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Original and comfortable seat easily decorate the living room and make it cozyOriginal and comfortable seat easily decorate the living room and make it uyutnoyBytuet opinion that the chair is the main attribute of any living room. It is not only great for any interior, but also indispensable when guests come to the house. Refusal of seats in favor of the sofas in the present time is not uncommon, but the couch is not able to limit the personal space sometimes so necessary to man, except that it takes much more space in the room. There are several types of chairs, which will be mentioned below. Some of them have armrests and are considered to be more comfortable, those who do not have this advantage, created so that people feel very comfortable during your holiday.

Armchairs for the living room: types and their differences

Before you think about buying a seat, you need to become familiar with all existing types that can offer furniture manufacturers.

At the moment, the range of seats includes:

  • Classic;
  • Chairs - beds;
  • Recliner;
  • Rocking chair;
  • Lift;
  • Massage chair;
  • Frameless model.

To make the interior of the guest room can be refined with the help of a beautiful chair in a classic styleTo make the interior of the guest room can be refined with the help of a beautiful chair in a classic style

We must now consider each kind otdelno.Chto regards classical style, it is a model with a soft seat and back. Classical models can be either with arms or without them, so they can be executed in a mini size. In the classical style as possible rotating office chair with a high back. Chair-bed People often choose who need extra beds, which do not occupy a large space. In major cases, this type is chosen by people who have small apartments. Chairs - beds are distributed into three types, they are dependent on the type of mechanism that will allow the chair to unpack. When you purchase you can find such mechanisms as withdrawable, and a folding "accordion". It is necessary to pay attention to the material from which made the mechanism, a strong and durable metal is considered to be a system.

Recliner - a special type of chair that is available footrest. It may take a position that does not mean its not like an ordinary chair or as an armchair - bed.

The rocking chair is famous since ancient times. This type will quickly weak muscles all who need it, they are small in size, except it almost indispensable for young mothers. Despite the fact that they are often used for large buildings, it will be a perfect look and the apartment.

Chair-lift, due to its mechanism, it has been called "smart seat" position of the backrest is adjustable by means of a button, thus creating a comfortable position for a seated person. These chairs are an excellent option for those who have back pain, in addition, they are beautiful, have expensive type and suitable to all lovers of luxury. Massage chairs are equipped with special mechanisms that affect the heating and vibration. They are convenient, useful for people with various disorders in the necks of the spine. Frameless seat, these compact, light, furnishings do not have specific functions, since their structure does not include anything other than filler and cover. Due to such content, these chairs can retain heat, besides sitting on it to get injured is almost impossible, because their height is quite small relative to other furniture.

In addition to these options, there is still hanging chair. These miniature seats, usually woven rattan, perfectly decorate a house on summer cottage.

It does not matter which of the above types of falls choice, the main condition of the chair must be soft and elastic back and seat. It is this detail will help to stay in the chair with the comfort, as well as not to harm your health. In addition, you need to pay attention to the weight limit. Each design has its limits, which they can survive. This detail will find a consultant furniture store.

How to choose the right chair for the hall

If no chair in the living room, you can not create the necessary comfort and a complete home furnishings. Most often they are purchased complete with a sofa, creating a corner, sectional furniture, but it also happens that the seat must be purchased separately from the whole set. What do I need to pay attention in the first place?

Choosing a chair for the room, be sure to consider its role in the interior and, of course, practicalityChoosing a chair for the room, be sure to consider its role in the interior and, of course, practicality

Features armchairs, which should be specified at once:

  1. Before you buy a chair, consider what role it will perform in the living room. If the seat is purchased for the interior, you can stay on the bright and interesting way sometimes it's the little options, if there is a possibility of using it as a sleeping place, look for a model with a folding function;
  2. No matter for what purpose will be bought a chair, you need to ask about the material from which made the filling. The chair should be, soft, comfortable and durable. It is best to stay on the choice of a latex filler;
  3. The ideal chair should have a certain depth indicators. The depth and height of the planting is an important point, they should not be more than two-third of the width of the hips of the buyer.
  4. The fabric that covers the seat, also plays an important role. It should be dense and easy to clean. There are a large number of upholstery options, this may be leather, synthetic leather, velvet, velor and other decent coverage. The most pleasant in relation to human skin tissue are searched, but they have a shorter lifespan.

The correct combination of the interior is also an important part. We should not forget about this moment. The chair should be approached not only by color and size in relation to the room. If the choice fell on a certain type, but it does not fit, ask your dealer, check out photos of other options you may have the option to manufacture the desired colors and custom sizes.

Soft chair in the living room: filler - a pledge of comfort

What can be understood by the expression "easy chair"? This is nothing else but a filler which is deformed by a certain weight. It is because the filler, like chairs and other furniture can be divided into three groups

Particular attention should be paid to selecting the seats of its content and the material from which it is madeParticular attention should be paid to selecting the seats of its content and the material from which it is made


  1. tough;
  2. Upholstered;
  3. Soft.

Tough Furniture has a braided frame, made of rattan. Semi-soft chair, filled only with a special material of a certain thickness. Armchairs except filler, which is significantly thicker than the semi-soft chairs have springs. The most important thing when choosing furniture, make sure that it will retain its properties, not prosyadet not lose elasticity with age.

Stylish chair for the living room: the interior decoration of any

Given how huge the current furniture market, it is very difficult to choose the right stylish inexpensive chair that will look perfectly in the interior.

Quickly transform dull interior can use the stylish and bright chairsQuickly transform dull interior can use the stylish and bright chairs

The shape of the chair. This is the first thing buyers are turning their attention. Most often, considering that a large chair may seem cumbersome in the room. However, this is not the case in the main cases, the complexity of creating extraneous and unnecessary items. Eliminating their seat, it can perfectly fit into the interior. The form depends on a large extent on the buyer's preferences.

Matter what style of the room it depends on what size and type of seats needed. In some cases, design decisions dictate the approach to minimalism and the choice of miniature chairs, other luxuriously decorated living will "insist" on not less than luxurious furniture and large attributes.

Choosing a chair in the living room (video)

Modern furniture market offers a fairly large selection of armchairs. With such abundance, the average person can get confused and do not make the right choice in favor of the necessary chair, which is not only ideally suited to an interior room, but like friends and family. It should be remembered, no matter what choice is made man, he will not remain unnoticed. If a buy prepared thoroughly and approached correctly, the chair will bring a pleasant pastime, and most importantly a comfortable stay.

Details: armchair in the living room (photo examples)

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