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There is a wide variety of outdoor stairs, differing in price, shape and type of materialThere is a wide variety of outdoor stairs, differing in price, shape and type of material Ladder - one of the first designs created by man, but to this day she is irreplaceable in everyday life. There are different models of stair design, material fabrication, but suspended all of them can be divided into two broad categories: the stairs to the house and street stairs. This article will be discussed on the second.

Outdoor stairs to give: the selection and calculation of material

Material - the foundation of any stairs, and the choice depends on several factors.

On what basis do the choice of material:

  1. Climatic conditions;
  2. Design and decoration of the building material;
  3. The frequency of home visits;
  4. Personal tastes owners.

Climatic conditions often play a decisive role in the choice of material. If you are in the region of high humidity and temperature changes, many kinds of wood, from which made the stairs, do not get used. Otherwise, in a year it comes into disrepair.

Before the beginning of the street construction ladder should make its drawing on paper, specify the size of all the elementsBefore the beginning of the street construction ladder should make its drawing on paper, specify the size of all the elements

Do not forget that a ladder from a tree once a year it is necessary to impregnate the agent that protects against pests, and of metal stairs - anti-corrosion coating.

It plays an important role and the exterior of your building. If it is made of stone, the difficulty you'll have to write to him organically wooden porch. However, if you want professional designers will help you in this.

The frequency of home visits - another important point. If you come to the country every two years for a couple of days to sit there with your friends, it is not necessary to install it wooden or metal ladder, which will soon come into disrepair due to corrosion or decay.

And shortly about personal tastes: if you absolutely do not want to install a staircase to a wooden house made of wood, just because it will be the best combination, and it is not worth the hassle. After all, the main purpose of decorative elements - like decorating the area and the hosts.

What materials are made ladders:

  1. Reinforced concrete. It made of the reinforcement cage and concrete mixing. It has high strength, as well as the relative ease of manufacture, if you be able to pour concrete, put the formwork, and the stairs of concrete you'll have to do. Also, concrete structures are always durable and reliable, and the temperature difference and humidity it does not affect.
  2. Ceramic brick. If you decide to make a ladder made of ceramic bricks, it is best to use a model of clinker. The most important thing when installing ladders made of brick - it is right to place the bricks to the final result of the porch looked holistically and was beautiful.
  3. Metal. One of the advantages of metal - an opportunity to make virtually any form of contrived, so rampant here for fantasy maximum. Metal can be made as simple ladder of several bars and luxurious art.
  4. A rock. The most optimal options: granite, granite and quartzite. The advantage of this ladder is a long service life: up to several centuries. The disadvantage is its heavy weight, the complexity of installation and high price to build.
  5. Tree. Most are used in the finishing of wooden houses, as the houses of brick, stone and other materials often do not fit. Compared to other materials, the staircase of wood is not very durable.

Outdoor stairs to the second floor: councils for the production and exploitation

Many are already creating and installing stairs, forget that you can extend the life of the product, using a small trick.

Outdoor stairs should be placed on a solid foundation, which is not sagsOutdoor stairs should be placed on a solid foundation, which is not sags

Tips for use:

  1. In order to protect the metal ladder against corrosion - Paint it any paint or stainless steel.
  2. If you stacked a ladder made of brick, and you can not make it smooth, easy to trim some of the blocks to the desired length.
  3. You have installed a wooden ladder? Then do not forget to soak it flame-retardant mixture, which can be purchased at any hardware store.
  4. If you have a good solid ground, and you install it on a reinforced concrete staircase, the reinforcing cage to put necessary: ​​Stairs and so will be strong enough.
  5. Also remember that if you are going to put a ladder on the fertile soil, you must first sand the highlighted area. Otherwise, the roots of weeds can spoil the stairs.

By installing stairs to the cottage, you can do it on the top horizontal bar. It will not take much space, but it will help you to keep fit.

Stairs in the house from the street: Types

Street stairs differ not only in the manufacture of the material, but also in design.

In total there are three types of ladders:

  1. Marching;
  2. Helical (spiral);
  3. Stairs to the Bolza.

Marching most common design for outdoor stairs. According to the manufacturing technology is the most simple and buy it from the master will most cheap. In addition, she is also the most convenient.

