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Make the living room a comfortable and convenient, you can use the beautiful practical sofaMake the living room a comfortable and convenient, you can use the beautiful practical divanaZal in the apartment and the house - this is one of the most important rooms, a kind heart, here is the so-called family hearth. In addition, the hall can be, literally, be a hotbed. Many of today's residents of cities, taking the example of the inhabitants of the suburbs and the owners of private houses, set in their homes fireplaces. It can be as decorative fireplaces, merely imitating, and may be present, for example, electric fireplaces, which perfectly fit into any home interior. And most importantly, that decorates any living room - it's furniture. It can be sofas, ottomans, chairs and much more.

The sofa in the room: the design models in different styles

In order to choose the right sofa for the living room, made in the Art Nouveau style, it is necessary first of all to decide, and what are the features of a given style? What will have to pay attention to the furniture you choose will fit harmoniously into the overall composition of the living room.

To begin with, it is necessary to define the basic concept of this style:

  1. Combinations of colors, for example, bright and any neutral (pastel) colors.
  2. Using a variety of materials, such as glass, leather.
  3. Scant number of decorative elements. If they are used, they are mainly represented by small inserts of different materials, or some kind of textile accessories.

Choose a sofa for guest room design should be based on premisesChoose a sofa for guest room design should be based on premises

Basically, the decorative properties has, directly, a sofa, as the heart of all living. Sofa in modern style characterized by bright colors, which are aimed at maximum contrast with the colors of the surrounding interior. Sofa in modern style characterized by smooth lines, as this style does not provide for constraining angles. Everything is done with the maximum smoothness.

It should be noted that every year is gaining more and more popularity leather furniture. She is not only beautiful, but also highlights the taste of the owners home.

Furniture for the room, aged in a country style, too, has its own characteristics. Primarily, it is desirable to select all furniture made of wood, possible combination with other materials, which must also be extremely natural, for example, linseed coating. Plus, there should be an abundance of textile cushions, as natural material, preferably aged in natural colors: green, gray, white. Beware of bright textiles.

Let's talk about the increasingly popular English style in the interior of the apartments as a whole, and in upholstered furniture in particular. Mainly in the English style is strictly prescribed, which can be used in color, for example, is a terracotta, ocher, bronze, ivory and others. They may be present in the overall design of the room, and the furniture. Furniture is characterized by the presence of carved legs. This will give the entire living room sophisticated and royal look. And who of us has not ever wanted to visit the place of a king or queen.

Sets of furniture: sofas in the living room with couches

Often people are tormented by picking up the color of the living room in the sofa and even chairs, and sometimes vice versa, when it was bought by your favorite chair, and as soon as the question arose on the acquisition of the sofa, the problems started. To not be in this situation, most families choose ready-made kits upholstered furniture.

In addition to the sofa you can pick up a stylish poufs, which will decorate the interior of the roomIn addition to the sofa you can pick up a stylish poufs, which will decorate the interior of the room

They may include:

  1. Sofa. Basically, it is the heart of the furniture ensemble.
  2. Armchairs. It can be countersunk without drawers.
  3. Ottoman also often come with the inside compartment.

In addition, many manufacturers are leaving for the customer choice in terms of color scheme upholstery, its texture. And in some cases you have the option to complete the ensemble of furniture as they wish. For example, choose to have a ready set "sofa plus chair" and even ottomans. Furniture designers have created a large selection of beautiful models and whole complexes of furniture.

Furniture convertible sofas to lounge in the apartment, photos

It has long been in our market is very popular furniture-transformer.

For a small living room perfect compact furniture-transformerFor a small living room perfect compact furniture-transformer

She is represented by such products upholstered furniture, such as:

  • Chair-bed;
  • Sofa bed.

Such furniture is well-suited for families, whose apartment is not much room, as well as for one-bedroom apartments.

If you decide to purchase a sofa bed, remember that this purchase is designed not for one decade, and then approach the selection should be very seriously. First of all, the sofa should have a user-friendly mechanism, greater resistance to mechanical damage to the upholstery, as well as it should be, at least, aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Corner sofas: design and how to put them

In the fashion of the furniture world has always been a place for a large angular sofas. These sofas are convenient in that they can be positioned along two walls at once, due to this you will be able to create a cozy corner in your home. Such sofas suitable for separation of the room space into zones. sofas design can be very different. Here everything will depend on the wishes of the client and of the style can be seen in the overall interior room. Sofas can be in the Renaissance style, high-tech, Provence, etc.

corner sofa advantage is that it helps to save space in the living roomcorner sofa advantage is that it helps to save space in the living room

Consider why corner sofas are so popular and easy to use:

  1. Space saving room, which is especially important for living rooms with small dimensions. You will receive extensive footprint, occupying a relatively small part of the room space.
  2. High capacity. Corner sofas on this indicator exceed even large sofas standard form. This will be good news for those who love to host guests.
  3. Aesthetic appearance. These sofas, even the most discreet colors will not go unnoticed by your guests.

How to choose a sofa in the room: the basic rules of selection

On the question of how best to position the sofa in the hall, landlords understand perfectly well, but you need to know and how to correctly choose the sofa.

Picking up a beautiful sofa for guest room, experts recommend pay attention to its functionalityPicking up a beautiful sofa for guest room, experts recommend pay attention to its functionality

Let's take a look at a set of rules:

  1. Functional sofa. Thoroughly come to this point. In most cases it is necessary that the furniture had a secret drawer or niche where you can without any problems clean linens that help save space in your cabinets.
  2. Style upholstered furniture. You should choose the models and colors that will perfectly echoes the design throughout the lounge.
  3. Upholstery. The quality of material is very important, it is from this figure depends on how long will last the chosen furniture. There are many different types of upholstery. Some are protected against contamination, others do not absorb odors, while others are so strong that they are not afraid even the sharp claws of your pets.

Modern sofas in the room (video)

Thus, it is possible to find a suitable for you Upholstery regarding the situation that folds into a specific apartment, even if you have small children and and animals, you will be able to choose the type of upholstery, which will meet all the functions entrusted to it. Find the right room for your furniture can be in stores Hoff.

Examples sofas the hall (photo interiors)

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