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Make hallway practical and comfortable can use the functional furniture setMake hallway practical and comfortable can use the functional furniture garnituraLitsom any home is considered to be a hallway. We need a designer approach to the selection of furniture, which will decorate the room. Choose the interior for such a small space is very difficult. In a small hallway is important per meter square. Hallway furniture should be functional, have compulsory subjects: mirror, hanger, shelf for shoes. In today's market presents a large number of models for different sizes of the corridor area.

Diverse furniture corridor

Choose furniture for the hall is not as easy as it sounds, it kinds of diverse and sometimes difficult choices. Take into account the need to square footage, type of room, style, color and luminosity. Stand design throughout the apartment complex, an alternative is the seamless transition from the style to the new living rooms in the hallway.

Mandatory element of modern entrance hall is a practical wardrobe with a few tablesMandatory element of modern entrance hall is a practical wardrobe with a few tables

Depending on the size of the hall, it is necessary to identify important items, it can be:

  • Cupboard;
  • Mirror;
  • Clothes hanger;
  • umbrella holders;
  • ottoman;
  • boxes;
  • Stand for footwear;
  • Hanging shelves.

Modern furniture sets have a different configuration. Most stores offer a catalog for review and selection. Build a comfortable and stylish hallway help a beautiful, stylish corner furniture. It will allow profitable to save space and at the same time to accommodate all the necessary things. The dimensions are chosen individually and depends on many factors. Built-in furniture is functional and comfortable, it does not take up much space -sets from one wall to the parallel. Wardrobe has sliding doors opening system and does not take up too much space. The important thing in the hallway - a hanger, the best option would be closed. Do not forget about the bedside table, it will be useful to contain various details.

Ottoman is a comfortable place to sit undressed and put on shoes. If a large hallway, you should not give up additional pieces of furniture.

Housekeeper will keep all the keys in one place, a magazine rack for convenient storage of mail and newspapers, for bags and umbrellas holder can be floor or overhead. If the interior implies certain style, then it is necessary to keep all of the items of furniture hallway. history of the emergence hallway furniture and style is very interesting, appearing in history. Loft is the style of the twentieth century is very poor style, although in modern times, this style can not be called poor. Nouveau involves special splendor, multiple decor.

Color Furniture for anteroom

As you know the color of the furniture is chosen according to the general interior design. You need to navigate on their own preferences and tastes. furniture market is a large palette of colors for home. Shades of furniture for the hall, it is desirable to choose light - they are visually expand the space, add light, which sometimes is not enough. Keep in mind the dimensions of the hall to a small area suitable compact furniture light tones.

For a small entrance hall should choose light-colored furniture setFor a small entrance hall should choose light-colored furniture set

For sufficiently large room set of furniture is possible to select from a large number of objects of different colors and shades.

Hallway furniture made in the following colors:

  • White - helps expand the space;
  • Black - oddly enough it will be very relevant in the tiny hallways;
  • Light walnut;
  • Brown;
  • Red;
  • Blue;
  • Green.

Material for furniture various: MDF, chipboard, plastic or even metal. Original colors (red and others) emphasize the style of the interior of the apartment. Do not forget that the furniture should be functional, high-quality, comfortable. Individual selection of materials and colors make the hall a cozy seating area, and a variety of models to satisfy any taste.

The right color of furniture in the hallway

The choice of color is a matter of taste. Choosing the color of furniture in the hallway, it is necessary to take into account the illumination, and the area of ​​the premises. The main factor is the overall interior design. If the walls and floor are of dark colors, it is appropriate to buy furniture in light colors. Wall light and pastel ideal dark furniture, but not dark, it can be colored blue, dark shades of wood or cherry color. The variant of a monochromatic hallway, where the furniture and decoration of the premises carried out in one color.

Pick the furniture should be such that its appearance and color harmony with the entrance hall designPick the furniture should be such that its appearance and color harmony with the entrance hall design

When choosing colors and the need to focus on the psychological effects of colors:

  • Gray has a calming effect;
  • Black and white depressing effect on a person;
  • Red excites;
  • Orange - happy;
  • The blue color is soothing.

A variety of color options can be enhanced lighting, spotlights on the ceiling or walls of the room will help to expand as much as possible. Good can be achieved by increasing the space by using mirrors. Accommodation is not a mirror, and two parallel walls to give the opportunity to carefully visually enlarge the corridor and the ability to reflect light. The color of the furniture must first be matched to the wallpaper, although it is possible to focus on any piece of furniture and have him make further design plan.

