet. Stepping on concrete stairs, you will not hear any background noise, but the sound of their steps.
  • Limitless options. Unlike the n-shaped or spiral staircase, circular staircase can be performed in the most unpredictable of design options.

When planning to install a circular staircase in your house, Mr. forget that it must be equipped with a durable, convenient handrails. Whatever may be the magnificent circular staircase, up and down on them it is necessary to make the bannister.

The good concrete U-shaped staircase

Additionally screw the concrete stairs, there are concrete stairs in the form of the letter "P". When one looks at such a ladder, not immediately clear why it is called an n-shaped. Stairs as stairs: stairs, playground, and even stairs. But the fact of the matter is that the stairs and platform are different from the other stairs, and the letter can be seen only when you look at a ladder on top.

N Concrete shaped staircase - a standard stairway, are mostly used to connect floors of apartment buildings. Typically, each passage of a ladder two flights and a playground. Even the stairs are called reversal. the rotation angle in the transition is 180 degrees.

U-shaped staircases have their own species, which depend on the design of the building, the individual wishes of the customer, and architectural and construction standards.

The most common U-shaped staircase used in apartment buildingsThe most common U-shaped staircase used in apartment buildings

Main building codes used in the manufacture of a stairway:

  • Steps within a march should be at least three and no more than sixteen. Most often operate staircase with 10 steps in one march.
  • The step height should be from 120 to 220 millimeters.
  • Stair tread width must be not less than 250 mm;
  • According to the fire safety requirements of the width of the stairs can not be less than 90 centimeters.
  • The angle of inclination of a staircase must not exceed 45 degrees.

There are also n-shaped staircase with two platforms, but they are built less on the individual order, in homes with a wide and low hall.

Develop drawings semicircular concrete stairways

You decide that you have to be a staircase original design? Excellent. Consider the case of a semi-circular staircase, and try to do it with his own hands.

Drawings semicircular stairs of concrete, as, indeed, any other, must be performed by a qualified technician. In order to avoid accidents in the operation of the stairs, try to get your ladder consistent with the architectural and building codes.

Before you begin to install the concrete stairs are kindly requested to make her drawingBefore you begin to install the concrete stairs are kindly requested to make her drawing

Semicircular stairs often used for facades of houses, the porch, the platform at the base of a round, march, or a spiral staircase.

What is taken into account in the development of a circular staircase of the project:

  • Lifting height of the future staircase;
  • The area of ​​space, which can take a semicircular staircase;
  • The material from which it is made;
  • Functions that your ladder will perform.

In the manufacture of stairs do not forget about safety precautions. Try to make sure that the edge of the stairs was clearly visible to anyone who will descend on it. Custom design can cost the health of your guests first arrive to your house.

Overview of concrete spiral staircase (video)

Among the architectural monuments you can find a huge variety of types of concrete stairs, from the simplest to the most bizarre forms. Each of them carries out the most important role - provides individual comfort and convenience. No less important is the safety of ladders. And if we talk about design, here it is all depends on the individual choice of the homeowner. But remember, only a harmonious combination of these three components will ensure you not only comfort, but also the peace in your home.

Details: a spiral staircase made of concrete with their hands (photo examples)


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