Stairs in the house from the street can be made of metal, wood, concrete or stoneStairs in the house from the street can be made of metal, wood, concrete or stone

Its only flaw to accommodate it takes quite a lot of free space.

Spiral staircase - ideal if you do not have enough space for the cruise model. Spiral stairs most economical in space, and their design is quite original. Perhaps it is a spiral staircase it is best to fit into the picture of your holiday home.

Stairs and rails mounted on the wall with screws. With the right mount such ladder is very robust: they can withstand loads up to 1.5 tonnes. In order to secure the screws into the wall using rubber pads.

Stairs on a street in a private home: how to choose

Before you pay money to the selected master, check with a few nuances that will not be disappointed in the end result.

Outdoor stairs should be selected based on the style of the exterior facilitiesOutdoor stairs should be selected based on the style of the exterior facilities

What you need to remember:

  1. If you are building a vacation home, it is already at this stage, choose the manufacturer and refer to it for help: let the professionals will advise what stairs are best fit to the exterior of your home.
  2. At this stage decide the selected ladder model. Do you want to design a cruise? Then make sure you have enough free space under it. And if you have already shopped spiral stairs, remember that although it looks nice and original, some people are uncomfortable to go up and down on it. On the other hand, over time you get used to it and to it.
  3. Be aware of safety! It is for this reason, we recommend to contact the professionals in their field who will design is not only aesthetically beautiful and fits well in your landscape ladder, but also take into account all the necessary safety of descents and ascents parameters. Dimensions stages, rotation angle, width of the stairs, handrails height, etc.
  4. When choosing a model and calculating the size of next ladder, give special attention stairway openings. Remember that for every ladder needed an individual and a calculated centimeter aperture.
  5. When choosing a ladder manufacturer, get feedback about the company. Take into account both positive and negative, as well as a look at the experience of the firm.
  6. Think about whether you want your stairs lighting and heating levels.

If the steps were too slippery, you can use a special anti-slip coating.

Tiles for stairs to the street: anti-skid system and heating

In order to prevent accidents through the fault of too slippery surface, anti-slip tiles were invented. Still there elektrichnye-skid tiles, which are heated to the desired temperature. Meals are taken from normal batteries or wiring. Much electricity they pull.

Tiles for stairs has a rough surface, so that the foot does not slide on it when it is wetTiles for stairs has a rough surface, so that the foot does not slide on it when it is wet

These tiles are installed on the stage and ensure the safety of the owner of the descent and ascent at any time of the year.

Especially popular Spanish companies tiles Rosa Gres and Sologres, as well as the Polish company Paradyz.

Rubber mats on the stairs to the street

Alternative anti-tile can be a special rubber lining, attached at the edges of the steps.

Advantages of the rubber pads to the tiles:

  1. Lower cost;
  2. Universal: suitable for all steps of size.

However, there is a drawback: with only the edges of steps are using a non-skid pads.

Rubber mats are able to increase the degree of safety of street stairsRubber mats are able to increase the degree of safety of street stairs

There are also models, creeping on the entire surface of the steps. The price is already slightly more expensive, and they have to choose, taking into account the width of the steps.

Tiles for outdoor stairs: wood or metal

Rubber pads should be attached to the main stage. But what kind of stuff for them to choose from: wood or metal? It should come out of the main advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

wood advantages:

  1. Lower price;
  2. It is not subject to corrosion;
  3. Lighter weight.

Disadvantages of wood are allocated less strength and durability, as well as possible the process of decay and damage from pests.

Before buying for stairs tile it is recommended to ask the seller a certificate confirming their qualityBefore buying for stairs tile it is recommended to ask the seller a certificate confirming their quality

metal Advantages:

  1. Does not rot and pests;
  2. More durable than wood;
  3. More versatile, as suited to more models of stairs than wood.

Outdoor staircase: the production of their own hands

When the budget for the construction of villas is already laid out, many are thinking: is it possible to build a ladder?

In fact, it is possible. Just keep in mind that this is only possible on the condition that you have experience of working with wood, metal or concrete, respectively.

