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Combine the living room, nursery and hallway is quite difficult, but it can be done with the help of properly selected furnitureCombine the living room, nursery and hallway is quite difficult, but it can be done with the help of properly selected mebeliMebel for apartments has a purpose and a set of functions, so the question of furnishing the premises need to be addressed, taking into account the purpose of each household objects. Hallways, children's rooms, living rooms - each of these rooms needs an individual interior design and furniture arrangement to stay in these rooms were comfortable and brings positive emotions.

Combined living room with a hallway in the house or apartment

Combining a living room with a hallway is often not an option for the owners of the apartment. In such a room easily penetrates dirt from the street, cold and other sounds.

But the combined living room has more pluses than minuses:

  1. Useful living space increases because of the hallway. Often, the room space is increased by a third;
  2. Snesya partition between the living room and hallway, can be placed in the empty place built dressing room. Thus, at the same time it expands the space and hides outerwear and footwear;
  3. When combining the living room with a hallway in the resulting space penetrates the light from the windows, so that the dressing will no longer need to put the light on.

Stylish drywall and lighting to help visually separate the hall from the living roomStylish drywall and lighting to help visually separate the hall from the living room

By separating the hallway from the living room, not necessarily fence off part of the room from each other. The composition may be unified. Zoning implies a smooth visual transition from one part of premises to another. To do this, you need to have an idea of ​​the interior style and design features of the surfaces of the color scheme, furniture and textiles.

When making this type of living is necessary to consider the basic techniques of zoning:

  1. The functional area of ​​the room raised floor level, and creates a second level of the ceiling over the area. Formed step above and below and create a feeling of the border that separates the living room from the hallway;
  2. On the wall are projections, they will be the boundary between the space of the room. They can be formed, snesya partition and leaving the edges of her small pieces;
  3. On the border can be placed any furniture such as cabinets, but it will not be the most visually elegant solution. It is better to put some accessory. Two pots with the same plant will look perfect.

When combined with a hallway in the living room is lost part of its functionality, it starts to gravitate towards larger living room, so make furnish and decorate it should be given it.

Zonirovat child can, using the furniture or the partition, but it is better to completely separate room by a sliding system or plasterboard.

Functional furniture for the living room, hallway

In the hallway, living room with, you should consider a number of nuances in order to find it was comfortable for both home owners and guests. Near the front door, you can place a small closet, is particularly well connected with a hall seating meet low furniture - chests of drawers, shelves for shoes. The mirror in the frame at the entrance will also be relevant.

Closet in the hallway, the living room must be closed, it's Clothing & Shoes is hidden from prying eyes. It is impossible to lay in such things were in sight, it's bad for the interior.

Mandatory and indispensable element in the living room, the hallway is a functional wardrobe gatedMandatory and indispensable element in the living room, the hallway is a functional wardrobe gated

The main principles of the furniture placement in the living room, the hall are:

  1. Huge furniture in such a room is contraindicated. It will take a large amount of space. Replacement may be a hanger with the things that are at the moment, and the rest is removed in the closet;
  2. The angle of the corridor is better to fill the puffs, put on the shoes will be more comfortable sitting on them. There are models of poufs with drawers inside, they can also be used as storage space;
  3. Long and wide chest of drawers will be appropriate along the wall. Above it you can hang a mirror, but do not place it in front of the front door. The opposite wall may be decorated with painting or flower;
  4. It should be good lighting. You can put lights above the mirror or the left and right of him.

For finishing the interior should focus on durability and practicality of the materials, they have to withstand moisture, quickly cleaned and be resistant to mechanical stress.

Choosing cabinets for the hall-living

Wardrobe - a great option for those who have decided to combine the living room from the hallway. It capacious and easy to use, requires a minimal amount of space, is reliable and can fit into any interiors.

Stylish interior room, hallway will look built-in wardrobeStylish interior room, hallway will look built-in wardrobe

Commonly found:

  1. Corner wardrobe. On the surface this seems like a small closet, but in a lot of space. Corner cabinet suitable for the hall square and rectangular shapes of small size;
  2. Diagonal-corner. Occupy all the space angle is completely unlike corner cabinets. In a closet and wardrobe fit, and pillows with blankets and bed linen;
  3. Built. Such cabinets are no ceiling, floor and back wall. They have only the side walls, interior partitions, shelves and doors. It sets out the repair, such a structure can no longer be rearranged in another place;
  4. Freestanding wardrobe. This cabinet has a ceiling, floor and back wall, you can rearrange and move. It is suitable for apartments with high ceilings, but has a certain size, so before you buy it will be necessary to measure the wall of the room.

Cabinets are made of different materials, is now the most common model of particle board. This is an inexpensive, strong and durable material.

Unfortunately, thin and fine details of the chipboard not meet, since this material can not be finely processed. Models of chipboard simple and conservative, but are affordable and of good quality.

Entrance hall, living room: the competent merger process

Intelligent design hall-living room is very important, because there just will meet guests and apartment owners, the celebration of important events. All who are in the room should be comfortable, and comfort feeling should not be lost from the merger of two different zones.

Making a living-hall, special attention should be paid to the elements of decor and lighting equipmentMaking a living-hall, special attention should be paid to the elements of decor and lighting equipment

To avoid having to re-divide the walls of two spaces, one must take into account several important things:

  1. Each zone must carry out its function. It is not necessary to put a large amount of furniture in the room, crossing the invisible border into the hallway;
  2. Connect the space can be a smooth transition color of the walls, as if pouring the hallway into the living room. Contrast should not be, as one shade of paint or wallpaper, it is visually reduce the room;
  3. Using beautiful decor will fill the room and at the same time it zoned. Vase or sculpture, photographs, pictures on the walls will separate entrance to the apartment from the living area.

It should use a different coverage for different zones. The main hall and auxiliary lighting lamps may be contrasted with point or pendant luminaires. Location of light and its direction are separated by a zone.

The cozy lobby, baby-sitting rooms (video)

Combining two different parts of the apartment - is not easy. Entrance hall, turning the living room or children's room with room, can become like an island of comfort, where all members of the household are found together, did not comfort zone if you do not work on the layout and interior competently. This can be done only after reviewing all the details and features of such facilities.

Design living room, hallway (interior photo)


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