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Before the beginning of everything living-dining area is recommended to make a drawing, indicating the location of each piece of furnitureit is recommended to make a drawing, indicating each item's location of furniture Solution for connecting the living room and the kitchen is used as in private homes of different sizes, as well as in apartments before the beginning of everything living-dining room. To hotel and dining areas look similar, but somewhat different, interior designers have resorted to various tricks. Dining room and living room - two are similar in their zone designation. The only thing that distinguishes them - is the food consumed in a given area. For example, people in the dining room lunch, dinner and breakfast and tea in the lounge suit, friendly cocktail parties and so on. D. When the space in the house want to use to the maximum, the combined zone. They need to be combined so that they do not conflict with each other in terms of style. How to do it?

Dining area in the living room: the zoning bases

Many people ask whether from the dining room and living room area of ​​the house or apartment depends? No, it does not. The dining room is introduced into the living room and a small apartment, and in the studio, and apartment suites, and in private homes. In principle, such a solution is very convenient, because in the presence of a living-dining room, you can safely hold a feast and not worry about the time spent with the guests.

Small area - not a hindrance reconciliation of the two zones. In a private house the zoning can be done by applying stylish solutions, used as a resonator table, for example.

Namely, we separate the dining area from the living area with the help of the table. If you have a studio apartment, the more you should resort to this method because it requires a minimal amount of furniture. No need to purchase any additional screens, partitions, shelves and other things, just select the right table. What a dining table suitable for zoning?

Visually divide the dining area and the living room is possible through the use of floor coverings of different colorsVisually divide the dining area and the living room is possible through the use of floor coverings of different colors

Couple tips:

  1. It is desirable that the table was great. But if it is a small room, fit a medium-sized table. The ideal size of the table holds a minimum of 4 persons.
  2. Pay attention to the material dining table and its color. Do not buy a massive wooden table, if the whole room is decorated in your high-tech style. zoning function it is certainly feasible, but it would look too bulky.
  3. Select the table, based on the total interior room if the living-dining room you chalet-style or in a wooden style suggests itself a beautiful wooden table round or square shape.
  4. For the style of hi-tech or minimalism, you can choose the white plastic tables and beautiful glass table, preferably a circular shape.
  5. For table should pick a suitable chair that will fit well into the interior. It chairs will serve as the main act as resonators and separate dining room from the living room.

To room looked full, the table should be placed as close to the kitchen area. If such is not a special room. The hostess will be much easier to set the table, if it will not be far from the plate. Also, it is possible to put a dining table next to the stairs, if it is far away from the entrance to the house. It is not necessary to put a dining table in the center of the room, this is possible only if the dining room is a separate room, or it is combined with the kitchen only.

Choosing furniture for the dining-living room

Living room with dining area, needs the right selection of furniture, determine the overall style of the room. Living-dining room, decorated in a simple basic in style, requires the same furniture. In addition, the importance of colors, view from the window, the type of dwelling. A set of furniture for dining room-living room in a country house will be different from the set of furniture in the apartment.

The furniture should serve not only as decoration, but also to perform useful functions. Especially it concerns small-sized rooms.

In the dining room, the living room is recommended to use furniture made in the same style, but it can vary in colorIn the dining room, the living room is recommended to use furniture made in the same style, but it can vary in color

A standard set of furniture for the dining-living room looks like this:

  • Dinner table;
  • Chairs;
  • lamps;
  • Coffee and cutting tables;
  • sofas;
  • chairs;
  • Cupboard.

This is a rough draft choice of furniture for the dining-living room. Dining room, combined with a kitchen and a living room, also includes a refrigerator, lockers spices cabinet for household appliances. If the dining room is combined only with the living, these items may be excluded.

Living-room: a collection of colors

In what color or colors to issue a dining room-living room? This question is raised by all those who decided to combine these two areas. Let's start with the fact that the interior design allows the use of two or more colors in the design of the room.

In one room, with great joy uzhivutsya following shades:

  • White and beige;
  • White and yellow;
  • Blue and dark blue;
  • Orange, and yellow;
  • Cornflower blue and violet;
  • Sand and tone wenge.

For the dining room-living room is well suited beige color, which favorably affects the human psychological conditionFor the dining room-living room is well suited beige color, which favorably affects the human psychological condition

Any of the colors above can live alone. That is, if you want to decorate the hall in sand tones, just as you can do, and a dining area. Please note that it is not necessary to use an orange tint in the dining area. Orange increases appetite, which may adversely affect your weight.

When combining the colors, it is not necessary to paint them in a wall or hang wallpaper that color. Designate zones and colors can be using textiles. For example, in the living area orange curtains, carpet, upholstery will be perfectly combined with white tablecloths, white carpet and white upholstered chairs. Want to combine orange color with the color of wenge? This can be done using the sideboard, painted in the color of wenge, chairs of the same color, tablecloths and napkins.

Here, everything is limited by your imagination flying. In the presence of design talent can be combined in any living incongruous colors, the collection is infinite combinations.

White living room-dining room: the most popular color

White or white living room ... Sounds great, especially if these areas are combined and two white. dining area with white color looks great and can look like a king. Elegant white dining room or living room needs a proper finish.

If the walls and ceiling are painted white, then add them to contrast the room, you can use dark flooringIf the walls and ceiling are painted white, then add them to contrast the room, you can use dark flooring

If you want white color in your living room-dining room, pay attention to the following things:

  • Careful decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling: finishing must be carried out professionally, carefully plastered walls and plastered, the ceiling is the same as on the floor you can lay tile, and fluffy white rugs for warmth in the living area;
  • When choosing a wallpaper note the white wallpaper, allowed some gold or white patterns;
  • The ceiling can be selected tension or suspended;
  • The choice of chandeliers depends on the height of the room: to the high ceilings, you can pick up a low chandelier in gold or white, with a different decor, to the low ceilings are best suited lamps built into the ceiling (possibly with hinged ceilings).

Furniture for the dining area, choose a non-marking finish, so that it can be cleared in the event of contamination.

Construction of living-dining room (video)

dining-living room decoration in white color is not possible without a bay window. Bay window - a semi-circular glazed part of the house from the outside, which is very similar to a lantern. Owners of private homes is strictly recommended to decorate your home with a bay window in the dining room, the living area and enjoy the beautiful view from the window.

Details: living room-dining room (interior photo)


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