If you want a particularly clever model - it is definitely better to turn to professionals.

Outdoor stairs in the house: how to install

Installation of each type of staircase is individual. If you have booked a cruise or a spiral staircase from the masters, they themselves have to install it.

Paint the ladder before starting the installation workPaint the ladder before starting the installation work

If you purchased the ladder rails disassembled, assemble it is not difficult.

Tools required:

  • Level;
  • Rope plummet;
  • Knife and a pencil;
  • Roulette and a hammer;
  • Hacksaw on a tree;
  • Sandpaper;
  • The drill and drill at 3-5 mm and 8 mm, 25 mm PEROVA drill, wrenches 13 and 17;
  • Crosshead screwdriver.

After all the tools are ready, you can begin to assemble the ladder.

assembly steps:

  1. Start with the bottom. Align the metal modules that are provided, and supports the tubes.
  2. Modules are exposed to each other and upwards;
  3. The top module is attached to the ceiling surface, so that it is located on the stage was flush with the floor;
  4. The modules are attached to each other by means of bolts 8 to 16 millimeters;
  5. The lowest modules are attached to the floor;
  6. Now with the help of screws, set steps;
  7. If the bundle includes a railing, then they are placed in the least on special racks.

When installing the steps, do not save the screws! This will ensure the safety of hiking the stairs.

How to make outdoor stairs made of reinforced concrete

If you have experience with concrete, know how to properly install the formwork and already kneaded cement mortar, it can independently make a ladder made of reinforced concrete.

To build a street stairs of reinforced concrete, the first thing to do is build a wooden frameTo build a street stairs of reinforced concrete, the first thing to do is build a wooden frame

Note that if the ground on the future site of the stairs or uphill soft, you have to put a reinforcing cage, and therefore need experience working with welding.

It is believed that concrete for the ladder should be not less mark 300th mark. This means that a mixture of cement: sand: rubble is 1: 1.9: 3.7 respectively.

Stages of creation of concrete stairs:

  1. Digging holes for the foundation;
  2. Creating a wooden formwork and reinforcement cage;
  3. Mixing of the concrete mixture;
  4. Once you have filled in all the required amount, you must trim the concrete in the ground, where he lay down not very smoothly.

Stone and wooden outdoor staircase: select input

Stone and wooden stairs - as the two antagonists. Cons of each of them - plus other.

A wooden staircase, for example, is considered to be low-strength, while the stone - the most durable and long-lasting (lifetime - several centuries).

On the other hand, in contrast to the heavy stone staircase, wooden model - the lightest. In addition, the cost wooden stairs outperform expensive stone models.

Stone stairs are characterized by long service life and excellent aesthetic propertiesStone stairs are characterized by long service life and excellent aesthetic properties

To a wooden staircase was not fire - saturate it with a mixture of refractory.

The covered wooden stairs on the street: the best

After the staircase is made, installed and seemingly ready for use, care should be taken about one more point - cover the stairs.

The covered wooden stairs:

  1. In the case of the possibility of fire (e.g., when installing the staircases in bath) - cover its refractory mixture;
  2. To the ladder did not slide, you can use anti-slip tiles and rubber pads;
  3. Saturate the ladder solution against pests and rotting process.

Also, the ladder can be painted in your favorite color, which will emphasize all the advantages of your home.

Outdoor stairs with his hands: how to make

If you want to make a wooden ladder for your home, then having carpentry skills and having the right tools is not difficult.

For wooden houses are great staircase made of lumberFor wooden houses are great staircase made of lumber

It is important to accurately calculate the main parameters:

  1. The height of the staircase;
  2. Turn;
  3. The number, length and height of the steps;
  4. The size of the opening.

Calculating all these points, it is necessary to make a working drawing, and already on it to do all the necessary parts: the frame, steps, railings, etc.

How to build outdoor stairs with his own (video)

Street stairs can be made of any material and any design, it is important to choose one that will come to your site. Save is not recommended on this subject, because in case of breakage of the stairs while you move on it, it may be traumatic event.

Modern outdoor stairway to the second floor (photo examples)


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