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Dining table - a mandatory component of every living room or kitchenDining table - a mandatory component of every living room or kuhniObedenny table - an important element of any interior. This is not only a beautiful piece, it also has an important functional role. It was at the dinner table the whole family gathers, shares his thoughts and experiences. Joint meal in common, so it is very important to build a place where it will occur, as comfortable as possible. By choosing a dining table should be treated with due care. Place for a meal, anyway, it should be. Then there are two variants of the location of the dining area: a living room or kitchen.

Dining area in the living room

Dining area in the living room - the perfect solution for owners of property with a kitchen, too small area and lack of ability to allocate a whole room as a dining room. Do not be upset. The dining area can be easily integrated into the interior of the living room, in addition, benefits from this decision a lot. As the stylish and tasteful make the "table" section of the living room? How to choose the right furniture and accessories? How competently to visually separate the two zones?

First you need to decide how much space you will need to dedicate to the dinette. It is no secret that the size of the table depends on the number of people behind him, and, as a consequence, the number of chairs.

It is also worth considering that every chair has to be some space to move around. A person should be free to withdraw from the table. Due to lack of space, many chairs have a single edge of the table against the wall and do not place the table in the middle of the room. It is also often placed against a wall bed. But the rules remain the same - at the outer side of the table should be run. It should never be too crowded. Often the dining area is separated by designers from the common space with the help of some of the visual tricks.

If space permits in the living room, it is possible to allocate a dining areaIf space permits in the living room, it is possible to allocate a dining area

Such as:

  • The screen or baffle.
  • Floor covering a different color;
  • Carpet.

As you know, the best way division of space - partition. But it's worth noting that this method is more suitable for large living rooms. Rooms with a small area of ​​it will seem even smaller. Versatile option is the use of the interior - large vases, screens, shelves and so on.

Often in the living room there are only two zones - a dining area and a seating area. Sometimes it is enough to put the furniture so as to form a right angle and place within it the carpet. Thus, all that is behind them, it will be perceived as a separate independent part.

Large dining table for the living room

From very much depends on the size and shape of the table. Of course, it is important to choose a table to him it was a place for everyone, if a large family. The table must correspond to the dimensions of the room: to be too small, but not bulky. But it is also equally important part is the material from which made the table, and its shape and size.

There are a lot of options the dinner table. All of them are attractive in their own way.

But you will agree, is important as well, so it was combined with the interior as a whole. No one would argue that the table in classic style made of expensive wood with shaped legs in the living room, decorated in a modern style, it will look, at least, stupid. Also hardly suitable round shape, if the table is to be placed against a wall.

Obviously, the larger the area of ​​the room, the greater may be the size of a dining table, placed in it. But it does not always have enough space for a huge table. Also for everyday life is more suitable small table, it is much more convenient.

The spacious living room is very luxurious look is a large dining tableThe spacious living room is very luxurious look is a large dining table

On it will not accumulate a lot of things, it will help in maintaining cleanliness. But often a small table is not enough, for example, if a large number of visitors come for the holidays. Excellent this problem will be a table-transformer.

For maximum convenience and to save space, you can select a folding or sliding design that allows you to change the width and length of the countertop. In Transforming tables even height changes.

Features of the location of the dining room table in the hall

Stylish and well-chosen dinner table, not only will not stand out from the general interior of the hall, but also help to create comfort and well-emphasize the design of this room.

Location dining table in the room also has its own requirements:

  • The dining table should not be near the exit;
  • Place for a meal should be logically separated from the rest of the space;
  • Kitchen tables should not be placed in the corner.

Add a dining table in the room in several ways, but do not place it in a cornerAdd a dining table in the room in several ways, but do not place it in a corner

Options for table placement may be different. But the most convenient is an island. Area not adjacent to walls or objects of furniture, allows a more efficient use of the entire plane countertops.

At one end of the room is not located to the dining table, it is necessary to think about a separate illumination.

It also helps to visually separate the dining area from the total area. You can use decorative lighting as a lamp with diffused soft light. This creates the effect of spark, making this area the most intimate and refined.

How to choose a dining table for kitchen

The second option of accommodation dining room table in the house or apartment without the possibility to allocate a separate room under the dining room is to create a dining area in the kitchen. Do not choose too small a table, if the kitchen is large. Also in the small kitchen table for 8 people to the remaining area. By the size of the table the issue should be approached wisely.

It is no secret that the larger the kitchen, the refined table can be placed there. Table with additional accessories will look out of place in a small kitchen.

For a small kitchen is perfect variant of a round dining table. Behind it is not only possible to seat more people due to its shape, but it will look much better. But if you plan to place the table against the wall and push it to the middle of the room only occasionally, you should pay attention to the long rectangular model.

Dining table Kitchen chosen primarily from the comfort of the room sizeDining table Kitchen chosen primarily from the comfort of the room size

In color dining table must complement the kitchen. But to separate dining and working area, you can use contrasting colors: the working area is made featureless shades of brown, white or gray colors, in contrast to which stands a bright table and chairs. Dining should serve as the main food item is appropriate because the separation is not only visually, but also by means of various stylistic techniques. This option is suitable only for the kitchen with a large area - in a small area is very difficult to arrange two different styles.

It is not always necessary to choose the chairs from the same collection as the favorite table. Modern fashion trends is recommended to mix different styles and materials.

Beautiful dining tables for the living room (video)

Dining tables in the dining room interior in the first place, must perform its intended purpose, and not to become solely an element of decor. Because it is important to choose a model of high-quality resistant materials, comfortable shape and size suitable for your family. When choosing a dining table, always remember that the main advantage of such furniture - comfort. All other quality go by the wayside.

Details: dining tables for the living room (photo examples)

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