The dimensions of the furniture in the hallway

A set of furniture on the basis of its size is selected in the hallway. In the spacious hallway, you can install the cabinet furniture from domestic producers. It is a smaller version of the wall with the added hooks for clothes and a place to sit. If the corridor is limited by the small square footage, you can select individually the most necessary items. In the hallway there should be close and at the same time, all things have to be tidied up.

The size of the furniture, as a rule, depends on the characteristics of the hallwayThe size of the furniture, as a rule, depends on the characteristics of the hallway

Dimensions hallway furniture must meet certain criteria:

  • Cupboard depth must be not less than 40 cm;
  • Roomy shelf for shoes;
  • The seating position is the optimal size;
  • Hanger with sufficient hooks.

Ready-made furniture does not always meet the necessary parameters, in this case can be made to order all the necessary items. Proper placement of furniture will give a finished look the hallway. When choosing furniture you need to pay attention to the quality of the material. Cheap poor quality furniture is able to even be harmful to health.

Modern hall - angular furniture

The entrance hall with a corner furniture gained wide demand. This is due to the feature of combining many features, easy assembly, which can be made with your own hands and design variety of species. High functionality of a hallway corner can not be underestimated, in addition to the cabinet always has different shelves, which can be convenient to arrange various items. The angular furniture includes all the necessary items: hangers, mirrors, shelves for hats, umbrella holders, seat and shelf for shoes.

The interior of the hall and corridor fit perfectly stylish corner cabinet with a small mirrorThe interior of the hall and corridor fit perfectly stylish corner cabinet with a small mirror

This versatile furniture helps to place everything necessary for the corridor in one place.

Corner benches installed in the corner of the room and may have a few options:

  • In a corner cabinet with additional elements on one or both sides;
  • Wardrobe bonding conductor flush with different racks and shelves suiting Mezhuyev a right angle.

Choice of corner hallway implies its further assembly. If the furniture is expensive, it is better to entrust this process to professionals. If desired, the course can be made to the assembly by using drawings and instructions, in which there is a description of all stages.

Types of corner furniture hallway

Corner furniture hallway is very diverse. The selection is based on the necessary size of the corridor and its form. This furniture is located closer to the front door in a suitable sized corner. It can be open or closed.

Closed furniture used in the spacious rooms and has a great functionality. It may be left-handed or right-handed, with sliding doors or swing open.

Pick the perfect wardrobe angular forms can be in a specialty store or in a special directoryPick the perfect wardrobe angular forms can be in a specialty store or in a special directory

The very construction of the cabinet is also diverse:

  • Pyatistenok;
  • Triangular;
  • L-shaped;
  • Radius;
  • Trapeze.

Each of them has its own characteristics and requires a certain amount of space. Wardrobe in the form of a trapezoid is located as a separate element, the design does not allow to place a number of other items. Triangular corner wall requires more space and uses it not entirely rational.

Radius entrance hall has an open view of the side walls allow you to set a number of other pieces of furniture. The most convenient form is the angular furniture in the form of pyatistenka. It allows you to make maximum use of the space angle, such as the properties of the L-shaped furniture. Interesting models of furniture is a collection of modular hall Hooper. The most common combination of colors - wenge and rosewood. It is worth paying attention to the height of the cabinets, the minimum should not be less than 1.4 m.

Good and cheap furniture for the hall: photo, design

Photo hall furniture helps to know what options represent different furniture factories. After reviewing the samples, it is easier to choose and read reviews about a particular industry. It should be borne in mind that the journal surface is glossy and slightly distorts the color image.

Picking of furniture for the hall, be sure to consider not only its appearance but also the qualityPicking of furniture for the hall, be sure to consider not only its appearance but also the quality

usually represented by a different furniture catalog:

  • Kitchen sets;
  • Bed;
  • Cushioned furniture;
  • Hallway furniture.

Combination furniture is also found in the pictures. When you create a certain style it is important to choose the right furniture, its shape, color, material and form design project. Italy produces high quality furniture. Luxury Italian furniture is widely presented in the catalog volume of 600 pages. Different materials hallway furniture impress with their views, the furniture has a different finish from the skin and to the exotic bamboo decoration. The collection of Via Maestri presented models of furniture, decorated with carved patterns. All the elements are carried out manually.

Stylish furniture hallway (video)

It is difficult to imagine come unfurnished, even the smallest room requires the necessary interior, and in a free, spacious hallway, you can translate any design ideas and dreams. Whatever the choice of furniture for the hall, he should have to like and match the style of the entire apartment or have a unique style, a small island rampant imagination. The use of high-quality furniture will save the frustration and will bring only joy.

Examples of furniture vestibules (photos in the interiors)


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