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Stool in the hallway - is primarily a convenience for both the home owner and for his guestsStool in the hallway - is primarily a convenience for both the owner of the house, and for his gosteyPrihozhaya - this is the first room, in which you get visitors coming to your house. Here you will spend the first and last seconds of the apartment. It is here you will find yourself at the beginning, coming home after a hard day's work. Banquette will be a very good helper, if you want to quickly take off your shoes from tired legs or put Valya out of hand bags and packages, and you may have difficult Lockable shoes and would love to do it comfortably. Therefore, the presence of stools considered to be a prerequisite for the harmonious design of the hallway.

Types banquettes for vestibules

Bench is a necessary part of the interior. Banquettes first appearance was in the banquet halls. Hence the name of this type of furniture. The back is in the first stool was missing, and they are more like benches with soft seats. See such things could be in the halls and in the hallways and even in the bedrooms.

Bench appeared in the Middle Ages to the ladies in magnificent dresses were free to sit down and relaxBench appeared in the Middle Ages to the ladies in magnificent dresses were free to sit down and relax

To date functionality banquettes changed. And changed appearance. Now they are used not only as a seat, but also as a place for storage. Achieve one style is very easy because the benches are not rare supplied to furniture in the hallway and the hallway.

Several types of banquettes:

  1. pouf - apparently it can be confused with a stool without legs. Very compact. Manufacturers obbivayut such furniture leather and textile material.
  2. ottoman. It is closer to the original banquettes mind. Reminiscent of the bench is not back, seat upholstered with soft textile fabric.
  3. Bench. Different from the Ottoman presence back, which makes it more comfortable. Indeed, on occasion, it has to rely on.

Soft stool in the hallway with his hands

Make a soft banquette with their hands in the entrance hall is very simple, just have the basic skills needed. A guide or framework for future wood furniture can be a nightstand or stool. If you want to have your stool has been forged, then you should have a more complex forging skills.

Banquette to make, not necessarily starting from scratch. You can, for example, we take the old small table
Banquette to make, not necessarily starting from scratch. You can, for example, we take the old small table

As in any business to begin construction of benches standing with a clear understanding of the finished result. Draw a diagram, choose the right material, prepare everything in advance.

Consider the size of the banquettes and a hallway that does not happen much cumbersome or not of sufficient size.

Stages of work or workshop:

  1. You must always start with the seat. It is easier to determine the size of the other parts. First cut the seat. The tree must be cut with special devices.
  2. Attach the legs, if they are in terms of your design. Oshkurte tree thoroughly and cover with varnish.
  3. If the model requires banquettes sidewalls, they must also be carefully cut and attach and sanded, varnished. If you have certain skills that can make a carved legs.
  4. Filler your future pouf simply stick to the seat. You can use glue or a stapler.
  5. Carefully choose the fabric upholstery. It should be thick enough and durable. The fabric is cut out with an allowance tucked edges secure the bracket.

Ottomans and benches in the hall: photo

Manufacturers offer a huge range of poufs and banquettes hallway and corridor. Popular French-style furniture.

Benches are very popular in the French style where rigor and conciseness borders the luxury and noblenessBenches are very popular in the French style where rigor and conciseness borders the luxury and nobleness

Plastic furniture legs are suitable for areas with not very durable floor. For example, when moving, they will not scratch the linoleum.

You can change the version of the upholstery fabric with eco-leather, for example. Thus, the ottoman may be suitable for any interior.

Poof is able to emphasize the individuality of the owner. The size is adjusted for the hall area. Pouf under-seat storage box is of varying detail. Laconic eco-leather dark tones for the design of office space.

A small stool and ottoman fit into any decor. A small stool is easy to fit in any room of your home. Poof in the form of a cube with a very roomy space inside, it is more like the chest, but for those who want to save space in the hallway.

For fans of the glamorous style suitable ottomans and benches decorated with rhinestones. Chrome or carved legs, a design idea emphasizing glamor premises. This furniture will shine and illuminate their beauty. Chrome-plated legs with wheels in the pouf will allow you to replace the unsightly chairs and stools.

The semicircular shape of furniture made of practical and hard-wearing materials, will serve you for years to come. Wide ottoman stool and allows you to easily accommodate guests. Corner stool saves valuable space in our apartments. Pouf and stool without unnecessary details, emphasize the classic design of the room. Such furniture is simple and concise. Clean lines, simple materials. Italian manufacturers offer a wide range of furniture. As such there is no doubt puffs.

Poof-cabinet with internal drawers, compact fit in any room. Oak, used in the manufacture of banquettes, is particularly suited to your apartment, because the tree eco-friendly material.

The main types of banquettes hallway and corridor:

  1. Forged. It is perfect for such styles as the baroque decoration, bolero, Empire. Accusatory feature of this style are carved, twisted metal legs, back and armrests. Functionality such stools are not different, because it is very difficult to accommodate their design shelves and drawers. Such a wrought settee has its practical advantages. In addition to being a great decorative element, this design is very durable.
  2. Wood. For a classic interior fit out of wood furniture. Also, this furniture will be perfectly combined with a rustic style. Banquets of the tree can be decorated with carved patterns. They can be bleached, artificially aged. Such furniture can carry the functionality of storage space. Wooden furniture can serve as a small table, a cupboard, shelves for storing shoes. Wood is considered to be the easiest material from which to make a poof or banquette own. Pricing policy in respect of wooden furniture depends on the type of wood that is used in the manufacture.
  3. Models with a back. In a narrow corridor of such a model would look perfect. Suitable for large families, facilitates the collection of such a large family for a walk. It creates a cozy room stool in the form of a soft sofa. Beat pillows desired interior.
  4. Collapsible. Such furniture is good because it can be dismantled and stored compactly. Transport it is also not difficult. The only drawback is the simplicity of the design, so as not to complicate the process of assembling and storing parts.
  5. With departments for storage. It increases the capacity of the room. Perhaps, in the design of large banquettes choose roomy design, small shelves, where you put your keys, phone accessories, mobile phone and wallet itself. There are models that combine soft furnishings and obuvnitsu. In the narrow corridor will fit well with bench pull-out drawers under the seat.
  6. plating material. The budget model, the manufacturer uses as leatherette upholstery. He is well-exposed to cleaning, but the material is not considered to be the most durable. Well suited for rooms with a small level of traffic. Fabric more durable. Modern technology creates extremely durable fabric. This furniture will not fade, move to clean well. Genuine leather, the most expensive material. Furniture made of such a material looks expensive and presentable. The skin can be of various colors from white to bright red. Nice combination of wood looks (eg bleached oak) in interior decoration and leather ottomans.

Banquettes with a box for storage in the hallway or corridor

Located conveniently on the banquette, you can remove and wear your shoes. A special design with boxes and strips allow you to use banquette also for storage. Conveniently, for example, store keys here or spoon for shoes. Furniture can pick up any cost.

An important component of stools is its functionality when it can be not only a place for sitting, but also small lockersAn important component of stools is its functionality when it can be not only a place for sitting, but also small lockers

Today the market is rich in diversity for every budget. Usually, this stool can accommodate two or three seats. Bench with storage compartment may be of any shape.

For example, in the form of a pouf, you can store things in the cavity under the seat. Under the seat benches can be placed benches Drawer.

Options banquettes in the hall (video)

When choosing banquettes necessarily need to take into account the need to use the furniture for additional storage features. Decide what you want to store, footwear, fines or some other things. Banquettes can be narrow, with shelves, looks great white model Ikea. Beautiful options with a bedside table, Shoe cabinet, complemented by mirror - it's a great functional decoration.

Examples banquettes in the hall (photo)

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