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Proper organization of space in the room will help to create separate functional areas in the roomProper organization of space in the room will help create separate functional areas in the room of your work area at home is very important for the modern man. Well, if the size of the apartment allows you to allocate a separate room for that, but if a small apartment, then the bedroom can become the part of the apartment where the workplace will be equipped.

The bedroom in the office or an office in the bedroom: interior, ideas, priorities

Having decided that the bedroom will be combined with the workplace, you must decide what role this facility will play in the future. Since the bedroom and the workplace perform exactly the opposite problem. Availability of beds in the room suggests a place where you can relax after a hard day, between the work area designed for productive work, where nothing should distract.

To bedroom and work area in harmony with each other, designers recommend equip them in one direction stylisticTo bedroom and work area in harmony with each other, designers recommend equip them in one direction stylistic

Important! Proper organization of the space allocated for home office, will tune into a working harmony. Therefore, the reorganization should be thought out in the smallest details.

Choosing how should organize the space in the room, you need to start from their own demands, which should correspond to the real dimensions of the room, the location of doors and windows, the light level.


  • If you work at home is performed infrequently, the location of the working area should be as hidden as the room itself as a whole is made to rest;
  • If you need to work at home permanently, plus everything in the room to make unauthorized persons, in this case the premises must be equipped with it as an office, who becomes only the bedroom at night;
  • If there was a situation in which it is impossible to give preference to relax or work organization should direct all our efforts to ensure that two separate areas were independent of each other.

Well-chosen design of the sleeping area and work will help to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the room. To do this, examine the zoning techniques for the further creation of the interior.

Small bedrooms: study room

Disposition of the working area in a small room is possible with today's technology, saving space. Since small size of bedrooms can not afford to use a large set of furniture, you should choose only the most necessary things.

Even in a small bedroom can arrange the work area, the main thing - properly zoned roomEven in a small bedroom can arrange the work area, the main thing - properly zoned room

Important! If in the bedroom there are free niches or corners, you must make the most of this space for workplace organization.

Zoning small room, in this case, only pieces of furniture, which will bear the aesthetic and functional load.

Choosing furniture for small bedroom, combined with cabinet:

  • Hanging locker, which is integrated into the folding table for a laptop is a perfect solution for small rooms.
  • Install built-in wardrobes to save space, because it can be used for storage of foldable desktop and highlight a few shelves for documents.
  • Multifunctional transformable beds combine the desk and bed. Where the bottom of the shelves are located conveniently.
  • Set consisting of a loft bed, a small cupboard and a table can be a perfect option for both the bedroom and the workplace.

Furniture items must be purchased on the principle of minimalism. Since small rooms every square centimeter counts, the recreation area should confine bed and bedside tables, chest of drawers that can be replaced, combined with the dressing.

Methods of zoning in the interior bedroom-study

Zoning bedrooms will effectively share one common room into several zones, significantly different functional characteristics.

Important! If the space is divided into 2 rooms on opposite functionality, experts advise not to use the traditional overhead lighting. For this purpose, it would be better to install spotlights, wall or floor lamps.

Beautiful and practical to divide the sleeping and working areas can be wall or furnitureBeautiful and practical to divide the sleeping and working areas can be wall or furniture

Should definitely think through all the details before zoning.

The main methods of zoning:

  • Installation of partitions, as well as arch separation is a classic embodiment, since with their aid increases privacy in each of the zones.
  • Using the wardrobe enhances the functionality of the partition as a blank side of the structure established by the Cabinet, it will be convenient to build shelves for office supplies and other necessary documents.
  • Separation of the room by means of color combinations involves the allocation of a sleeping area in a more intense tone than the remaining space for the cabinet. Leading designers are not advised to choose the color shades, differing by more than 2 colors. For example, a workplace girl looks great in pink.
  • If the bedroom, there are enough high ceilings, the delineation of the total area into separate zones possible with the help of multi-level ceiling structures.
  • Creating a podium for working or sleeping area - a beautiful and practical building height from 5 to 30 centimeters. For a more clear line dividing the room into zones Use the spot light.
  • The use of textiles is the most simple and economical way to separate the work area from the rest of the room.

The idea of ​​separating the room into a bedroom-study should characterize the relative independence of each of the zones, so the working and sleeping place should have their clearance.

Bedroom design-cabinet: the original design solutions

The division of space in the room and a bedroom involves sleeping area arranged in the back of the room and work space directly next to the window. To relax area does not interfere with work desk positioned so that the bed does not enter the field of view.

Sleeping and working areas, which are in the same room, it is better to draw in the style of minimalism, only picking up the bright colorsSleeping and working areas, which are in the same room, it is better to draw in the style of minimalism, only picking up the bright colors

Designs for the bedroom, combined with cabinet:

  • Making-bedroom cabinet in a minimalist style, is the most important. This style involves placing in the room a minimum of furniture - a bed and a wardrobe in the bedroom area, a computer desk and a comfortable armchair in the area for work. Then each item will be used for its intended purpose, without overloading the space. In minimalism, use neutral colors, you also need to provide maximum light in the room, adding a well-organized artificial light to natural light.
  • Design in hi-tech style for seeming simplicity brings versatility and convenience of the room is not burdened with unnecessary decorations. Since the style involves the precise placement of objects. This style prefers a combination of white and light gray in color, and black and dark gray. Intrusion of beige muted tones.
  • With classic style you can achieve an elegant finish on 2 different areas of functionality. But in this case it is necessary to carefully select furniture. Computer table should be combined with a total interior design and simulate an antique piece of furniture.

Classic style makes the ban on contrasting colors in the interior, and involves the use of a warm palette.

Making a sleeping-cabinet (video)

Using his own imagination when viewing thematic photo from the Internet, as well as the advice of professional designers, we can in the space of the room to combine a cozy sleeping area and a practical workspace. Organization of full cabinet in the bedroom is only possible method of creation and experimentation.

Bedroom design-cabinet (interior photos)


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