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In confined spaces it is necessary that the ladder to the second floor was the most compact, yet comfortable enough to useIn confined spaces it is necessary that the ladder to the second floor was the most compact, yet comfortable enough for ispolzovaniyaChasto increase in the number of rooms is due to the superstructure of the second floor, especially in densely populated suburbs, where the houses stand very close, and there is nowhere to expand. And in such a house it is very important that the staircase to the second floor was not only convenient and safe, but also took too much space. Full large staircase in a small house will lead to the fact that all of it will stumble, and she steals a precious place. How to avoid it? With the help of small structures.

Stairs to the second floor in a small area

When installing a ladder in a small house or two-level apartment is very important that the ladder is not only combined with the styling, but also meet certain requirements.


  • Small size;
  • Convenience;
  • Security.

Do not make the stairs too steep - slope angle should be calculated so that the design could be used by children and elderly peopleDo not make the stairs too steep - slope angle should be calculated so that the design could be used by children and elderly people

It is important to take into account the particular tenants. First of all, the ladder should not be steep. Who wants by careless driving fall down? It is desirable to equip the ladder banisters. Another important factor - the height of the steps. The elderly or small children will be very difficult to climb higher.

stair covering should not be slippery. If it is made, for example, polished stone, it is desirable to lay carpet, and very good fix it.

Unfortunately, because of the need to save space, the stairs have to make very steep: 45-75 degrees, and the depth of the steps at the same time not too large. Therefore, for safety and convenience, it is recommended the installation of handrails or even handles, for which you can conveniently stay at the up or down.

Small stairs to the second floor

So what do you choose? It is important to choose the right design for future steps.

For small ladders are:

  • folding;
  • Custom odnomarshevye;
  • Marching, but with platforms;
  • Screw.

If the second floor is used occasionally, such as a loft or warehouse, then put for this ladder is not necessarily complete. It has long existed folding design that can be hung from the ceiling or to the lid. It is easy to fold, so it will not disturb anyone.

Spiral staircase - the best option in terms of saving spaceSpiral staircase - the best option in terms of saving space

Extension ladders also have different types:

  1. Extendable;
  2. folding;
  3. sectional;
  4. Telescopic.

It is clear that such structures do not provide for the presence of a handrail, but often they are equipped with handrails.

Odnomarshevye stairs biggest. To save space was still, designers and developers use a variety of unconventional moves, for example, narrow the tread at a time on each side. This makes the ladder lower, but leaves her comfortable and safe.

Ideal - staircase with landings and marches have corners 90 and / or 180 degrees. That site serves here as an extendible member. It is appropriate to put such a structure in a corner or simply against the wall in the room. The most popular is a spiral staircase. They take up less space, thanks to the almost vertical position of the steps in a spiral, which is attached to the axial post. Spiral staircases allow to establish comfortable railing, but a man of habit can be difficult to go down on her.

Comfortable staircase in a small house

Compact stairs are a lot of pluses.


  • Quick and easy installation, even with his own hands;
  • Reasonable price, which is an order of magnitude lower than conventional construction;
  • The small size allows you to set a ladder, anywhere;
  • Interesting design will transform the interior.

It has long been no surprise multilevel multistory apartment or private houses, there would be money for the construction or purchase of such homes. Normal staircase will not always be to the point, for example, in the studio apartment, where the emphasis is on the maximum free space, it is better suited spiral staircase suitable for styling the apartment.

Compact stairs is the best fit for the two-level studio apartmentsCompact stairs is the best fit for the two-level studio apartments

Compact stairs really help out the owners, if one is in the design of the house does not imply any rise at all, and then there was completed the second floor. It is worth noting an interesting feature of stairs in an apartment building - is, if the step in the entrance of the apartment and will not be the same height, the inhabitants of the home will be very difficult to get used to your home design. Legs may ache, and will be difficult to move up the stairs.

Therefore, if possible, it is desirable to stage as close to that at the entrance. Screw design could well afford to do so.

Types and design of small stairs

Sometimes it happens that in the house or apartment stairs is available, but it does not meet certain requirements of the home owners.

For example:

  • Big size;
  • Inconvenient location;
  • Improper installation of the structure itself.

Re-erect the monumental staircase is not so easy, but such small size will be an excellent substitute. It can be put into an existing opening or making a new one. However, then it will be necessary not to forget to seal the old: some need a lot of openings? The ignorant person may well fall. An excellent solution odnomarshevye stairs will here. Their bias can be very large. It will not tolerate an opening on the second floor, and gently bring him a ladder from any other place.

You can add a so-called winders besides - it's convenient and it looks very interesting.

Of course, the main function of a ladder - is to ensure easy and secure connection for the passage between the floors and space savings in a small area. But still it is very important to the ladder looked aesthetically pleasing, but also fit into the overall style of the apartment or house.

In the context of constrained space odnomarshevaya stairs - the best solutionIn the context of constrained space odnomarshevaya stairs - the best solution

Usually, for the manufacture of small ladders are used:

  • A rock;
  • Metal;
  • Tree;
  • Glass.

Small ladders made of rare stones, both natural and artificial. The thing is that the stone need a scope and place. Yes, and this design will be a chur serious. Metal stairs most durable and aesthetic - who saw the artistic forging, he will understand. This staircase will fit perfectly in almost any interior from high-tech to romantic Provence.

Glass stairs are also quite popular. Despite the apparent fragility of glass for such a construction is very strong, as tempered.

And, of course, wood. The choice of the conservatives and those who want comfort. Wooden staircase looks very expensive, impressive and respectable. It's worth noting that there are various varnishes for wood protection - this makes slippery stage. Therefore, for a comfortable movement, wooden stairs banisters reinforce.

Stylish and compact, the stairs to the second floor (video)

As a rule, all materials perfectly combined with each other, which makes the design incredibly beautiful and interesting and unusual railing only add uniqueness to any room. Go for it!

Details: Compact stairs to the second floor (photo examples)


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